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My Phone Keeps Freezing. How to Fix It

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Michael Watson

August 28, 2019 (Updated: August 28, 2019)• Filed to: Android Tips

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Throughout the years, Android has been improving at a staggering rate. More features have been added that improve the user's interaction with Android and the overall smoothness of the operating system has improved. Users now have more options to customize their device than ever before, which is one of the main reasons as to why they pick Android devices over other competitors.

However, just like any other operating system, Android is not perfect. You may occasionally experience a bug or an issue on Android. One of the most irritating issues that you may face is your device freezing constantly. It may freeze when you are simply trying to browse social media or trying to take a picture. There are a plethora of reasons as to why your Android device may be constantly freezing and we will be showing you how you can fix the problem with your device.

Why Is the Device Be Freezing?

There are many reasons as to why your device is freezing and it could be due to a single of these factors or many of these factors combined. Some common reasons why your phone keeps freezing are:

  • Cache: Your cache is a temporary area of high-speed storage in your device which allows your phone to access your commonly accessed information quickly. It is possible that your cache is full and hence is causing your device to slow down.
  • RAM: Similar to cache, the RAM is also a temporary area of storage. Although RAM is much larger, it is also possible that it's full. This may be because you have a large number of applications running or a lot of background processes that are causing your device to slow down.
  • Deleting Unstable Applications: Although Google attempts to remove unstable and unreliable apps from the Play Store, you might have installed an unstable app that is causing your Android device to freeze. Alternatively, you may have installed an APK that is unstable.
  • Malware: It might be possible that you have visited a website or downloaded a file that contained malicious software. The software can take control of your device and use your system resources to complete other tasks, which would cause the performance of your device to decrease and can lead to freezing.
  • Firmware: The firmware on a device is the version of the operating system it is running. In this case, the firmware is the specific version of Android you are running. Sometimes, the firmware contains bugs that cause a malfunction of the device (such as freezing) when using the device.

Tip 1. Wiping Cache Partition

One simple way that might fix the freezing issue on your phone is by wiping the cache partition. The exact method for each device varies, so you will have to check the specific instructions on how to wipe the cache partition online for your device. The general method is noted below.

  • Power off your device.
  • Hold the power button and volume buttons to boot into recovery mode.
  • Use the volume down button to select "Wipe cache partition" in the recovery menu.
  • Use the power button to select this and wait until your cache partition is wiped.
  • Reboot your device.


Tip 2. Clearing RAM

A full RAM may be causing your device to freeze. An easy way of clearing up your RAM is by rebooting your device. This will close everything in RAM because RAM is volatile - meaning that it will lose data when it loses power. You can monitor the RAM by going into Settings and checking which applications are using RAM the most.


Tip 3. Deleting Unstable Application

If you have recently installed an app that has caused your device to freeze, you can uninstall that app. Certain apps are prone to causing your device to crash as they contain bugs. If you are uncertain if a third-party application is causing your device to freeze, you can boot into safe mode on your device and monitor the performance of it then. Different devices have different methods of booting into safe mode so you will need to check the exact method for your device online but generally:

  • You need to hold down the power button until you see the power menu.
  • Then hold the "power off" option and boot into safe mode.

Tip 4. Doing A Factory Reset

If your device has been infected by malware that is causing it to freeze, you will not be able to remove that file normally. However, by factory resetting your phone, it will be able to remove the malware.

Note: A factory reset will remove ALL your data.

To factory reset your device, you will need to:

  • Go into the device's settings.
  • Choose the option that allows you to factory reset your device.
  • Enter your device password to complete the reset.


You can find more specific instructions online for your phone.

Tip 5. Flashing Your Device-- the Most Effective One

As explained, if you have a faulty firmware, you will need to flash your device so that it can be restored to the correct functioning version of Android for your device, so your device stops freezing. There are many ways to flash your device however the Safest, Easiest, and Quickest method for you is to use the iMyFone Fixppo for Android. When you are using Fixppo, it will automatically download, extract and install the required firmware for your device so that you do not have the risk of accidentally downloading the wrong version or a faulty version, which may lead to your device being bricked. You can find our full in-depth tutorial on how to flash your device on our website.

Note: Flashing a device will remove all data on it.

Step 1. Select your Android device's details and click on the "Download firmware" button. The firmware will automatically be downloaded and extracted without you having to do anything else.


Step 2. Press "Start", connect your device and put your device into Download mode by following the simple on-screen instructions.


Step 3.Wait for the repair to finish on your device, Once the repairing process completes, your Android device will restart automatically.


Windows version

That's it! Your firmware will have been flashed and your device should stop freezing when you are using it.


The Fixppo tool for Android allows you to fix a lot of issues with your phone, including it freezing. It is fast at repairing your device and is easy to use, along with being safe. If your Android device is freezing and you have tried to fix it using other methods but have failed, use the Fixppo repair tool.

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