How to Put Backup on New iPhone X/iPhone 8?

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So you got your new iPhone X and paid a tremendous amount of money. That’s ok since it is indeed an amazing device. However, you don’t know how to put backup of your old iPhone to new your iPhone X or iPhone 8 even they are running iOS 12?

Here the article tells how to do this with 3 different methods. All 3 are great and you may use the one of the methods to ease your stress & frustration. Go on and find what can help.

Selectively Put Data in Backups on iPhone X/iPhone 8

Do you ever think about view WhatsApp or WeChat messages in iTunes or iCloud backup and want to put them into your new iPhone X/iPhone 8? Well, backing up & restoring messaging apps is a necessity nowadays, but it is a pity that iTunes and iCloud backup don’t support this feature. In the first method, we recommend iMyFone iTransor. This iPhone data & backup management software is from the critically acclaimed iMyFone that is extremely professional & useful in iPhone related software. See what the program can do for you:

iMyFone iTransor iPhone Backup and Restore Tool (iOS 12 Supported)

With iTransor, you can:

  • Back up and restore Contacts, messaging apps like WhatsAPp, Messages, WeChat separately. If you need, you can selectively restore only WhatsApp messages to new iPhone.
  • Put data selectively from different iTunes/iCloud backups on the new iPhone X/iPhone 8.
  • Make new backups for iPhone that will not overwrite previous backups (another feature that iTunes is lacking).
  • Back up your iPhone with no limit on storage no matter how much data you have on your iPhone, while iCloud only includes 5GB of free space.

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These reasons are why the iTransor should be one of your number 1 choices for backing up and managing your backup files. The following is how to put backup on new iPhone X/iPhone 8 via iMyFone iTransor in a glance.

(1) Simply connect your iPhone X/iPhone 8 to a PC/Mac and run iMyFone iTransor. Click Restore Backup to Device and you will see all the iTunes backups on your computer. Pick one and click Next to continue.


(2) Decide if you want to restore a partial or full backup. This is a great feature since sometimes you won’t need the full backup. Here we take Restore Partial Backup as example.


(3) You need to select the types of data you need to restore to your iPhone X/iPhone 8. If you want to preview the data in the backup, just click "Preview & Restore".


(4) After scanning, you can preview the data and confirm whether you want to restore it. If that's what you want to restore, click "Restore".


(5) Choose from the options "Merge" and "Replace". Then the program will start to restore the data.


    Note: While the above is how to selectively put iTunes backup on new iPhone X/iPhone, users can also restore iCloud backup on the new iPhone X/iPhone 8 using iMyFone iTransor. In similar steps, users just need to download their iCloud backup data via the software and then restore it with similar steps, but instead of selecting iTunes backup file, they need to download and select the iCloud backup file. The backups made for iOS 12 are also supported.

Put iCloud Backup on New iPhone X/iPhone 8

The second method to put your iCloud backup on your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 is to use Apple’s iCloud service. This method has its own limitations, but it will still do the job.

(1). Start your new iPhone X/iPhone 8. Follow the on-screen prompt and connect the Wi-Fi network.

(2). Follow the steps until you see the Apps & Data screen. Choose Restore from iCloud Backup.

(3). Fill in your iCloud account information and then choose an iCloud backup to restore.

(4). Stay connected and wait for the restore process to finish, then complete the rest of the onscreen setup steps.

restore icloud backup

Put iTunes Backup on New iPhone X/iPhone 8

This method requires connection to a computer/Mac with iTunes software installed. Like what we said above, you will have to put the whole backup on new iPhone, or you get nothing – You just cannot choose the data you need only.

(1). Connect your old iPhone to your Mac or Windows and open iTunes.

(2). Go to summary and then go to the “Backups”. Click Restore Backup… and make sure you stay connected and the process is finished completely.

(3). Wait for the process to finish. The time depends on how large is the backup.

restored iTunes backup

In the end, all methods have their own pros & cons, but iMyFone iTransor (compatible with iOS 12) offers a simpler and more versatile backup management and restore features. One thing is certain, following any of the methods here, you will be able to transfer the backup data from your old iPhone to your iPhone X/iPhone 8. Besides, don’t forget to freely back up your new iPhone X/iPhone 8 regularly with iTransor.

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