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DLP Solutions for iPhone You Can鈥檛 Miss

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Brandon Eldred

August 31, 2018 (Updated: July 13, 2020锛

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Data is one of the most important assets you as an individual or even as a company holds. It is, therefore, extremely important to keep data safe. Losing your data can set you or your company way back. In order to make sure that you never lose your data, you will have to adopt DLP solutions. DLP here simply stands for Data Loss Prevention. This article will provide DLP solutions聽to individuals who own iOS devices. However, before that, let’s see what exactly DLP means.

Part 1: What is DLP?

DLP can have various meanings depending on the setting in which it is being used. However, just like its name suggests, it refers to making sure that data is not lost.

When DLP is being used in a company or corporate setting, it will refer to ensuring that the end users are unable to send any critical information about the corporate to outsiders. In this scenario, DLP will be used to describe the software products which are capable of helping a software administrator control the kind of data an end user is allowed to transfer.


Coming back to an individual, let’s assume that individual is you. You probably own an iPhone that carries your critical data. For example, client contacts, important emails, photos, text messages,聽WhatsApp data聽and more. In case you were to lose this data, you would have to go through a lot of stress while trying to get your data back. Sometimes, getting the data back will be impossible. Now, in your case as an iPhone owner, you would want to have Data Loss Prevention in place. One of the best DLP solutions聽you can use is creating a backup for the iPhone so that you can get your data back if you happen to lose it.

Part 2: Differences between DLP in General & DLP of Making Backups

DLP, in general, refers to solutions which help corporate to keep their critical data from being shared with outsiders. This is different from the DLP of making backups. In creating a backup, say for your iOS device, you are not protecting your data from being shared with outsiders. You will just be making sure that you never lose the data yourself. In the general DLP, business rules are utilized in order to classify and also protect the critical and confidential data. In the DLP of making backups, no rules are applied. It will be only you creating your backups.

Part 3: Why Need DLP Solutions聽of Making Backups for iPhone?

Chances are, you are asking yourself why you really need DLP solutions聽for your iPhone. After all, you see yourself always having the iPhone with your daily聽life. Below, we show you some of the reasons why DLP solutions聽for an iPhone are necessary:

  • Theft

Imagine some guy just snatched your iPhone and took off. Theft is common and it has already happened to the majority of us. If your iPhone is stolen from you, it will disappear with all your important data.


  • Hardware Failure

iPhones are man-made which means that they can fails sometimes. Actually, any iPhone can decide to fail completely without a warning sign. If the device fails while it still has data on it, that data could be gone for good.


  • Malicious Attack

The internet has wicked people. Everyone uses their iPhone to check out websites and also download stuff from download sites and their email. What if some wicked hacker managed to infect your iPhone with a virus that is capable of crippling your whole iOS system? You could re-install your iOS to fix this. But then, your iPhone will be as good as new after the iOS installation. Your important data will be gone.


  • Losing Data by Mistake
  • No one is perfect. You may end up erasing your important data from your iPhone by mistake. Also, your kid could too. If that data was not backed up, there is no way to get it back.

    delete iphone contacts

Part 4: Top DLP Solutions of Making Backups for iPhone

The best DLP solution for creating a backup for your iOS device is known as iMyFone iTransor. This tool allows you to selectively back up and restore your data. Before the backup and the restoration process, you get to preview your data and choose what you wish to restore or back up. While restoring your data, iTransor will make sure that the data is not overwritten. iTransor does support all iOS versions聽like iOS 12/11/10/9/8.

Try It FreeTry It Free

The Differences聽between iTransor and iTunes/iCloud

Apple does offer its own iPhone backup services - iCloud and iTunes.

  1. One of the differences between iTransor and iTunes/iCloud is that iTransor will not erase your iPhone data during the restoration process. Both iTunes and iCloud will.
  2. Another difference is that iTransor allows you to selectively back up your iPhone. iTunes and iCloud will require you to back up either the whole iOS device or nothing at all.

Steps to Use DLP Solution to Making Bakcups of iPhone

To prevent data loss for your iPhone, you can create a backup for the device using iTransor. The following steps should help you:

Step 1: Launch iMyFone iTransor on your computer. On the left-hand panel, tap Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud and then hit Back Up Device section.


Step 2: Connect your iOS device to the computer. Trust the computer. Choose either Make a Full Backup or Select One or More Data Type(s). Also, you can choose the path for the backup files.


Step 3: Tap Back Up to initiate the backup process. Keep your device connected to the computer until this process is finished.


Try It FreeTry It Free


If unluckily you lose your iPhone data, you can try iMyFone D-Back to get them back.

Probably you have heard of DLP and wondered what it means. This article helps you figure out its meaning聽and backing up your iPhone is the best DLP solution for your iPhone. Using聽iTransor to make your back up and restoration easily聽and smoothly if you need. Don’t let both iTunes and iCloud limit you due to their limited capabilities. iTransor does have a FREE trial. Feel free to try and leave your comments.

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