iTransor for WhatsApp iTransor for WhatsApp

iTransor for WhatsApp

Best WhatsApp Transfer Tool

  • Transfer WhatsApp between Android and iPhone.
  • Backup WhatsApp in Android and iPhone to computer.
  • Restore WhatsApp backup to iPhone and Android devices.
  • All iPhones & Android devices, and all iOS/Android versions are supported.

Transfer WhatsApp Between iPhone & Android Directly

There is no official method to transfer WhatsApp between iPhone and Android. iTransor for WhatsApp does it.


100% Success Rate

Successful WhatsApp transfer is guaranteed because of iMyFone's professional team, advanced technology, and rich experience in data processing and transfer.


Direct Transfer

No other tools or apps are needed. You can directly transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another no matter it is old or new.


Easy to Operate

One click to transfer WhatsApp chat history and attachments from your old phone to new one, including Android phones/tablets and iPhones.


All Chats & Attachments Are Covered

The program will transfer all WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, and other attachments to your another phone. You don't need to worry about data loss.

Better WhatsApp Backup Solution Than Official Methods

Compared to Google Drive and iCloud, iTransor for WhatsApp is definitely a better choice to back up WhatsApp on Android phones/tablets or iPhones.

100% Safe

Data loss and leakage may occur if you store data on cloud services. Our program stores backup locally, away from risks.

Further Use

WhatsApp backup created by our program cannot only be restored to devices, but also be viewed, exported or printed using iTransor Lite.


Keeps Every Backup

It won't overwrite or delete previous backups. Each backup will be kept individually and forever, so both current and earlier data can be saved.

Free Storage

Unlike iCloud, you store backups on your computer and don't have to buy more storage to store more data.

Restore WhatsApp in
the Most Flexible Way

iTransor for WhatsApp gets rid of the problems of the different OS of your devices or not being able to restore from an old backup.


No OS Restrictions

It is easy to restore Android WhatsApp backup to iPhone, or iOS WhatsApp backup to Android devices.


Restore Old Backups

Your backups created by iTransor for WhatsApp will not be overwritten, so if you lost some chats, you can restore an old backup to your phone.

How iTransor for WhatsApp Works

iTransor for WhatsApp transfers, backs up and restores Android and iPhone WhatsApp with only 3 steps.

  • Transfer WhatsApp
  • Backup WhatsApp
  • Restore WhatsApp

We Are Trusted by

WhatsApp transfer, backup and restore have never been so easy!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
100% Secure Guarantee
Transactions Protected
Serving Millions of Users

Presale Questions People Frequently Ask

1. Is it safe to use iTransor for WhatsApp?

It is completely safe to use iTransor for WhatsApp. iMyFone complies with GDPR and other data processing regulations. All your data will only be stored or processed on your computer, which keeps them safe.

2. What's the difference between the full and trial version?

You can use the trial version to back up your WhatsApp. The full version lets you transfer or restore WhatsApp.

3. How long will it take to transfer, back up, or restore WhatsApp?

The time depends on how much WhatsApp data you need to transfer, back up, or restore. It can be several minutes to more than an hour.

4. Will the other data on my phone be affected?

No. The other data on your devices will not be influenced.

5. Can I restore WhatsApp without uninstalling and reinstalling it?

You don't need to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp using iTransor for WhatsApp, but the WhatsApp data on your device will be replaced with the data in the backup. If you want to merge the data in the backup with the data on your device, use iTransor.

A Comparision of iTransor for WhatsApp, iTransor and iTransor Lite

iTransor for WhatsApp deals with WhatsApp data in both Android and iOS. iTransor and iTransor Lite only deal with iOS data.

Features iTransor for WhatsApp iTransor iTransor Lite
Transfer WhatsApp between iPhone & Android devices tick
Backup WhatsApp in iPhone tick tick
Backup WhatsApp in Android tick
Restore iOS WhatsApp backup to iPhone tick tick
Restore iOS WhatsApp backup to Android Phones/Tablets tick
Restore Android WhatsApp backup to iPhone & Android tick
Backup only Contacts/SMS/WeChat or all data & settings in iOS tick tick
Restore only Contacts/SMS/WeChat from iTunes/iCloud/iMyFone backup to iOS devices tick
Merge WhatsApp/Contacts/SMS/WeChat in backup with what's on iOS devices tick
Export 18+ types of data from iTunes/iCloud/iMyFone backup or iOS devices tick tick
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