Everyone in the world has the right to privacy, hence why Apple provides the option to make encrypted backups. That means all of your data within the backup is safe and secure, which can only be accessed with a password. But, the question is, how do you then view an encrypted iTunes backup?

In this post, we will discuss two ways about how to view encrypted iTunes backups. Both of the 2 methods supports iTunes backups made for iPhone Xs running iOS 12 so you don't have to worry even if you use the latest device.

1. View Encrypted iTunes Backup by Restoring the Backup

The problem with making an iTunes backup, is that you can't actually view the data just by accessing the backup. It's not possible using Apple's methods. You have to fully restore the iTunes backup to an iOS device then you can view your encrypted data. If you're not sure how to do that, here's a guide about how to view iTunes backup that has been encrypted by restoring it to an iOS device:

  • Reach the Apps & Data screen on the iOS device first. Don't know how to reach it? Please click the post to know more.
  • Once you're on that screen, select Restore from iTunes Backup and hit Next.
  • At this point, connect your device to a computer and open up iTunes. Select your device from the menu.
  • Choose Restore Backup, and then find the encrypted backup by checking the data and size of the file. Once you've located the correct backup with the data you want, hit Restore.
  • Because it's an encrypted backup, you'll need to enter your password.
  • Wait till the process is completed and continue with the remained of the setup. It's best to keep your Wi-Fi enabled.

Restoring iTunes Backup

Disadvantages of this method

  • You'll need to own a spare device – or use a new one – because you'll have to go through the setup process to restore from iTunes. Plus, the restore will overwrite all of the current data, which isn't ideal if you already have important data you want to keep on the device.
  • If you want to just check certain types of data or several messages from the backup, this method requires far too much energy and time to complete. It will restore all the data and settings in the backup.

2. View Encrypted iTunes Backup on Computer Directly

Plenty of people ask the question – "Is it possible to restore an encrypted iTunes backup without doing a full restore?" The answer is yes. But, you'll need to use external software, and a great option is iMyFone iTransor. iMyFone iTransor. Here are some key features of it:

  • Export data from encrypted backups without restoring it.
  • View the data in both iTunes and iCloud backups before exporting to choose the data you need only.
  • The data exported from the encrypted backup will be saved as readable formats and you can view and use them in future.
  • The software can selectively back up and restore iOS devices, including SMS messages, WhatsApp, WeChat, and contacts.
  • The software supports to view encrypted iTunes backup no matter they were made for what iOS device model and iOS versions.

Windows version    Mac version

How to View Encrypted iTunes Backup without Restoring?

The wonderful aspect of iTransor is that it's extremely easy to use. But, here's a simple guide for you;

Step 1. Launch the software on your computer, connect your device, and select Export from Device & Backup on the left-hand side. Once you've clicked that, hit Export from Backup.


Step 2. The application will then bring up all the available backup files. Select the encrypted iTunes backup you want. Note that there is a little lock icon on the backup.

choose encrypted iTunes backup

Step 3. then click Next to enter your password for the encrypted iTunes backup. It will need a little time to unlock it.

enter password for encrypted itunes backup

Step 4. Then choose the data types you need to view and hit Scan. The software will start combing through the data.


Step 5. After scanning, you can view the data without paying any money.


Step 6. Choose which data you want to export and click Scan. The software will then extract all of that data and present it to you.


Disadvantages of this method

  • The software offers a free preview feature where users can check their data from an encrypted iTunes backup. But, it charges you if you want to export that data to a computer.
  • At the moment, iTransor supports more than 18 types of data, including WhatsApp, notes, messages and contacts. But, it doesn’t support data such as E-mails and music.

It’s important to remember that any encrypted backups require a password if you want to access the data. If you forget the password to an encrypted iTunes backup, you will not be able to retrieve the data. No Apple genius or third-party tool will be able to help you.

All in all, it depends on what you want to restore from your encrypted iTunes backup. If you’re happy with a full restore that overwrites all of your data, then the best approach is a direct restore from iTunes. But, if you don’t want any data loss and you wish to selectively restore certain pieces of data, then external software like iMyFone iTransor, is perfect. Download the free trial version to view your encrypted iTunes backup Now!

Windows version    Mac version