Best Solution to Recover Your Deleted Photos from Android

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I need help with retrieving photos that I accidentally deleted from my Samsung GALAXY S5. Please! They are very important to me! Let me know if it is possible. Thanks!


It seems that Android photos loss is much more common than before because most of the time, people are ending the last operation on their Android phone in a hurry. And frequently photos will be deleted carelessly under such circumstances, as the saying goes “Undue haste makes waste”.

You surely then get into a flap; wonder if there are any effective and easy ways to recover deleted photos on Android, and puzzle how?! However, there is indeed a very good solution coming to help you!

Data Recovery for Android is with a high reputation of recovering Android photos successfully, which has already helped thousands of people to recover irreplaceable android photos safely and completely. Just run it on your computer and your problem will be quickly solved!

Note: In case of your deleted photos being corrupted or overwritten, do not use any other programs on your android phones or tablets or take any new photos until your deleted photos being found back.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android?

Step 1. Connect and Identify Your Android Device

Please launch the program following on free downloading it. And connect your device via the original USB cable on the computer to let your program detect it.


Afterwards, the program will ask you to enable USB debugging on your Android phone. And your Android device can be identified accordingly.


Step 2. Select File Types and Scan Mode

Once your device is identified successfully, you can select the file types first in order to save your scanning and recovering time.


Then, select the scan mode which is divided into two types. One is the Standard Mode and the other one is Advanced Mode. The difference is that Advanced Mode will take you more time for deeper searching your lost Android data. Thus, if your lost Android files could not be found under the Standard Mode of the scan, please turn to the Advanced one.


Step 3. Scan, Preview, and Recover

After choosing the file types and scan mode properly, it will start scanning your lost Android photos. During the scanning process, you can either click “Pause” or “Stop” if necessary. The scanned results will be presented under the scanning bar. You are then allowed to preview them and select the ones that you want to recover. Last, click “Recover”, and your lost or deleted Android photos will be recovered and stored on your computer.

Step5. Recover

Free download it and have a try.