The beauty of having 100 different ways to back up the data on your iPhone is that moving to a new device, when the time comes can be very easy. Most apps allow you to move your data from one device to another very easily.

In this article, we especially tackle the issue of moving your WeChat history to a new iPhone such as iPhone 8 or iPhone X running iOS 12. Read on to find out how you can do this.

1. Transfer WeChat History to New iPhone via Device

The following is a simple way to upload your existing WeChat messages from the old iPhone to the new one. Before we do this, ensure that you have a backup of the messages and that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Sign in to your WeChat account on both device and then follow these simple steps.

Step 1: On your old iPhone go to the "Me" tab and then tap on the "Settings" button.

Step 2: select the "General" tab. Next, tap on the "Chat Log Migration" button and then "Select Chat Transcript".

Step 3: Now on your new device scan the QR code in the interface. Once the code is scanned, the migration process will begin immediately and the WeChat history will be transferred to the new device.

Upload WeChat History from Your Old iPhone to the New One

2. How to Back Up/Restore Chat History via Computer

You can now back up your WeChat messages from your iPhone to the computer via WeChat for Windows/Mac and restore your new iPhone from the computer backups, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Download and install WeChat for Windows/Mac on your computer and open it.

Step 2: Tap the icon in the lower-left corner and choose "Backup and Restore".

Step 3: Choose the "Back up on PC" option. Make sure that your iPhone and the computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and then confirm the backup messages on iPhone to start the backup.

Step 4: One the backup is finished, choose the "Restore on iPhone" to restore the backup you just made to another device.

Transfer WeChat Backup File To Computer

3. Selectively Transfer WeChat Messages to New iPhone - Preview Supported

One of the easiest ways to not only keep your WeChat history safe from data loss but also transfer to another device is by backing them up to your computer and restore to your iPhone. The best tool to help you get the WeChat history from an iPhone to a new iPhone is iMyFone iTransor. The following are some of its features.

iPhone Backup & Restore Tool (iOS 12 Supported)

Key Features(iOS 12 Supported):

  • Backup only Contacts, WeChat messages, WhatsApp messages and Messages instead of all the data from your iPhone.
  • Restore Contacts, WeChat messages, WhatsApp messages and messages from iMyFone/iTunes/iCloud backup without reset.
  • Supports to export 18 different types of data including messages, contacts, notes, photos, videos, call logs and third-party data from iPhone/iTunes backup/iCloud backup to the computer.
  • Merge the current data on your device with the data in your backup file during restoring.

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In order to transfer WeChat messages using this way, you need to backup your WeChat and then restore it. Here's how to use iMyFone iTransor to transfer your WeChat History to your new iPhone.

Step 1 鈥 Download iMyFone iTransor and install it. Run it now and select 'Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud'. Now, choose 'Back Up Device' tab.

choose backup device

Step 2 鈥 Connect your device to the PC and trust the computer to make the device recognizable. When the device is detected, click on 'Select One or More Data Type(s)' from the right column and then select 'WeChat'.

select one or more data

Step 3 鈥 After selecting the data type, hit on 'Back Up' button. The process of backup will begin now. Wait until you get notified about the completion.

 back up successfully

Step 4 鈥 Then go to the 'Restore Backup to Device' tab and choose the WeChat backup you just made and click聽Next.

 choose backup to restore

Step 5 鈥 Now, either choose 'Preview & Restore' or 'Directly Restore'.

 choose preview and restore

The 'Directly Restore' option will go directly to the final step. If you choose the first option 'Preview & Restore', you will be allowed to preview your WeChat data before restoring it.

preview wechat

Step 6 鈥 After you click 'Restore', the program will prompt you to choose between the two options which are 'Merge' and 'Replace'. As the options suggest, the former will lead to combining the selected data with the existing data, and the latter will replace your data in the device while restoring. After you choose an option, your WeChat will be transferred to the new device even it is running iOS 12.

 merge or replace

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