How to Restore iPhone from Different Backups

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What should I do? I lost my iPhone and bought a new one. I have backups (both iTunes and iCloud) for the old iPhone and of course I can restore the old backup to the new phone. However, the question is that can I restore iPhone from different backups? The WhatsApp data is in my iTunes backup, but my iCloud backup has the latest messages and contacts but no WhatsApp data because I have only 5GB free iCloud space! Does anyone know how to restore iPhone from different backups, especially different iTunes or iCloud backups?


1. Is That Possible to Restore iPhone from Different Backups?

Everyone knows that it's impossible to restore your iPhone from different backups, right? Well, using Apple's software, you can only restore from one backup at a time, and you can't even be selective about what data you restore.

Actually, it's not impossible! With the right software, you can restore iPhone from different backups, and do more. We will discuss how to do this in the following content.

The Tool You Will Need: iMyFone D-Port Pro

The tool you will need to restore from multiple backups is iMyFone D-Port Pro. This software lets you do almost anything with your backups, and it makes it a lot easier to extract the data that you need. With D-Port, you can:

Key Features:

  • Not only restore your iPhone from different iTunes and iCloud backups, but you can also restore some types of data from your iTunes backups and then restore other types from your iCloud backup. You can mix and match data all you want.
  • Restore specific types of data from your backups without affecting the other data on your iPhone. In other words, you don't have to be worried about overwriting your data.
  • Make separate backups for each of your apps if you want—for example, a backup that is made only of your message data, only of your WhatsApp data, or only of your WeChat data.
  • Restore data from backups made with the latest iPhones and versions of iOS, such as the iPhone X and the iPhone 8.

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2. How to Restore iPhone from Different iTunes Backups

You can restore data from different iTunes backups by just using the "Restore Partial Backup" function on D-Port Pro multiple times. Here's how to use it:

(1) Install and open up D-Port Pro on your computer, then connect your iPhone to it with your USB cable.

(2) Click Restore Backup to Device, then choose the backup that you want from the list and click Next.

choose to restore a full backup

(3) Click Restore Partial Backup.

select restore partial backup

(4) You will be presented with a list of data types. Choose the data type you want to restore from the iTunes backup, then click Next.

choose to restore partial backup

(5) You will now see specific data of that type listed on the screen. Select the data you want and click Restore.

preview data in backup

3. How to Restore iPhone from Different iCloud Backups

Restoring from iCloud is similar, but there are some extra steps.

(1) Open up D-Port Pro (with your device plugged in) and click Restore Backup to Device.

(2) At the bottom of the screen, click Download iCloud Backup, then log in with your iCloud ID and password.

log in your iCloud account

(3) Choose the backup and click Next to choose the data you need to restore from the iCloud backup. Then click Next to download it.

choose the types of data you need

(4) After downloading, you will see a preview of the data in the backup. Preview the data to confirm what data you would like to restore.

preview data in iCloud backup

(5) Click Restore and the software will restore the data.

successfully restore iCloud backup

Note: Restoring data from different iTunes backups and iCloud backups is same with the procedures above. You just need to restore certain data from one backup. After that, you can just choose another backup which includes other data you need to restore.

Restoring your iPhone from different backups has never been easier with iMyFone D-Port Pro. All you have to do is choose the backups that you need, choose the data types, and then restore the specific data that you want. With such simple steps and clear previews of your data, D-Port Pro gives you many more features than Apple's backup tools. You can even back up certain data on your iPhone with D-Port Pro free of charge. Just download and try this backup and restore tool!

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