How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android Effectively

HELP! URGENTLY! Does anybody know how to recover deleted text messages from android? A few minutes ago, my baby took my phone for fun; she just randomly touched the screen. But unfortunately, all my messages were unconsciously deleted by her from the inbox… This would drive me mad, as all of the messages are very very very important that is concerning my business! I cannot blame my little baby, as she is too young. I hope someone could tell me how to retrieve deleted text messages android. Thanks in advance.

- Ada

In fact, a great number of people are facing such a problem now as Ada did. As far as I know, there are some solutions capable of solving such an issue. I want to share with you one of the most efficient solutions that I’ve ever used – Android Data Recovery text messages software. It can recover deleted text messages android completely and safely. More importantly, you can preview all of the deleted messages under the free trial version before any purchase.

Note: In case of overwriting your old messages; you’d better not to send new text messages. Just keep your phone intact and then run this program ASAP to get your lost messages back.

Steps of Android Recover Deleted Text Messages

Step 1. Launch D-Back (Android)

Firstly, download the software and run it immediately. Then choose a recovery mode to start

launch the app

Step 2. Select Your Device Information And Download Data Package

Then the app will ask you to confirm if your device is Samsung. After that, you need to select the correct name and model of your Samsung in the list we offered. Next the app will automatically download the matching data package on your Samsung phone.

select your device model

Step 3. Connect Your Android Device to PC And Enter Downloading Mode

After downloading the data package, you need to connect your Android device to PC using a USB cable. Then D-Back (Android) will guide you to put your device into Downloading mode in 3 simple steps.

connect your device to pc

Step 4. Scan and Recover Lost Text Messages

Then the app will begin scanning for your device. After scanning, you can preview all the scanned text messages and choose those certain ones you needed, then click the "Recover" button and you are done!

choose files to recover

Hope the above solution does help you!smile

Tips to Avoid Losing Android Data in the Future

  • Lock your phone screen before your baby playing to avoid the important files being deleted accidentally.
  • Backup your mobile data in advance.
  • Carefully keep your mobile from the risk of a crash.


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