After using your current iOS device for a while, you may decide that you want to acquire a new one. If you had been using iCloud to back up your data on old iPhone, you would want to transfer this data to the new device. But how iCloud transfer to new phone can be done? We will show you how to transfer the whole iCloud backup or only partial data of it to new iPhone in this article. Please note that these ways work even if you use the latest iOS 14 version on your device.

1. How to Completely Transfer iCloud to New Phone?

By following the steps below, you should be able to transfer your iCloud completely to your new device:

  • Step 1: Turn your new device on. A "Hello" screen should appear. If your device is already set up, you will need to erase it for the steps we have outlined below to work. You may need to know how to backup then erase data on iPhone.
  • Step 2: Follow the onscreen steps to the Wi-Fi screen.
  • Step 3: Click a Wi-Fi network to join. Again, follow the onscreen steps to the Apps & Data Screen. Click Restore from iCloud Backup.
  • Step 4: Using your Apple ID and password, sign into iCloud.
  • Step 5: Choose a backup to restore. Check the date and size of the backup to make sure it is the correct backup.
  • Step 6: Stay connected to the internet for the restoration process to finish and then complete the setup process. For content like photos, apps, and music to be downloaded, you will need to plug your iPhone into power and also keep it connected to the internet after the setup.

completely transfer iCloud data to iPhone

2. Transfer Contacts, Notes, Safari from iCloud to New Phone

It is possible to transfer your contacts, Safari data, reminders, and more from iCloud to your new iPhone. This can be done through syncing. We will discuss how to sync contacts using iCloud to transfer to new phone. Just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open Settings, tap [your name] and click iCloud. For iOS 10.2 and below, open Settings and click iCloud.
  • Step 2: Toggle on Contacts under iCloud. In the confirmation box that appears, tap Merge.

transfer contacts from iCloud to iPhone by syncing

For syncing other data types, you can use steps similar to the ones we have listed above.

The two methods we have outlined above will help you to transfer iCloud to new phone. However, they are not perfect. When using the first method, you will have to transfer all the data available in iCloud or nothing. You cannot transfer just the data you need. While using the second method, you only get to sync limited data types which iCloud supports. As an iPhone user, you will want to transfer more data such as WhatsApp and text messages which are more important. Sometimes, you may want to transfer the data selectively.

So, is there a way to transfer what you need from iCloud to your new iPhone? Let's find out.

3. How to Selectively Transfer iCloud to New Phone?

The best tool you can use to transfer iCloud to your new phone selectively is iMyFone D-Port Pro. As a expert to transfer iOS data, this tool supports all iOS devices including iPhone 8/8 plus, and iPhone X running iOS 14/13. The features you get in iMyFone D-Port Pro include:

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How to Selectively Transfer iCloud to New Phone with iMyFone D-Port Pro?

The steps below should help you transfer your data from iCloud to your new iOS device in iOS 14 using iMyFone D-Port Pro:

Step 1: Launch iMyFone D-Port Pro and tap Restore Backup to Device. You can find all the iTunes backups on the computer. In view of you wish to get iCloud transfer to new phone, just click Download iCloud Backup.

choose to restore a full backup

Step 2: Use the credentials to log into your iCloud account. It is necessary to stress that your privacy is 100% secure and the program won't keep any of your account information.

log in your iCloud account

Step 3: Choose a backup from your iCloud account and then tap Next. Select the data type(s) you want to transfer. Tap Next again to download the backup data. Please note that iMyFone D-Port Pro will support more types of data in the following updates.

choose to restore partial backup

Step 4: After downloading, you can preview your data to confirm they are what you need. Tap Restore to connect the new device to your computer and then transfer this data to your new iPhone.

preview data in iCloud backup

Step 5: Wait until the transfer is complete.

Now you get 3 ways about how to transfer iCloud to new phone. Using the conventional methods listed in the first part of this article is not ideal. These methods have numerous limits. For example, transferring data selectively is not possible. Fortunately you can use iMyFone D-Port Pro to transfer your data from iCloud to new iPhone without limits. The tool works with all iOS devices and iOS versions, including iOS 14. You want to try the program? Just download its free trial version to learn more.

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