If you have got yourself a new iPhone, then you have two different ways to set it up and restore the content using iCloud. iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple that provides the chance to upload photos, videos, music files, applications, and other documents to the cloud. Actually, it is quite simple to set up new iPhone from iCloud, read ahead to get more ideas.

Part 1. Several Ways to Set Up a New iPhone

Setting up a new iPhone means that you are setting it right from scratch. It is for users who never used the iPhone before. An individual has the benefit to restore iPhone using a previous backup.

One can complete the action online using the iCloud service or use the iTunes backup with the help of USB. The process is for those who have a previous version of a backup file and are using it to restore the content onto a new device.

It is also possible to import data from other operating systems such as Windows Phone, Android, and Blackberry.

The other way is to use the manually created backup and restore it on the new device. You can create the manual backup by connecting to the Internet over the Wi-Fi and activating the Backup Now feature.

Part 2. How to Set Up New iPhone from iCloud?

1. Backup Old iPhone to iCloud

Automatically Backup iPhone to iCloud

The following information will be helpful in creating a backup of iPhone to iCloud. However, please take note that the backup includes purchased a content such as music, TV shows, applications, and books. Other categories include videos and photos in camera roll, device settings, application data, application organization and home screen settings, ring tones, messages, and more.

Step 1. Go to the 鈥淪ettings鈥 on the device and search for the iCloud feature.

Step 2. You will have to log in with your iCloud credentials to gain access.

Step 3. From the options that appear in the menu list in the iCloud category, tap Backup.

Step 4. Toggle iCloud Backup feature to activate automatic backup over the Wi-Fi Internet connection


Manually Backup iPhone to iCloud

Apart from the automatic creation of backup files, you can also create the backup file manually whenever you have the connection to the Internet over the Wi-Fi. All you have to do is, click on the Backup Now button that is available on the iCloud service, which you can gain access from the Settings application from the home screen.

2. Setup New iPhone from iCloud Backup

Setup New iPhone with iCloud

The following details will be helpful in setting up new iPhone using iCloud.

Step 1. Click Reset, which you can gain access from the Settings app from the home screen of the device.

Step 2. Once you complete resetting the device, the home screen will display 鈥淎pps & Data鈥 screen with a few options through which you can restore content. You can restore content from iCloud and iTunes.

Step 3. From the available options, choose 鈥淩estore from iCloud Backup鈥 choice.

Step 4. It will open the available backup list linked to your account. From the files, you can select the recent backup file and get started with the restoration procedure. If the account asks for credentials, input the same to begin continuing the process.

Step 5. You can check the storage option under iCloud service to see whether the operation was successful or not.

restore iphone via icloud

Setup New iPhone from iCloud Backup with iMyFone D-Port Pro

The procedure as mentioned above provides a good chance to create a backup file of an iPhone to iCloud. However, the disadvantage that the user will be facing is the non-availability of the preview of the content in a backup file.
It is here that iMyFone D-Port Pro arrives on the scene making things easier. With the help of it, the user can quickly choose the category for restoration, view the content as a preview, and select only the needed files for extraction.

iMyfone D-Port Pro

Key Features:

  • Back up 20+ types of data, including both of your iPhone鈥檚 built-in proprietary data and apps you installed from App Store, such as note, contacts, voice memos and WhatsApp.
  • Restore all data and settings of iPhone or selectively restore WhatsApp, contacts, Messages, WeChat Messages.
  • Free trial is available for you to try. Using the trial version to verify whether it can help you or not.

Try It FreeTry It Free

The steps mentioned here is the simplest way provided by the software to set up a new iPhone from iCloud.

Step 1. Log into the iCloud and then you will view several iCloud backup files in the account. Select the one that you want to restore and click Next to choose the data types. Then click Next to download the iCloud backup and scan the data in the backup.

log in icloud

Step 2. When the downloading and scanning has finished, this program will display the data in the backup for you to preview.

Step 3. When you confirm that everything is ok, click Restore to save them to the new device.

restore data from icloud to iphone


Given the quickest and easiest method to set up new iPhone from iCloud is iMyfone D-Port Pro, selecting it as the platform is the right choice for any Apple user.

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