How to Back Up iPad without Passcode

What can you do when you forget passcode and get locked out of your iPad? Or your screen is broken and you cannot enter the passcode and access the data on your iPad? This situation can be quite annoying but you can take some actions to rescue the situation. Read on the article to find out how to back up iPad without passcode.

1 Back Up iPad without Passcode Using iTunes

If you have synced your iPad with iTunes on computer, probably your computer still remembers the iPad and won't ask you to enter the psscode when you connect your iPad. This way only works for the situation that you have synced your iPad to iTunes before. See how to operate.

Step 1: Run iTunes and connect the locked iPad via an USB cable.

Step 2: Click on the device icon at the top and under the "Backups" section, select "This computer" and make sure that "Encrypt iPhone Backup" is unchecked. Then you will create a backup that doesn't include account information or password.

back up iPad with iTunes

Step 3: Click on "Back Up Now" and wait for the process to be finished.

Step 4: Once the backup has been created, you can erase the locked iPad including the passcode. While still connected to the computer and on iTunes, click on "Restore iPad."

restore iPad

Step 5: If you see a pop-up asking you to back up the device, choose "Don't Backup."

don't back up iPad

Step 6: Once the iPad has been restored, set it up as new and when you reach the "Apps & Data" screen choose "Restore from iTunes Backup." Select the new-created backup and wait for the iPad to be restored. When you compelete all the process, the device will have all your information except the passcode and the iPad should be unlocked.

2 Extract Data from iTunes Backup for iPad without Passcode

Like what I mentioned above, the first way won't work if you haven't synced with your iPad with iTunes. However, you have an option to extract the data if you have backed up the iPad to iTunes before. And a third-party tool like iMyFone D-Port iTunes Backup Extractor can be helpful when you can't access your locked iPad and you can extract your data from iTunes to computer.

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Key Features:

  • It can extract 20 types of files including messages, notes, WhatsApp etc.
  • Not only iTunes backup, the program can extract data from iCloud backup.
  • All the iTunes backups on computer and iCloud backups in exact iCloud account can be found.
  • It is compatible with latest iOS 11 and other older iOS versions.
  • Free trial version is offered for both Windows and Mac users to preview data.

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Extract Data from iTunes Backup via iTunes D-Port

After downloading the program from iMyFone official download center, you can install and launch it to start the process of data extraction.

Step 1: From the main window, choose "Extract Data from Backup" and you will see all the backups on your computer. Choose the iTunes backup you need to extract data from and click "Next".

choose one iTunes backup

Step 2. On the next window select the exact file types you want to extract from iTunes backup. You can choose certain type of data or all the types.

select file types from iTunes backup

Step 3: Click on "Next", the program will start to scan the iTunes backup. After scanning, view them on details and select the relevant ones to "Extract".

extract data from iTunes backup

Step 4: The program will ask you to choose/create a folder on your computer to store the files. Do as the program prompts and you will finishthe process in seconds.

Now you know the ways to back up iPad and extract data from iTunes when you are without passcode for your device. Both of them are pretty easy to operate, right? And don't forget that reliable iMyFone D-Port iTunes Backup Extractor offers free trial version for users!

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