I just bought a new iPhone Xs in iOS 14 and I need to access my phone number on the new device so that I can reach out to my friends and family. I have tried entering the number manually on my new iPhone, but this did not work. Is there something I am missing? How can I easily transfer my phone number to my new iPhone?

Getting a new iPhone comes with a lot of excitement. However, getting a new phone number can be quite challenging. Your friends, colleagues, and family will have a problem reaching out to you, and you will need to introduce yourself every time you contact someone. This is why it is important for you to understand how to transfer your phone number to a new iPhone, to reduce such inconveniences.

1. Transfer Phone Number to New iPhone with Same Carrier

If you decide to use the same carrier for your iPhone number, you can transfer the number using your SIM Card, as long as it is compatible with the new device. If this is not the case, you can ask your carrier to provide you a new SIM Card. You can transfer your phone number to the new device using the same carrier by following these easy steps:

  • Switch off your old iPhone.
  • Locate the SIM Card tray on your old device. This is quite easy to find, as it is an oval-shaped compartment, which has a pinhole on the side. If you are using an older version iPhone, you will realize that its SIM Card might not be compatible with your new device. In such a case, you will have to contact your service provider for further assistance.
  • Insert the SIM extraction pin in your old iPhone's pinhole to extract the SIM Card from the SIM tray. This pin is provided when purchasing your phone, so you should not have trouble finding it. If you do not have it, you can use a paperclip instead.
  • Press down the pin to eject the SIM tray. This should enable you to remove the SIM Card with ease.
  • On your new iPhone, you will need to eject the SIM tray using the same extraction tool.
  • After ejecting, just pull out the SIM Card, if there is any, using your fingers, or turn it over to force the SIM Card out of the tray.
  • Now, you need to place the SIM Card from your old iPhone to the new iPhone. Just place the SIM Card as indicated on the tray. While doing this, you need to ensure that the gold chip is facing downward.
  • After placing the SIM Card in your new iPhone's tray, the only task you will have left is to place the tray back in the device. While doing this, ensure the tray is perfectly locked in place.

insert sim card into iphone

After completing this process, just switch on the device and it should now be using your original phone number, and will come with other information that you will have saved on the SIM Card.

2. Transfer Phone Number to New iPhone with Another Carrier

If you want to transfer your phone number to a new iPhone using a different carrier, you will need to do so by following these easy steps:

  • The first thing you will need to do is confirm with your current service provider whether you can transfer phone number using another carrier. To do this, just dial 611 to contact your current service provider's customer service. Ask them whether you have any existing contract with them, and what will happen if you decide to cancel. At most times, if you decide to cancel while still under contract, you have to pay a termination fee. Thus, you will need to ask the termination fee you are required to pay. Despite this, we recommend that you do not cancel your existing service, as it will be hard for you to port your phone number to new carrier.
  • If you want to transfer your phone number using a new carrier, you will need to confirm whether this is possible, in the first place. You will need to check your eligibility with your mobile service provider. There are usually minimal restrictions on this. Therefore, your service providers should have no problem allowing you to transfer your phone number, as far as they operate around the same geographical region.
  • After choosing your preferred service provider, you will need to reach out to them, stating your interest to port your current phone number. They might require that you offer your account information, and your IMEI/ESN number of the new iPhone. After doing this, the new service provider will reach out to your existing provider, and they will start the porting process. You should note that this process could attract some fees.
  • When done with the aforementioned steps, just go ahead and place the new SIM Card in your new device. Your service provider should have already provided you with a new SIM Card via mail, which you will need to place on your new iPhone.

phone carrier

After completing these steps, you will have successfully transferred your phone number to your new iPhone using another carrier. Remember to contact your old service provider to confirm whether there are outstanding charges or fees you need to handle.

Tip: How to Transfer Data from old iPhone to New iPhone

Purchasing a new iPhone comes with a lot of excitement, as the device comes with new incredible features to enjoy. The problem comes in where you would like to access data from your old iPhone on the new one. To do this, you need to know how to transfer data to the new device. You can find more information on how to completely, or selectively transfer data between iPhones (iOS 14 supported) here.

It can be very frustrating for you, your friends, colleagues and family when you are not able to reach out to each other, just because you bought a new iPhone and had to purchase a new SIM Card. Luckily, things do not have to go this way for you. With the aforementioned tips, you should be able to transfer your phone number to your new iPhone Xs/Xr/Xs Max without any issues.