Hi there! How do I transfer everything to my new iPhone 12? Actually, I'm planing to finally get myself a new phone once iPhone 12 comes out and I'm pretty excited to get all my stuff transferred from my old iPhone 8. Please let me know the easiest way to get this done without any data loss.

Getting a new iPhone and wanting to transfer your data from your old one? Wondering how to share your files with a friend's iPhone? Simply owning two iPhones and wanting to send data from one iPhone to the other? We understand all the situations when you want to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone.

You must have looked through many articles or posts on methods to transfer data from one iPhone to another. How do you do it efficiently, though? Should you use iCloud, iTunes/Finder, or is there a better way? Let's explore this below:

Things You Should Know Before Transferring Data from iPhone to iPhone

For your knowledge, the fastest way to transfer data from one iPhone to another is the Quick Start feature offered by Apple, which allows you to migrate your iPhone within minutes. The only two requirements are that both your iPhones are using iOS 11 or later and that you turn on the Bluetooth and put them close to each other. The Quick Start screen will automatically appear and then you can follow the easy steps to use your Apple ID to set up your new device.

When your iPhones do not meet the requirements or when the Quick Start simply fails, there are still several ways for you. The two most obvious methods for transferring data from one iPhone to another are using iCloud or iTunes/Finder. For both of these methods, the steps are similar. First, you back up one of the iPhones, and then you simply restore that backup to the second iPhone. This is fairly easy, but there are also certain restrictions that come with these 'official' methods (which we'll discuss more below). Another third-party method is the most recommended one, so we put it at the beginning of the article. You can check the difference of these three methods at the end of the article.

Selectively Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone Using iMyFone iTransor [Recommended]

One of the best methods to transfer data from one iPhone to another safely and efficiently is with a tool called iMyFone iTransor. This application allows you to back up data from one iPhone and save it anywhere you like, as well as easily restore it to another iPhone.

Why Choose iMyFone iTransor Instead of iCloud or iTunes/Finder?

There are many reasons why iMyFone iTransor is more flexible than iTunes or iCloud:

  • You can selectively back up data on iPhone, as well as selectively restore iPhone from backup. This allows you to back up only what you need. You can't do this with iTunes and iCloud; they can only create and restore whole backups.
  • You can back up data from third-party apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and so on. iTunes and iCloud cannot do this.
  • You can extract and restore specific files from a whole backup.
  • You don't need to manually factory reset the iPhone which you are transferring data to, which will be required if you use iTunes or iCloud to transfer data to an iPhone that has been set up.

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How to Transfer iPhone to iPhone Using iMyFone iTransor?

In order to use iMyFone iTransor to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone, you'll need to go through this simple process. First, you need to back up the data using iTransor, and then you can restore it to the new iPhone.

Step 1.Make a backup of the first iPhone

  • Install the program on your computer and launch it.
  • Click Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud, then click Back Up Device.


  • The program will show you what you should notify. Click Make a Full Backup and the program will back up all the data and settings on iPhone. You can also choose to Select One or More Data Type(s) to make a partial backup of your iPhone.


  • Click Back Up and iTransor will tell you when the backup process is completed.
  • Next, you just need to restore the backup to another iPhone.

Step 2.Restore the Backup to Another iPhone

  • Launch iTransor, and when you see the main screen, click Restore Backup to Device.
  • Choose a backup from the list. These can be iTransor backups, iCloud backups, or iTunes/Finder backups.


  • Choose to Restore Full Backup or Restore Partial Backup. After this, connect your iPhone to your computer.


  • Wait until your device connects. After that, click Restore, then select Preview & Restore or Directly Restore. And soon the software will automatically begin restoring the device. Do not disconnect your device while it is being restored.

Note that after a full restore, your data on the second iPhone will be completely overwritten.

Now, let's take a closer look at how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud and iTunes/Finder:

Transfer Everything from iPhone to iPhone Using iTunes/Finder

One way to transfer data between iPhones is by simply using iTunes. This is probably one of the most popular methods, even though it's not the best one. Here is how you do it:

  • Connect the first iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes or Finder (on the macOS Catalina).
  • Go to the Help menu and check for updates. If there is one, then install it first.
  • Click on your device icon.
  • Click Back Up Now on the summary page for your device.
  • Wait until it is done backing up. You can check to make sure it backed up correctly by going to iTunes Preferences > Devices. There will be a list of devices as well as when they were backed up. Look for yours.
  • Next, turn on the second iPhone until you get to the Hello screen (if it's a new iPhone). Press the Home button and follow the directions until you get to the Apps & Data screen.
  • Tap Restore from iTunes Backup and then tap Next.
  • Plug the iPhone into your computer.
  • Open up iTunes, then click on your device icon.
  • In the summary page, click Restore Backup…
  • Pick a backup to restore from, then wait for the backup to restore. After that is done, you can proceed with the setup process on the second iPhone.

restore iTunes backup

As you can see, this basically consists of backing up one iPhone and then restoring the backup to the other, just like the iCloud method.

Transfer Everything from iPhone to iPhone Using iCloud

Transferring files from one iPhone to another using iCloud is fairly straightforward. Here is how you do it:

  • First, sign out of all of your accounts and unpair any devices from your first iPhone (the one you're transferring the data from), such as your Apple Watch.
  • Make sure that the first iPhone is also connected to a strong WiFi network.
  • On your phone, go to Settings > [The Name on Your Account] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. Turn iCloud Backup on at this time by tapping the slider.
  • Your phone will now attempt to back itself up to iCloud. Wait the first iPhone to finish the backup.
  • Turn on the second iPhone. Assuming, it's new, it should have an introductory Hello screen.
  • Just press the Home button and follow the on-screen instructions until you are asked to join a WiFi network. Join your network, and then continue following the instructions.
  • When you are at the Apps & Data screen, notice where it says Restore from iCloud Backup. Tap that, then hit Next.
  • You will be asked to sign in. Do so with your Apple ID and password.
  • From the list, choose which backup you want to transfer data from it (probably the latest one).
  • Now wait until the backup is restored. After this is done, you can continue your setup normally by following the instructions on the screen.

restore iCloud backup

In addition, if you are connected to WiFi, then your iPhone should sync with iCloud and automatically download all of the media that you own.

A Comparison of the 3 Methods Mentioned

Here we provide you a detailed comparison of the 3 methods we've mentioned in the article.

Features iMyFone iTransor iTunes/Finder iCloud
Transfer the Source iPhone Data Entirely yes yes yes
Transfer Only Contacts yes yes no
Transfer Only WhatsApp yes no no
Transfer Only WeChat yes no no
Transfer Only Messages/iMessages yes no no
Transfer Contacts, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Messages yes no no
Set up the Target iPhone Automatically yes no no

Transferring data from one iPhone to another is actually very simple. You can do it using iCloud or iTunes/Finder, but if you are a tech novice, or if you need to save time by selectively choosing the files that you want to transfer, or when you encounter problems during using iCloud and iTunes/Finder, you can use iMyFone iTransor to transfer data between iPhones.

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