"Hi, My iPod storage is almost full now. I am going to factory reset it. Before I do that, I want to backup the text messages and WhatsApp messages on my iPod, and I hope I can resotre the messages to my iPod after factory reset. Aanyone know how to do that? Thanks!"

Many users go for iTunes or iCloud at first point when they want to learn how to backup iPod. However, there is a more flexible alternative to these methods. This article will tell you in detail of how to backup iPod fully or selectively and guide you to restore the backup selectively to your iPod. Keep scrolling and proceed to the different tutorials for how to backup iPod.

Backup iPod with iTunes or iCloud

You can use iTunes or iCloud to backup your iPod. These two methods have some limitations that you should know. iTunes is not able to backup partially, for example if you want to backup only your messages, iTunes won't help you in that. iCloud gives only 5GB of free storage. If you want to go beyond this limit, you will need to pay a fee. iTunes can be troublesome to your old backups since it overwrites the previous backup. You can also not able to view the backup files made by iTunes or iCloud before restoring them. Anyway, we would still introduce the steps on how backup iPod using iTunes or iCloud.

Using iCloud

Just take your iPod and go to "Settings" > your name at the top > "iCloud" > "iCloud Backup" and turn it on. Now, hit "Backup Now" to start making backup. Please make sure the network is good, otherwise it will fail.

backup using iCloud

Using iTunes

  • Connect your iPod to PC and open iTunes in your PC.
  • Click on "Trust" if asked to trust this computer.
  • In the iTunes' screen, click on the phone icon at the top.
  • Click "This Computer" under "Backups" and hit "Backup Now". This is it!

back up using iTunes

Selectively Backup iPod

If you want to backup your iPod selectively, you simply need iMyFone D-Port Pro. It is a powerful backup and restore tool that takes care of the existing data on your device. iMyFone D-Port Pro supports all iOS devices and is considered as a better alternative to iTunes. Here are the detailed features of this tool.

iMyFone D-Port Pro iPhone Backup and Restore Tool (iOS 11 Supported)

Key Features:

  • The backup feature of the program is totally free. You can download the free trial version to backup your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.
  • It helps in making backup of the full device or merely messages, WeChat or WhatsApp.
  • You can selectively restore data from your backup files such as iTunes backup, iCloud backup, or iMyFone backup.
  • It doesn't overwrite any previous backup you made. You can keep all the backups on your computer and better manage your backups.
  • The users are also allowed to view the content of their backups after making it.
  • It supports to extract 20+ types of data from your backups mede by iTunes, iCloud, or iMyFone.

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1. Make a Full Backup of iPod without Replacing the Old Backup (Free)

This part will provide you the tutorial on how to backup iPod fully without replacing or altering other backup files. Just launch the program in your PC or Mac, connect your iPod to the PC and follow these easy steps.

Step 1 – After launching, enter to the main interface and look for "Back Up & Export from Device" option in the left panel of the screen. Click on it and proceed to hit on "Make a Full Backup".

make a full backup of iOS device

Step 2 – Now go for "Back Up" button to begin the saving process. Till the completion, don't disconnect your iPod.

backing up device

Step 3 – You will be notified by the program in a while that you have ended up the backup process. This is it about how to backup iPod fully.

succesfully back up device

2. Backup Only iMessages, WhatsApp, or WeChat (Free)

As we said earlier that you can simply backup only your WhatsApp messages, WeChat messages or iMessages if you want (more data types will be supported in the next version), we will help you learn how to backup iPod selectively with this program in this section. Here we are going to take WhatsApp messages as an instance. The process will be the same for other files as well, you just need to click on the corresponding tabs or buttons.

Step 1 – After launching the software, connect your iPod to the computer and click on "Back Up & Export from Device".

Step 2 – Choose the data ou want to backup. Since we are going for WhatsApp messages so we will click on "Backup WhatsApp".

back up whatsapp on device

Step 3 – Lastly, go to "Backup" option in order to initiate the process and make sure to connect the device for the whole process.

backing up whatsapp

Wait for notification which will say that the process has reached successful completion.

successfully back up whatsapp

3. Selectively Restore iPod from the Backups

After learning how to backup iPod fully and partially, we would like you to make aware of how you can restore the backup selectively with iMyFone D-Port Pro. We will restore only WhatsApp messages from the iMyFone backup that you just made. You are allowed to selectively restore files from iCloud or iTunes backup as well.

Step 1 – Open the program, connect iPod to computer and hit on "Restore Backup to Device". Choose an iMyFone backup and click on "Next".

choose to restore a full backup

Subsequently, go to "Restore Partial Backup" and click "Next" once again.

choose to restore partial backup

Step 2 – Choose "WhatsApp" from the data types on the screen and proceed to click on "Next" button.

choose to restore partial backup

Step 3 – You can first preview your WhatsApp messages before restoring it. Once you have confirmed that's what you want, click on "Restore" and your messages will be restored without overwriting any of the data.

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That was all about how to backup iPod in the best way. Although iCloud and iTunes can be good ways for making backup, it comes with some limitations. We have listed a flexible way to backup your iPod fully and selectively. We hope you are satisfied with our efforts to make you understand about how to backup iPod and allow you to selectively restore your backups.