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Best Free Way to Backup iPhone

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September 5, 2017 (Updated: January 22, 2018)• Filed to: Backup & Restore iPhone

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“Hi, I have used iTunes to back up my iPhone data. But I want to ask is there any other way to backup iPhone than iTunes and iCloud? I want to make a new backup of my iPhone but iTunes will overwrite the previous backup and iCloud has no enough storage. I need the best way to backup iPhone. Anyone can help?”

We are living in this smartphone era where we mostly rely on it to store our data. Hence it becomes essential to backup data regularly in order to prevent any data loss. Be it our priceless photos, our contacts, videos, and chat history, they are all very important to us. For iPhone users, although Apple provides 2 options -- iTunes and iCloud backup, they are not always good to backup iPhone. Therefore, we are here to introduce you the best also a free way to backup iPhone.

1 The Disadvantage of Backing Up iPhone Using iTunes

Well, despite being the standard iDevice Manager, iTunes do have a number of drawbacks, and due to that iTunes isn’t considered as the best way to backup iPhone. Let’s explain here:

  • Although iTunes is able to backup all the data, it cannot backup certain type of data, for example messages.
  • iTunes cannot restore a particular type of data out of the whole backup you made. In other words, if you want only WhatsApp data, you will not be able to restore it individually.You have to restore iPhone to get the WhatsApp messages from the iTunes backup to your device.
  • Another drawback of iTunes is that the users cannot view the backup before restoring it to their devices.
  • The old backup created by iTunes last time will be overwritten by the new backup.
  • The performance of iTunes is extremely disappointing on a Windows-powered computer as compared to Mac computer. Basically, iTunes eat up a lot of RAM memory which makes the system to work quite very slowly and thereby, backing up your data with iTunes is time-consuming.

2 The Disadvantage of Backing Up iPhone Using iCloud

iCloud, is no doubt extremely helpful at times but this cloud storage service provided by Apple does have its cons too, making it also not the best way to backup iPhone. Let’s have a look:

  • Users must have a stable Wi-Fi or Cellular Data connection. Without the internet connection users can not enjoy its service.
  • iCloud only allow you to view limited types of data in your backup. If you want to view the other data in your iCloud, you have to restore the iCloud backup to your iPhone
  • Backing up data on iCloud isn’t free. Yes, only a 5 GB of storage space is available for free. Beyond that there is, certainly, a monthly fee for it.
  • Transferring or backing up data on iCloud storage is quite time-consuming.

3 Best Free Way to Backup iPhone

If you’re looking for the best way to backup iPhone, the most recommended way is to use iMyFone D-Port Pro. It is the best alternative to iTunes or iCloud in order to backup and restore the iPhone data flexibly, effectively and quickly. Please note that the backup feature is totally free. This powerful tool can also help in exporting more than 20 types of data from iOS devices or iCloud/iTunes backup. Moreover, it works with iOS 11 completely. Here is the detailed view of the features.

iPhone Backup and Restore Tool (Free Backup Software)

Key Features:

  • The users can back up the whole data on iPhone or backup only messages, WhatsApp or WeChat.
  • If you want to restore only WhatsApp data, contacts, messages or WeChat history from your iTunes, iCloud or iMyFone backup, you can do it easily using this program.
  • There is no worry about overwriting of previous backup if your use this program do backup your iPhone. With this tool, the previous backup will not replace the new one.
  • This tool is able to extract 20 types of data from the backup made by iTunes, iCloud or iMyFone D-Port Pro.

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3.1. Backup iPhone Completely without Overwriting the Previous Backup

iTune will replace the old backup file if you make a new backup. But iMyFone will keep all the backups you make. Let’s learn the best way to backup iPhone with this wonderful program.

Step 1 – Download the Program

The first move to be taken is to download the software using the official website and launch it. Now, make a connection between the iOS device and PC.

Step 2 – Choose Back Up & Export from Devic

Next, select “Back Up & Export from Device” showing on the left panel of the interface. Subsequently, hit on “Make a Full Backup”.

make a full back of iPhone

Step 3 – Backup the Device

Now, the next interface will show you a “Back Up” option. Just click on it and your backup process will begin.

click back up button

Make sure not to disconnect the device until the completion. A notification will appear once everything will be backed up. You’re done now!

succesfully back up device

3.2. Backup WhatsApp, Messages, or WeChat Separately

You can backup iPhone selectively using iMyFone D-Port Pro as mentioned above. Here we are taking WhatsApp backup as example and showing you the tutorial on how to backup only WhatsApp messages on your iPhone.

Step 1 – Launch the Program

First, download and install iMyFone D-Port Pro and launch it. Connect your device to the computer. Now, pick “Backup Up & Export from Device” option and choose “Backup WhatsApp”.

back up whatsapp on device

Step 2 – Backup WhatsApp

After that, click “Back Up” button to begin the process.

backing up whatsapp

Step 3 – Don’t Disconnect Device

Lastly, wait for the process to be finished and ensure that the device is connected to the computer throughout the process. A notification will appear on screen to inform you about the completion of backup.

successfully back up whatsapp

3.1. Selectively Restore iPhone from Backup Files

You can flexibly restore the backup files made by D-Port Pro, iTunes, or iCloud. That means, you can not only restore a full backup, you can also restore only messages, WhatsApp data, or WeChat data from the backup files instead of restoring the whole backup. Here, we are going to list the steps on how to restore only WeChat from iMyFone backup.

Step 1 – Select the Backup File

From the main interface, click on “Restore Backup to Device” and select “iMyFone backup”. Once done, hit on the “Next” button.

choose iMyFone backup

Since we need only restore WeChat message in the iMyFone backup, so we need click "Restore a Partial Backup".

choose to restore a full backup

Then you will be asked to choose the data types that you want to restore. Here we choose "WeChat".

choose wWeChat

Step 2 – Preview the Backup

Now, hit on “Next” and the program will start scanning the iMyFone backup. Moreover, you can also preview the WeChat messages and confirm if this backup is what you need before restoring.

preview WeChat data

Step 3 – Restore Contacts from the Backup

After confirmation, hit the “Restore” button. Now the iMyFone D-Port Pro will start to transfer the WeChat messages from your iMyFone backup file to your iPhone.

successfully restored data in WeChat backup

Try It FreeTry It Free

Regular backup of the personal and confidential data is the most important thing for smartphone users these days, no doubt. Many of the iPhone users were looking for a way other than iTunes or iCloud to backup iPhone and avoid data loss. iMyFone D-Port Pro is undoubtedly the best way to backup iPhone due to its flexibility -- backup and restore iPhone completely or selectively. Hope you’ve now found the best way to backup iPhone.

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