I was previously able to backup content to iCloud. Recently, I am unable to do so and find it difficult to find the accurate reason. Any another solution that could help me avoid such hassles?

Apple provides two common options to back up iPhone, iPad or iPod: iTunes or iCloud. In case of data loss, many iPhone users are used to backing up their iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, but sometimes they may find that iPhone won’t back up to iCloud and always getting error messages. Don’t fret, here are a few potential solutions to fix iPhone won’t backup to iCloud.

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Part 1. Reasons Why iPhone Won't Back Up to iCloud

There are quite a lot of explanations why an iPhone fails to create a backup to iCloud. As there are lots of reasons, we are providing you with the most commonly occurring reasons, which are:

  1. iCloud backup works only on Wi-Fi network
  2. You ran out of the provided 5GB space
  3. You have turned off the iCloud backup on settings

Part 2. Solutions to Fix iPhone Won’t Backup to iCloud

2.1 Reset All Settings on iPhone

Cruise to the Settings app, tap General and scroll down to choose Reset. Tap on Reset All Settings and confirm the action. After resetting, you can try to back up your iPhone to iCloud again.

reset all settings

2.2 Check iCloud Storage

Apple provides 5GB of free iCloud space. With the constant update, you might have run out of space. In such cases, you can delete unwanted backups or choose to purchase additional space depending on your requirements.

icloud storage

2.3 Log Out from iCloud and Log Back In

Logging out and logging back in can solve account issues pertaining to account verification. Head to iCloud, tap Sign Out and confirm to erase all the settings. Log back in using the same ID and password, and check for backing the iPhone.

sign out icloud

2.4 Restart Your Phone

Occasionally a simple reboot of the phone can solve the problem. Switch off the phone, wait for a few seconds, and switch it back on. Connect to Wi-Fi network and check if you are able to backup content to iCloud.

2.5 Make Sure iPhone is Connected to Wi-Fi

iCloud backup works only when the iPhone is on the local or home Wi-Fi network. Make sure you do the necessary connection setup.

2.6 Contact Apple Store

If none of the solutions suggested above are working, then it is time for you to visit the Apple service center. They might help you find the resolution and explain the reason for the cause too!

Part 3. iCloud Alternative: Fully or Partially Back Up iPhone

The other alternative through which you can wholly or partly create a backup of the iPhone is by using the iMyFone D-Port Pro Backup & Restore Toolsoftware. The program recognizes over 20+ file formats making it easy for you to backup any time of the content. You can further export data from several iOS devices in simple steps too! Pivotal factors include:

iMyFone D-Port Pro Backup & Restore Tool

Key Features:

  • Fully back up or export more than 20 types of data or only back up Messages, WhatsApp, or WeChat.
  • Easily restore the whole backup made by iTunes, iCloud, D-Port Pro itself or a partial backup (WeChat, WhatsApp, Message) to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • It is compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8 and all iOS versions (iOS 11 included)
  • It is safe to use. There is no risk of damage to either your device or the data on it when you use it.

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1. Creating a Full Back Up of iPhone

Step 1: Launch the program and from the left pane, choose “Back Up & Export from Device” feature. Click on the “Make a Full Backup” option. 

select make a full backup

Step 2: Press “Back Up” in next window. The program will start the process.

start backing up process

Step 3: After completing the process, it will show you the successful message on the screen. You can use the data to see the files, extract content, or restore to another device.

make a full backup

2. Create a Partial Backup of iPhone

With the help of iMyfone D-Port Pro, you further gain the ability to only create a partial backup of Messages, WhatsApp data, or WeChat Data. your iPhone. However, there is a limitation. You can only restore messages belonging to the standard text messaging services, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

Back Up Messages on iPhone

With iMyfone D-Port Pro, you possess the skill to back up messages.
Step 1: Launch the program and from the left side of the window, click on “Back Up & Export from Device” choice. Clicking it will open a new window to the right, where you will have to click “Back Up Messages” option.

back up message

Step 2: In the subsequent screen, click Back Up to proceed, then the program will start the backup process. Once it is complete, you can use the backup file to extract the content, the messages present in it, or export them to a new device with ease.

back up message

Restore Messages to iPhone

Step 1: Open the program. Pick a particular backup file and press Next.

restore backup to device

Step 2: If you like to continue with the process, click Next and D-Port will proceed with scanning for the messages. It will display the same after completion of the scan.

scan messages

Step 3: Preview the messages. Click Restore to initiate the process. The procedure will replace the existing messages in the device.

restore messages to iphone


As you saw, using iMyfone D-Port Pro is the quickest way to create, extract, and read files from backup files created by iTunes and iCloud in a few steps. Utilize the power offered and scale all the boundaries with ease. 

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