With newer, better device models coming out every other day, it is not uncommon to find that we need to move data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone such as iPhone X or iPhone 8. As time goes by, the process has become easier, quicker and more efficient. You can easily move your Viber Messages and their attachments from one device to another as this article will show. Let's begin with how to move the Viber messages from one iPhone to another. We will talk about two methods and both of them work for iPhone running iOS 12.

Transfer Viber Messages from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

To transfer Viber messages from one iPhone to another, you must first of all back up the Viber messages on your old device to iCloud.

Step 1. Open Viber on your iPhone and select the more options screen.

Step 2. Select Settings > Viber Backup, then choose Back Up Now.

backup viber messages on iphone

Step 3. Once you have backed up all the Viber messages on your iPhone, install the Viber app on the new iPhone and sign in to your Viber account. Then choose to restore the backup from the cloud service you used.


It is, however, worth noting that some of your Viber chat histories may not be restored. These include hidden chats, outgoing photos and videos, group likes and settings, conversation settings and unsent messages.There is also no way to transfer Viber messages across platforms. You can't transfer Viber messages from your iPhone to an Android device or Vice versa.

Transfer Viber Messages to New iPhone

You can, however, back up your Viber messages to the computer and then transfer them to a new device. One of the best tools to help you do this is iMyFone iTransor. This iOS data backup & restore tool will allow you to easily transfer all your Viber Messages and their attachments to your new iPhone, even if iOS 12 is running on it. Here's how to do it.

Note: iMyFone iTransor supports to back up and restore only WhatsApp messages, WeChat messages, contacts and messages for now. More types of data will be supported in future updates.

Step 1. Download and install the program on your computer and then launch it.

Windows version    Mac version

Step 2. Choose "Back Up Device" from the tab "Acquire Backup from Device & Backup". Then connect your old iPhone to the tool and check the data type(s) you need to back up. For now this progam does not support to backup Viber data only, so you need click "Make a Full Backup" here. Only backing up Viber data will be supported soon.

choose data you want to backup

Step 3. The tool will start the backup process and you will be noted when the process is complete. All the Viber messages and their attachments will be backed up on your computer successfully.

backing up Viber successfully

Step 4. Then move to "Restore Backup to Device" and choose the full backup you just made via iTransor and click "Next".

choose an Viber backup

Step 5. Connect your new iPhone and click "Directly Restore" to choose "Merge" or "Replace".

choose a Viber backup

Step 6. The program will start to restore the whole backup to your new iPhone. Once it's done, you can check the Viber data on your new iPhone, no matter whether iOS 12 or any earlier version is running on it.

Windows version    Mac version