"Hi, my WhatsApp keeps crashing. I’m thinking to uninstall it. But to avoid losing any data, I’will need to restore my iPhone from backup. Fortunately, I made a backup of my whole iPhone to iCloud earlier. I just wanted to ask if there’s a way to restore one app from iCloud, like WhatsApp. Restoring the whole iPhone will be a headache since it is a really large backup. So, please help me giving some suggestions! Thank you!"

Restore iPhone via iCloud requires really good network connection and the server should work well, or it will take forever to restore your iPhone and it is easily to get a failure. Therefore many people hope to restore an individual app from iCloud backup. Is it possible to do that? Yes, you can restore a single app from iCloud effortlessly. Here we are going to explain how you can do this with the simplest method.

1. Restore WhatsApp from iCloud

You can restore WhatsApp from iCloud if you have enabled the Auto Backup option before uninstalling the app. This is because, WhatsApp brings a feature of backing up WhatsApp chat to iCloud automatically so that whenever you will delete the app for any reason, you chat will be saved and you won’t suffer from any loss. Here is how to enable the feature: open "WhatsApp" and go to "Settings" > "Chats" > "Chats Backup" and turn "Auto Backup" on. You can choose to backup daily, weekly, or monthly.

WhatsApp aotu backup

After you uninstall WhatsApp and then reinstall it from the App Store. Go along the number verifying process and install it completely. As soon as you will get completed with this, you will come up with the option of "Restore Chat History". Just tap on it and the restoring process will begin. Within a while, your deleted data will be recovered and back to you. Please note if you give up to restore this time, you will not able to restore later.

restore WhatsApp from iCloud

2. Tool You'll Need to Restore One App from iCloud

One recommended tool you need to restore one app from iCloud is iMyFone iTransor. It is a tool specialized in backing up and restoring iOS data fully and partially. You can choose whether you want to restore your iPhone fully or only restore the data of a single app. This tool can also help in separate backup of contacts, WhatsApp, WeChat and messages, so you can also restore one app backup to your iOS device.

iPhone iTransor Backup & Restore Tool (iOS 12 Supported)

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Key Features:

  • Selectively restore an app or several apps from iCloud, iTunes iMyFone backup.
  • Restore contacts, WhatsApp, WeChat and messages without overwriting the other data on your device.
  • Extract 16+ types of data like contacts, messages, notes, photos, WeChat, Kik, Viber etc.
  • The program comes with full support to iOS 12 and newest iPhone models i.e. iPhone 8/8 Plus/X.

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2.1. Restore a Single App from iCloud using iMyFone iTransor

Here is how you can restore a single app from iCloud using iMyFone iTransor. Please note that, currently this tool only supports contacts, WhatsApp, WeChat and Messages. With the latest version, more types of files will be supported for partial restoring process. Let us learn the steps.

Step 1 – Open up the software after installation in your PC and from the main screen’s left panel, choose "Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud" option. Then select 'Download iCloud Backup'.

download icloud backup

Step 2 – You'll be asked to enter the Appld ID and password to log into the iCloud. Then select the most relevant iCloud backup from the backup list and click Next to download the selected iCloud backup.

select an icloud backup

Step 3 – When the iCloud backup has been downloaded successfully, go the the Restore Backup to Device mode and the select the iCloud backup from the backup list. Connect your device to your computer.

choose to restore a backup

Step 4 – After that you need choose 'Restore Full Backup' or 'Restore Partial Backup'. Since what you want is to restore one app from iCloud backup, just select 'Restore Partial Backup'.

choose to restore a backup

Step 5 – After that you need choose the data type that you want to restore, for example, Contacts, WhatsApp, WeChat and Messages.


Step 6 – After choosing the data you want to restore, tap on Preview & Restore or Directly Restore. The data types you chose at the previous step will be displayed on the screen after the selection of Preview & Restore.


Step 7 – You can preview the data. Once you confirm the data, you can click on "Merge & Replace or Fully Replace" to transfer the data to your device. Wait for a while until it finishes.


2.2. Additional Tip: Restore One App from iTunes Backup

After making you aware with how to restore an individual app from iCloud, we would also like to explain you how can you do the same from iTunes backup via iMyFone iTransor. Here is the guide.

Step 1 – Launch the program and click again on "Restore Backup to Device". You will get a list of backup files.

choose to restore a backup

Step 2 – Select the desired iTunes file and choose "Next". Now, click on "Restore Partial backup".

choose to restore a backup

Step 3 – Choose one file among Contacts, WhatsApp, WeChat and messages since the tool supports these fourin the current version (more apps will be supported in the next version). Click on "Preview & Restore or Directly Restore" after selecting and then the program will start to scan your iTunes backup.


Step 4 – Preview & Restore will allow you to preview it once scanning is done. Click on "Restore" lastly once you confirm that's what you want to restore. Then select Merge & Replace or Fully Replace according to your needs. That's all about it. Very easy to use, isn't it?


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It is clear that one can easily restore one app from iCloud backup. We provided you the best solution for this. Moreover, we offer the guide on restoring a particular app from iTunes backup. We hope that after reading this article, you will find it easy to restore an individual app from both iCloud and iTunes backup.