How Do You Transfer Apps to New iPhone?

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Are you curious about how to transfer apps to new iPhone? Are you not sure where to start? There are a few different methods that you can use to do this, some of which are officially promoted by Apple and some that make unofficial use of third-party apps to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone easier.

Use iTunes or iCloud to Transfer App Data to New iPhone

iTunes and iCloud are both free services from Apple which allow users to transfer apps to new iPhones. This is the “official” way of transferring your apps, and it works fairly well. There are directions on how to do this if you visit here: Transfer content from your previous iOS device to your new iPhone

Now, though they do work, iTunes and iCloud are not perfect. They have a few issues when it comes to being able to transfer apps to new iPhone:

1. You cannot selectively transfer apps. It’s basically all or nothing. You either transfer all of the data or you don’t.

2. It will affect the existing data that is on the device. This old data can be overwritten when the apps are added. If you want to keep your old data and transfer app data to new iPhone without losing the other apps, this can be a problem.

Just because the official Apple method has these flaws, though, doesn’t mean that there aren’t alternatives. You can use software that gives you more control and freedom over your apps, such as iMyFone D-Port Pro.

What is iMyFone D-Port Pro?

iMyFone D-Port Pro is software that allows you to back up your data and restore it however you want. You can back up only some of your data on iPhone, or all of it. Similarly, you can selectively choose some data to restore from your back up, you can just restore all of it.

It gives you a lot more freedom than iTunes or iCloud does, and it makes the processes of transferring apps between iPhones a snap.

Now, remember that restoring iPhone to factory settings using your computer will erase all of the data on your iPhone. Since a lot of users want to naturally avoid this at all costs, let's take a look at a better way to restore iPhone from computer without having to lose any of your data by iMyFone D-Port Pro.

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How to Selectively Transfer Apps to New iPhone With D-Port Pro

Here are the steps to transfer app data to new iPhone using D-Port Pro. There are two major parts to finish this process. First you're going to need to back up the data from your old iPhone.

Back Up Your Old iPhone's Apps:

(1) Download and install D-Port Pro, and then connect your old iPhone to your computer and launch D-Port..

(2) In D-Port, click Backup & Export From Device on the left part of the screen.

make a full backup

(3) Click Make Full Backup.

start the backup process

(4) Click Back Up. The software will now begin the process of backing your iPhone up, including the apps and settings. Don't disconnect your iPhone until this is done.

made a full backup

There's a variation on this method as well. Instead of making a full backup, you can separately back up the app you need, by clicking Back Up WhatsApp, Back Up WeChat, etc, instead of Make Full Backup.

Now, for the next part, you can selectively restore your apps to the new iPhone like this:

(1) Disconnect your old phone and connect your new iPhone.

(2) On the left part of the screen in D-Port Pro, click Restore Backup to Device and then choose the backup you made for your old iPhone.

choose a backup to restore

(3) Click Restore Partial Backup, and then click Next. The program will show you what you can selectively restore from the backup you choose. You can choose only one, or all of them and then click Next to continue.

Note: iMyFone D-Port Pro woll support more types of data in the following updates.

choose to restore a partial backup

(4) The software will begin scanning the backup for different data types. After that, you can preview and choose which apps you want to restore.

start to restore a partial backup

(5) Click Restore. Don't disconnect your device while it's restoring.

As you can see, transferring your apps to your new phone is not difficult at all, though there can be some limitations if you use iCloud or iTunes. Instead, try using iMyFone D-Port Pro. It gives you control over your data and lets you partially restore backups to save you space and time.

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