How to Restore New iPhone X/iPhone 8 from iCloud?

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You are probably one among many who find it difficult to restore new iPhone X or iPhone 8 from iCloud. Although you did manage to create a backup, restoring the same is proving a challenge for you. If that is the synopsis, then you are at the correct place to find the solution.

2 Methods to Restore New iPhone X from iCloud

Method 1. Official Way to Restore New iPhone X from iCloud

As you have the new iPhone, it is time to restore data from iCloud. However, be cautious while performing the act, as there may be different backup files.

Step 1: Head to the “Settings” application on the device, scroll the list, and click “Reset.”

Step 2: After resetting the new iPhone, a new screen appears on the device, where you will observe “Apps & Data” feature. The feature will give you certain options to restore data to the device such from iCloud or using iTunes. You can also set it as a new device or import data from Android device. 

Step 3: Choose the option “Restore from iCloud Backup.” 

Step 4: You will then have to log into the account to view the available backups. From the list, pick the recent file or any other file that you wish to restore. Selecting the file will begin the restoration process. 

Step 5: Check the iCloud’s storage option if the restoration process was a success or not. Purchased content will download automatically to the device after you select the feature.

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Sometime you cannot restore your iPhone from iCloud backup because your device is not connected to a stable internet connection during restoring, or other reasons. In this case, this guide on iPhone Cannot Restore Backup? Here is the Fix will help you resolve this problem

Disadvantages of Restoring New iPhone X from iCloud

Although you think that it is a simple task to restore content from iCloud backup to a new iPhone, there are a few disadvantages associated with the procedure. The following are the few steps that will help you understand why there is a downside:

  • If you forgot to take the latest backup of your iPhone to the iCloud before moving to the new iPhone, then you are probably losing unsaved content. For example, if the last update of your backup was on 10th August and you plan to create a new device today, then the files stored or set up in between the dates will not appear.
  • Although iCloud provides you the chance to pick the category that you wish to restore to the new iPhone, it does not provide the opportunity to preview the content or select individual files.
  • The significant impact is the time consumed during the procedure. The restoration process is long and increases according to the size of the backup file. Even worse, one may abort the entire activity at the last minute due to failures and errors

Method 2. Restore New iPhone X from iCloud with iMyFone D-Port Pro

When we are speaking about restoring data from iCloud to a new iPhone in the quickest possible way, the only answer that we can come up with is by using a iMyFone D-Port Pro. The platform is an excellent medium for moving content from any backup file created by using iCloud or iTunes.
The primary reasons why iMyFone D-Port Pro is the right choice for you.

iMyfone D-Port Pro

Key Features:

  • It is available to fully or partially restore data from iTunes/iCloud backup.
  • It identifies over 20+ file types and provides the chance to extract content from WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications.
  • You have the additional advantage of accessing data of iTunes and iCloud with using the restoration feature.
  • The availability of the program for both Windows and Mac users further makes it simple to access iPhone with ease.

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Steps to Partially Recover WhatsApp from iCloud to New iPhone

Step 1: Install the trial copy of the program. Choose the version for Windows PC or Mac. You then launch it and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Here, log in with your iCloud account. You'll have chance to view iCloud backup files. Pick the needed file and press “Next” to mark the categories that you require for restoration. Click “Next” to download the iCloud backup file. Allow the software to scan for the selected data (in this case, WhatsApp). 

log in to icloud

Step 3: iMyFone D-Port Pro will display the files. You can select a file to preview the same. Use the preview feature to pick the right files and press the “Restore” button to get them back to your iPhone. 

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Step 4: When the scanning has finished, click Restore and the program will restore the data you chose.

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As you have seen the disadvantages of restoring new iPhone with iCloud backup directly, it is time for you to opt for iMyFone D-Port Pro. Try it out for free to understand its ability and the endless possibilities it offers in exporting data from an iOS device.  

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