Are you wondering about how to back up your SMS data and restore it on your iPhone? Do you want to specifically save your SMS on your computer or some external location to keep them safe? Do you want to avoid the hassle of having to back up all of your data together and just want to save your SMS messages? Let's look at some ways to do this:

Old Method to Backup and Restore iPhone SMS 鈥 iTunes/iCloud

The most obvious way to back up any kind of data on your iPhone鈥攊ncluding your SMS messages鈥攊s by using iTunes or iCloud to back up and restore your iPhone. There are a few shortcomings, though: back up iPhone with iCloud or iTunes

1) You can't selectively choose to back up and restore your SMS data only. You have to back up all the data on your phone.

2) Whenever you back up your iPhone using iTunes, it can overwrite previous backups that you might have made.

3) If you use iCloud, it only gives you 5 GB of free space, and you have to start paying after that. Since you can't just back up your SMS messages alone, and you have to back up your whole phone, it's very easy for you to go over the limit.

Better Method to Do SMS Backup and Restore on iPhone (iOS 12 Supported)

If you've never heard of iMyFone iTransor (previously named iMyFone D-Port Pro), it's an incredibly easy to use application that allows you to back up and restore the data on your iPhone. Unlike iTunes and iCloud, though, you can back up and restore data selectively if you need to. This means that you can choose to extract your SMS messages alone and you don't have to back up the rest of the data on your iPhone. Its features include:

Key Features:

  • Backing up iOS devices selectively or completely.
  • Previewing and retoring backups to either merge backup with iPhone data or replace iPhone data with backup.
  • Restoring backups as a whole or selectively (Contacts, Messages, WhatsApp and WeChat), it's all up to you.
  • Previewing and exporting your data from backups or directly from iOS devices.

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The following is the steps to backup and restore iPhone SMS without affecting other data in your backups and iPhone. The whole process is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Just check it:

How to Back Up SMS on iPhone

Here is how to back up your SMS messages on your iOS device using iTransor:

Step 1. Run the program and click the Back Up Device option on the Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud tab.

choose backup device

Step 2. Connect your device to the computer. After the program recognizes your device, select only Messages on the right side, and choose a location on your computer to save the backup file, and then click Back Up down below to continue.

choose backup data

Step 3. The program will start backing up messages in your device. This will take a while, and you can wait until it's finished, and go to the backup location to check the file.

backing up ios device

While you can use iCloud or iTunes to make whole backups of your device, if you want to just back up one kind of data only鈥攕uch as SMS messages鈥攖hen you will need to use more advanced software. iMyFone iTransor is a great SMS backup and restore app for iPhone that gives you the freedom to back up and restore your SMS messages selectively.

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