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How to Transfer Your Contacts to a New iPhone

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Francisco Spearman

September 29, 2017 (Updated: July 25, 2018)• Filed to: Backup & Restore iPhone

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Are you curious about how you might transfer your contacts from an old iPhone to a new iPhone (including the devices running iOS 12)? It's actually a fairly easy process and there are a few ways that you can do it.

First of all, you can use Apple's official methods to transfer your contacts, but keep in mind that these are often too troublesome involved. Transferring your contacts may seem like a simple task, but Apple kind of over-complicates things and doesn't allow you to transfer your contacts only—you have to sync everything else on your phone as well.

Method 1. Transfer Contacts to New iPhone Using iCloud

The first official Apple method that you can use to transfer your contacts is to use iCloud. iCloud is pretty easy to use in this regard. Here are the basic steps:

Step 1. Connect both your phones to your WIFI network.

Step 2. On the first phone, go to Settings > iCloud and make sure that “Contacts” is on your list of items that will be synced.

Step 3. Wait for your contacts to sync to the cloud, then go on your new IPhone and follow the same process of going to Settings > iCloud and setting your contacts to sync. After awhile (when it is done syncing), the contacts should show up on your new phone.

turn contact on

Method 2. Only Few Contacts Need to Be Transferred? Share Them!

If you only need to transfer a few contacts, then you can simply share them. This is actually very easy to do. Just follow these steps:

Step 1. On your first phone, go to one of the contacts that you want to transfer. Tap Share Contact.

Step 2. Now you will be asked to choose an app to share with. If your new phone is on the same WIFI network as your old one, you can use AirDrop. If not, you can send it through iMessage, WhatsApp, and so on.

share iphone contact

Method 3. Transfer Contacts to New iPhone by 3rd-Party Tool

There are also special tools that you can use to transfer your contacts easily to your new iPhone. They make the process a lot smoother and save you a lot of time. One of the best of these tools is iMyFone iTransor. It helps you transfer your contacts in just a few minutes with just a few clicks. Some of its features include:

iMyFone iTransor Backup & Restore Tool (iOS 12 Supported)

Key Features:

  • You can transfer all of your data to a new phone, or just Contacts, Messages, WhatsApp data, WeChat data.
  • You can make a full backup or partially backup such as Contacts, Messages, WhatsApp data and WeChat data of iPhone.
  • You can selectively restore data from iTunes/iCloud/iTransor backup to your iPhone and merge the data in backup with the data on your device.
  • It supports almost all iOS devices, such as iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 running on iOS 12/11/10/9/8, etc.
  • You can also use it to export 18+ types of data from iPhone or iTunes/iCloud backup files.

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How to Transfer Contacts to New Phone Using iTransor

To transfer your contacts using iTransor, you can simply follow these easy steps.

Backup the Contacts on Your Old iPhone:

Step 1 – Launch iMyFone iTransor and then choose 'Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud' option. Now click on 'Back Up Device' panel.

choose backup device

Step 2 – Subsequently, make connection between your device and PC via USB cord and choose the option 'Select One or More Data Type(s)' from the right column. Check the box next to Contacts and hit on 'Backup'.

select one or more data

Step 3 – Keep your iPhone connected with the computer and you will get informed that backup has been completed successfully after a short while.

 back up successfully

Transfer the Contacts to Your New iPhone:

Now you can restore the contacts backup you've just done to your new iPhone.

Step 1 – Open the program and click on 'Restore backup to Device'. A list of backup files will be on the screen now. You need to select the contact backup you just made with the help of iTransor. Hit on 'Next' after selecting the backup file.

 choose backup to restore

Step 2 – Now, on the screen below, make selection between 'Preview & Restore' and 'Directly Restore' options. If you don't want to preview the data you can just click 'Directly Restore'. It will go to the step 3.

 selectively restore

If you choose 'Preview & Restore', you will be able to preview the contacts before restoring.

 preview contacts

Step 3 – You will see two options from the pop-up window namely 'Merge' and 'Replace'. Choose according to your preference and transfer the contacts to your new iPhone.

merge or replace


Transferring your contacts doesn't have to be complicated. While it's simple enough to use iCloud, if you want to transfer just your contacts—or back them up onto your computer—it's probably best to use iMyFone iTransor which also supports iOS 12. This will allow you to selectively restore your backups and have more control over your data.

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