Call logs are among the most important aspects associated with any phone. These call logs become exceptionally handy when you need to get an idea about the calls you made and received earlier. In other words, with the assistance of this call log, you will be able to learn the details of the previously made calls. iPhone call log may disappear due to several reasons and getting them back is a pretty challenging task for many novice iPhone users.

With that being said, this article emphasizes how to perform call log backup and restore on iPhone as assistant to iPhone users across the globe. So, if you are an iPhone user who is interested in learning how to backup and restore your call logs, keep reading!

Part 1: Basic Knowledge about iPhone Call Log Backup

Before we move into learning how to restore the call logs, let’s learn some basics about iPhone call log backup in advance.

Can iCloud Back up iPhone Call Log?


The simple answer is a yes. iCloud is an inbuilt feature found in all the iOS devices. With the assistance of iCloud, an iPhone user can accomplish a variety of tasks and attend various troubleshooting processes. One of the main tasks you can perform with iCloud is creating backups. In fact, iCloud can be used to backup even the call logs. To create a backup using iCloud, you actually don’t need to have the iOS device connected to the computer. Instead, you can simply use a WiFi connection to make a backup using iCloud. Generally, iCloud backups consist of pretty much all the data and configurations (including call logs) of the respective device.

Can iTunes Back up iPhone Call Log?


The simple answer is a yes. Just like iCloud, iTunes is another built-in feature found in the iOS devices. With the assistance of iTunes, an iPhone user can perform various tasks on iOS devices. To make a backup using iTunes, however, you will have to seek the assistance of a Mac or a PC. However, synchronizing your iOS device with a computer and creating a backup are not similar aspects. iTunes backup is not created using a network connection. Instead, it uses a cabled connection to backup information.

What are the Pros and Cons of Backing up with iTunes/iCloud?

Like with any other aspect, backing up using iTunes and iClouds have several advantages and disadvantages. Here is a list of pros and cons associated with these two methods.

  Pros Cons
iCloud Backup
  • This tool can sync the files you have backed up across different Apple devices that are registered to the same account;
  • It lets you access the files regardless of your location;
  • The data is available even in the absence of the device.
  • iCloud features a limited free usage (up to 5GB);
  • It will utilize physical storage; 
  • The files will be backed up as a single backup and you cannot make a backup selectively.
iTunes Backup
  • It is relatively easier to configure.
  • It can create a backup of the data free.
  • iTunes requires a large memory capacity to operate smoothly.
  • You cannot create selective backups with iTunes.
  • You should have the physical access to the device.
  • You cannot view all the backup content.

Part 2: The Best Way about iPhone Call Log Backup and Restore

Although iTunes and iCloud are introduced by Apple themselves, both of them have some notable disadvantages in the context of efficiency. In this case, you will have to search for a better option (a better piece of software to create a call log backup and restore). This is when you should use a special software like iMyFone iTransor backup and restore tool for iPhone. Compared to iTunes, this respective tool comes with a variety of features to create backups and restore the data easily.

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  • It allows to export more than 18 types of data files including call log from iTunes backup, iCloud backup or iOS device as a backup
  • If necessary, you can use it to backup selected files only (such as SMS, call logs, WhatsApp data, Contacts, WeChat etc.)
  • If required, it can be used only to restore selective files such as (such as SMS, call logs, WhatsApp data, Contacts, WeChat etc.)
  • It can create backups and restore without experiencing any data loss on the target device
  • This respective product works perfectly with latest iOS devices and iOS versions (including iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iOS 12/11.4)

How to Backup iPhone including Call Log

Now, from this point forward, we will discuss how to create a backup including call log and restore using iMyFone iTransor.

  1. Have the program downloaded in your computer and get is installed. Now, you should choose the option called “Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud” which is located in the left panel. Then, click on the option called “Back Up Device”.
  2. 1-choose-backup-device

  3. When prompted to the next screen, you should connect the iOS device (iPhone) to the same computer you have installed iMyFone iTransor. Once the computer is trusted by the device, this software will identify the device. Now, you need choose the option located on the righthand-side column - “Make a Full Backup”.
  4. 3-select-one-or-more-data

  5. Now, click on the “Back Up” in order to create a backup. You will get a notification once the process is completed.  You can now view and get the data exported from the backup which will be restored later.
  6. 5-back-up-successfully

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How to Export Call Log from iPhone as a Backup

When it comes to exporting a call log from iPhone, it is a simple process if you have iMyFone iTransor.

  1. Download and install the program and connect the device to the computer. Choose Export from Device & Backup and click Export from Device.
  2. 10-export-from-device

  3. Choose the call log data type you need to export and click on Scan button.
  4. 11-choose-data-type-to-export

  5. Preview the listed call log and decide what to export by selecting Export. 
  6. 15-export-from-device-successfully

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Note: Unlike the previous backup type, you cannot restore this exported file to your device, but you can view call log from this file.

How to Restore iPhone Backup including Call Log

  1. After choosing Restore Backup to Device section, you need choose one backup from the list.
  2. 20-choose-backup-to-restore

  3. Select “Restore Full Backup” then which can restore your backup including call log.
  4. 21-restore-full-or-partial-backup

  5. Read the notes before restore and connect your device to computer. Now select Preview & Restore or Directly Restore.
  6. 22-restore-all-data-settings

  7. Here you also need choose one option from Merge & Replace or Fully Replace. After restoring successfully, you can view the restored data on your device. 
  8. 32-merge-or-fully-replace

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Pros and Cons of this iPhone Backup and Restore Software

  iPhone Backup and Restore Software
Pros of iMyFone iTransor
  • Allows to selectively backup and restore
  • Allows you to preview data before restoring
  • The “Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud” is totally free
  • With free trial version before purchasing
  • Easy to use
  • Really fast
  • Very dependable
Cons of iMyFone iTransor
  • It does not support to only backup and restore call log on iPhone
  • It is not a totally free service


We strongly believe that the above methods will help you performing a call log backup and restore it successfully. We appreciate if you can take a minute to leave comment about the experiences you had with the above methods. Your ideas are precious for our readers and for us.