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Free iPhone Backup & Restore Software You Can’t Miss

Backup is a great function provided by the current technology, which helps us to manage and store our important data. The biggest benefit of backup is that even if the files or images are deleted or lost from our phone we can still have them recovered in no time.

The issue of corrupted iTunes backup is rapidly increasing. Many individuals have complained when they try to backup their data, it easily corrupts. Everyone wants a free solution for this problem with no backup or useless backup. Although there is no completely free iPhone backup and restore software available yet, there are many free versions that will provide certain functions you may need. Here we have something you can't miss in this post.

1. Entirely/Selectively Backup & Restore iPhone Tool

There are some iPhone backup & restore software available online but not all of them have met customers' requirements. Here we will offer you the best iPhone backup recovery free software.

iPhone Backup & Restore Software

iMyFone D-Port Pro is the perfect alternative for the iTunes and it will help you selectively export and backup most types of files that you need. It has been developed with the latest technology which allows you to backup and rsdtore within seconds. It is also compatible with all models of iPhone and other Apple devices like iPad and iPod Touch.

Key Features:

  • Separately back up iPhone content including messages, WhatsApp, WeChat.
  • The backups it makes, no matter the full backups or backups for certain types of data, won't overwrite the previous backups on your computer.
  • It lets you decide where to save the backup files. You can easily view the data in backups.
  • Selectively restore the whole backup, a partial backup, or certain types of data from iTunes, iCloud and the program itself to iPhone whenever you want, even you don't have network or iTunes.

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How to Backup iPhone Entirely with D-Port Pro

Here is the step-by-step guide that will make it easy for you to back up your iPhone using D-Port Pro.

1. Access the software and select the option of Back Up & Export from Device. Click on Make a Full Backup.

make a full backup of iOS device

2. On next screen, click Back Up and process will start. Do not disconnect your device until backup is complete.

backing up device

3. You will be notified once the process finishes. At last you can extract the types of file that you require.

succesfully back up device

How to Backup Only iPhone Messages with D-Port Pro

If you are planning to use the D-Port Pro to back up your messages and chats, here are the steps you can follow.

1. Tap Backup & Export from Device. Click on Back Up Messages. In next screen, press Back Up button.

back up messages on iOS device

2. Then this process will start. Once the procedure is complete you will be notified. Keep your device connected.

backing up messages

3. You will get the access and easily restore messaegs from the backup files later.

succesfully back up messages

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How to Restore iPhone with A Full Backup Using D-Port Pro

Here is how to partially and completely restore your iPhone data with iPhone backup & restore software.

1. Select the option to Restore Full Backup. You just need follow the directions given on the screen.

choose to restore a full backup

2. You should notify that this restore will overwrite all the data on your device. If you confirm this, you can tap Next to continue.

restore the full backup to device

3. Wait a few seconds for the files to be restored and do not disconnect your device during this process. Once the procedure is complete you will be informed. Then you can easily view the restored files on your iPhone.

successfully restore the full backup

How to Restore iPhone with A Partial Backup Using D-Port Pro

1. Choose the most related backup from the list. Then select Restore Partial Backup and the files you need.

choose to restore a full backup

2. After pressing the Next option, it will start scanning. It might take a few seconds. Free previewing then is allowed.

preview data in backup

3. Now select the files you need to restore without affecting the data on your device.

successfully restore data in backup to device

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2. Free Way to Backup and Restore iPhone via iTunes

Requirements for iTunes Backup:

  • Your Backup will be stored on Mac or PC.
  • Storage depends on your Mac or PC's available space.
  • Offers encrypted backups (off by default).

Back up Your iPhone with iTunes

1. Access iTunes in your computer and connect your iPhone with PC or Mac. If the device asks you for your iPhone passcode, follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Select Backup Now to have a backup that is not encrypted. If you want to save your health and activity data, you will have to encrypt the device by selecting the relevant option on your iTunes.

3. Once your iPhone's backup is done, you can view it under Latest Backup with the date and time.

backup iphone to itunes

Restore from iTunes Backup

1. Access the iTunes on your Mac or PC and use one USB cable to connect your device to computer.

2. Select your device and the options will appear on screen. Then click on Restore Backup and select the files you want to restore.

3. Click on Restore and wait for this process and enter your password if asked for. Your device should stay connected until it restarts and sync with your computer.

restore ipad from itunes backup

3. Free Way to Backup and Restore iPhone via iCloud

Requirements for iCloud Backup:

  • Your backup will be stored in iCloud.
  • Offers up to 2TB of storage (your first 5GB are free).
  • Always encrypts your backups.

Back up Your iPhone with iCloud

1. Connect your iPhone to the WiFi.

2. Tap on settings then scroll down and tap on iCloud for iOS 10.2 or earlier; for iOS 10.2, go to Settings -> your name -> tap iCloud.

3. Tap Backup or iCloud Backup and make sure it is turned on. Then tap Back Up Now to wait for the process completes and keep connection with WiFi.


Restore from iCloud Backup

1. Erase all content on your iPhone.

2. Reach Apps and Data screen to set up your device. Then select the option of Restore from iCloud backup.

3. Log in with your Apple ID to select the backup and the files according to their date and size..

4. Then the restore starts and keep your device connected and wait until the restoration is done.

restore iphone from icloud backup

iMyFone D-Port Pro will be your perfect choice if you are looking for an iPhone restore software download free. It has many amazing features and functions in free trial version. Try it without hesitation!

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