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2015-09-07 13:25:07

Satisfied with it.

By Lean


2015-09-06 11:44:53

It's helpful!

By Anne-Claire


2015-09-02 13:29:21

Better than my expectation. Restored my HTC photos.

By Bartholomew


2015-09-01 16:31:48

Recently I replaced my Android with iPhone 6 due to Android phone broken. But the messages in my Android phone were so important and thanks to this software to help me recover my message.

By Abarrane


2015-09-01 13:30:32

Yes, restored my photos, but took a little long time. Possibly because too many images were recovered at the same time. Whatever, it\'s an effective tool.

By Priscilla


2015-08-31 16:18:34

Worked well on my Lenovo phone!

By Montgomery


2015-08-28 14:54:40

Got some important messages of school schedule but deleted them by mistake. Thanks to this program to recover my message. Or it would be a big trouble to me!

By Trevor


2015-08-28 09:22:19

It is amazing tool when i accidentally deleted my messages from my Sony-felt so depressed. Thanks god there is tool like this!

By Gwendoline


2015-08-27 10:08:21

It fully deserves five stars!!! Restored all the important files that I lost on my Samsung SⅢ.

By Mirjam


2015-08-26 12:08:10

I've found this tool pretty good at dealing with certainly the toughest kind of data recovery jobs. AWESOME!

By Chantale

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