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How to Back iPhone Up to iCloud (iPhone X / iPhone 8 Included)

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September 7, 2017 (Updated: November 30, 2017)• Filed to: Backup & Restore iPhone

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iPhone users tend to back up their iPhone with iCloud rather than iTunes as it doesn’t need computer to back up iPhone to iCloud. And iCloud will automatically create the backup when iPhone is locked, plugged in, or connected to Wi-Fi. What’s more, 5GB of storage on iCloud is freely available to save contacts, photos, videos, documents, etc. Thus in this post, I will show you how to back iPhone up to iCloud.

Tip 1. Back iPhone Up to iCloud

You have the opportunity to create a backup of the contents on your iPhone and upload the same to your iCloud account right from the phone.

1. Manually Back iPhone Up to iCloud

Step 1: Proceed to the Settings application. Connect the gear to a local Wi-Fi network. 

Step 2: Go to Settings to find iCloud. For previous versions of iOS, scroll down the list and select iCloud. 

Step 3: Tap the iCloud icon to activate. Press the Back Up Now button that is visible.

back iphone up to icloud

2. Automatically Back Up iPhone to iCloud

You have the possibility to backup content on your iPhone to iCloud automatically whenever you connect the device to the internet over the Wi-Fi network and plugged into a power source. Once the iCloud service starts, it will create a backup of the photos, documents, health data, configuration, and other settings automatically. To do this, all you have to do is head to the Settings app on the device and navigate to the Apple ID section. Choose iCloud from it and look for the iCloud backup feature. Tap on it to activate the service.

3. Back Up Specific Data to iCloud

To create specific data as backup from iPhone to iCloud, you will first have to create the backup file of the contents.
Step 1: Go to the Settings application and locate the iCloud feature. Under the Apple ID, choose iCloud service and activate the same. Press the Back Up Now button.
Step 2: After completion, head back to Settings, Apple ID, and iCloud and choose Storage. Tap it and head to the Manage Storage section. 
Step 3: You will notice the recently backed up files along with sizes and dates. From the list, choose a backup file, and further scroll down to tap “Show All Apps” option.
Step 4: From the list, you can enable or disable the applications that you wish to add to the backup profile on iCloud.
Note: If the procedure mentioned above fails in creating a backup to iCloud, the following guide will be helpful: iCloud not Backing Up? How to Fix?

Tip 2. Make a Full or Partial Backup on iPhone

The other alternative that we are going to introduce to you is iMyfone D-Port Pro, which allows you to make a partial or complete backup of iPhone. The software is capable of creating and extracting content from backup files created by iTunes and iCloud. The fantastic feature is the ability to preview the content and choose only the essential categories for download. The same is also applicable while creating a backup.

Features of iMyFone D-Port Pro

  • Make a full backup of your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or only back up Messages, WhatsApp data, WeChat data.
  • Export more than 20 types of data on iOS devices, and the free trial version allows you to preview all the content before extract.
  • Fully or partially restore a backup made by iTunes/iCloud/D-Port Pro to your device without overwriting the other data.
  • It is compatible with all iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7/8/9/10/11.

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1. Make a Full Back Up of iPhone

The following steps of iMyFone D-Port Pro help in creating a full backup:

Step 1: From the left pane of the window, choose “Back Up & Export from Device” option, and opt for “Make a Full Back Up” feature. 

make a full backup

Step 2: Hit the “Back Up” button to proceed. The program will then initiate the process of backing up the device. 

make a full backup

Step 3: Upon successful completion of the procedure, the software will intimate you that the operation was successful. You can now use the backup file to view the content or extract data from the same.

2. Make a Partial Back Up of iPhone

Currently, iMyFone D-Port Pro is capable of backing up and restoring text messages, WeChat messages, and WhatsApp messages on an iPhone.

Back Up WhatsApp on iPhone

Step 1: From the left side of the window, click “Back Up & Export from Device” option. Click the “Back Up WhatsApp” option.

back up whatsapp

Step 2: Tap “Back Up” to continue, the program will start the backup process. Please don't disconnect your device during the process. 

back up now

Step 3:When the process ends, you will be notified that the WhatsApp data has been backed up successfully. You can view and extract the WeChat data from the backup, or restore your device from the backup later.

Restore WhatsApp Data to iPhone

Step 1: Pick a WhatsApp backup file created by iMyfone D-Port Pro and press Next. 

Step 2: The software will scan for data and display the information. You can preview the data and see if this is what you need. 

Step 3: If the backup is what you need, then press Restore, and wait for the process to complete. 

Step 4: After completion, you can check WeChat on your device for the transferred data.

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