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How to Save Text Messages from iPhone

"Hello, I have many important text messages in my iPhone. I am going to get a new iPhone 8 and curious to know how I can save text messages from iPhone so that I can easily restore in my new device after purchasing?"

Backup is always what smartphone users should do regularly. With the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, many people are going to upgrade their iPhone. It comes to be a frequently asked question that if you can backup only messages, WhatsApp messages or WeChat message on your old iPhone and then transfer them to your new iPhone. Yes, absolutely! We’ve come up here and brought an easy and smart way which can help you save only text messages. Scroll down and learn how to save text messages from iPhone in order to avoid any loss.

1. Save Text Messages from iPhone without iTunes or iCloud

If you want to learn how to save text messages from iPhone without iTunes or iCloud, using iMyFone D-Port Pro is the most recommended method. This is a very excellent backup and restore tool providing always favorable results. With the help of this tool, you will be able to save only your text messages instead of making full backup of your device. Plus, You can also restore only text messages to your new iPhone from your backup made by iTunes, iCloud or iMyFone D-Port Pro.

iMyFone D-Port Pro iPhone Backup and Restore Tool

Key Features:

  • iMyFone D-Port Pro is a flexible tool which lets the users to either backup full iPhone or backup data selectively, in whichever way they want.
  • The bonus is, this tool doesn’t overwrite the previous backups and you can view your backup files whenever you want.
  • Along with backup, the users can restore their device selectively as well.
  • It is also a backup extractor that allows you extract 20+ types of data from your backup files.

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1.1. Save Only Text Messages from iPhone with iMyFone D-Port Pro

Here is the tutorial for downloading text messages from iPhone. Before begin, you need to make sure that you have installed the program in your computer. Launch iMyFone D-Port Pro and then connect your computer. For saving messages, follow the guide after this given below.

Step 1 – The main interface will provide you "Back Up & Export from Device" option. Click on it and choose which data type you want to backup. Here, select "Backup Messages".

choose back up messages

Step 2 – Click on the "Backup" option now and you will initiate the process this way.

backing up messages

Step 3 – Lastly, please make sure that you don’t disconnect your device until the process is accomplished. When the program successfully download your messages, you will receive a notification.

succesfully back up messages

1.2. Restore Only Text Messages without Restoring iPhone

With the help of this tool, you can restore the backup you just made to another iPhone without restoring the device unlike iTunes. You can also restore merely messages to your device from your iTunes backup, iCloud backup or iMyFone backup (full backup). If anytime you desire to transfer those saved messages to your new iPhone, you can follow the easy steps given below. Also, launch the software before proceeding and connect your device to the computer as well.

Step 1 – Go to the "Restore Backup to Device" tab given on the first screen of the program. You will now receive a chart showing different backup files. Choose one from which you want to restore your text messages. For instance, choose iTunes if you want to get messages saved from it.

backup chart

Once selected, click on "Restore Partial Backup" since we are not restoring full backup.

restore partial backup

Step 2 – After this, you are required to select the types of data you only want to restore. Just click on "Messages" and then click on "Next". This way, your messages will be scanned by the program.

choose to restore partial backup

Step 3 – Last of all, you will get a chance to preview your backup data to verify the messages you need. You are not able to select certain message thread to restore.

preview data in backup

After previewing them, click on "Restore" and your text messages will be restored to your device easily without overwriting any data.

successfully restore data in backup to device

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2. Save Text Messages from iPhone using iTunes 

To save or download text messages from iPhone using iTunes is no big deal. But when it comes to save only text messages from iPhone, there certainly comes a little issue because using iTunes you can surely make a full backup of your data but cannot make a partial backup or selectively backup your data out of your iPhone. Moreover, another big issue is when you backup with iTunes, the older backup file will also get overwritten with the new data.

  • Launch the up-to-date version of iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to it.
  • Now, right-click on your iPhone under the "Devices" section on the left panel and a drop down menu will come up.
  • Hit on "Back Up" and within a few minutes your data will be backed up to your computer along with the text messages.

Back up iPhone using iTunes

3. Save Text Messages from iPhone using iCloud

iCloud backup is not much different from iTunes backup because it can also only make a full backup of iPhone and doesn't allow users to save only text messages from iPhone. Not just this, making backup with iCloud has much more limitations, for example, users can only make backup data up to 5 GB of free storage space and if they require more, they would have to buy a monthly subscription plan for it. Also, it requires an active and stable network connection, without which it may result in futility of the iCloud feature. Here are the steps on how to backup your iPhone to iCloud.

  • Get into "Settings", hit on "User name" and then tap iCloud.
  • Push on Backup and finally hit "Back Up Now".
  • backup iPhone to iCloud


Saving text messages only can bother many users since they don’t find the right way which can only save one kind of data type. And that is why, we came here. We feel more than happy to help the users and sharing some knowledge with them. We hope that you learnt the easy way mentioned in the article to download text messages from iPhone. So, don’t delay more and save before you lose it.

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