All systems are subject to failure at some point. If your iCloud or iTunes restore fails to work as it should when you are trying to restore your new iPhone 8 from an old backup, it is only natural that you may be at a loss as to what to do. This is especially true if you've lost some of the data on your device and you need to restore the device as soon as possible. While there are very reasons why you cannot restore your iPhone 8, we are sure you are only concerned with the solutions.

In this article, we are going to provide you with possible solutions to the problem. We are also going to go a step further and provide you with a credible alternative to restore your iPhone 8.

1. Basic Troubleshooting Solutions

If you are unable to restore the device in iTunes, try the following solutions.

  • Make sure you are using the attest version of iTunes. If not, update iTunes and then try again.
  • Turn off both the computer and the iPhone, turn them back on and then try again.
  • Try to make a backup and restore from another computer
  • If you see an error message, find a solution for that particular error code.
  • If you use an iOS version too old, then the restore might fail. Try to update to the iOS 12 if the device could do so.

If you are unable to restore in iCloud, try the following.

  • If the process is taking too long to complete, it may be that the size of the backup is too large. Stay connected to the Wi-Fi network and a power source until the process is complete.
  • If you see a message saying the process is incomplete or some items won't restore, you may have disconnected from Wi-Fi. Reconnect and try again.
  • Same with iTunes, you can try to update device to iOS 12 if the restore fails due to too old iOS version.

2. A Better Way to Selectively Restore iPhone 8

If you try everything and still can't restore your iPhone 8, you may need a better way to restore the data in those backups to your device. That better solution is iMyFone iTransor, a backup and restore tool that offers you more options than you'll ever find with iTunes and iCloud. The following are some of the features that make iTransor a better choice.

iTransor iPhone Backup & Restore Tool

Key Features:

  • You can restore all kinds of iOS device, including iPhone 8, iPhone X, and earlier iPhones and iPads.
  • You can restore all the data and settings from backup to iPhone 8, or restore only contacts, messages, WeChat and WhatsApp data.
  • Backing up all your data and settings, or only partial data on device can be done in a single click, and free of charge.
  • The restore process won't affect the rest of the data on your device.
  • It is also useful when you want to export data from your iOS device, an iTunes or iCloud backup.
  • It works for iOS 12, iOS 11, 10, 9 and earlier versions, also.

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Selectively Restore iPhone 8 from an iTunes Backup (iOS 12 Supported)

Step 1: To begin, download and install the program to your computer and launch it. From the tab "Restore Backup to Device" select a relevant iTunes backup from the list provided and click "Next".

Restore Backup to Device

Step 2: Click "Restore Partial Backup" from the options iTransor gives. If you want to restore all the data, you should click "Restore Full Backup."

Restore Partial Backup

Step 3: Choose the types of data you want to restore from iTunes backup. iMyFone iTransor supports to restore contacts, messages, WhatsApp messages, WeChat messages from iTunes backup without effecting other data on your device. Then connect your iPhone X with the program.

Choose the types of data

Step 4: After selecting "Preview & Restore" or "Directly Restore" (here we take "Directly Restore" as example), the program will ask you to choose merging or replacing the data on your iPhone 8 with the data in the backup. Choose what you want.

merge or replace

Step 5: The software will begin the restore process and it may take a while to complete. Keep the device connected until it is complete.

restore the selected data

Selectively Restore iPhone 8 from an iCloud Backup (iOS 12 Supported)

Step 1: Click “Download iCloud Backup” from "Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud" and then log in to your iCloud account.

log in to iCloud

Step 2: Then choose the relevant iCloud backup to download.

select an icloud backup to download

Step 3: The program will begin downloading the backup file selected. Once the scan is complete, the program will show you two choices: "Export Data from the Backup" or "Restore Data from the Backup". Click "Restore Data from the Backup".

iCloud backup downloaded successfully

Step 4: The program will program will show you all the backups on your computer including the one downloaded. Choose it and all the next steps are same with restore from iTunes backup which you can check the part about iTunes restore discussed.

Now you get the basic troubleshooting methods and a better method to selectively restore your iPhone 8, which works for iOS 12/11/10/9/8/7. You can download the free trial version to see what it can do for you. Don't forget that the backup feature of iTransor is totally for free!

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