Hi. My iPhone's screen no longer works. I never turned on iCloud, and my dad just ordered a new phone for me. My question is, how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud? If you can please help me, it'd be appreciated. Thank you!

The question above is one of the most common inquiries of users when you get a new iPhone. Firstly you may ask, is it even possible to transfer photos between two iPhones without iCloud? The answer is YES. While iCloud is a convenient way to transfer data, there are also other methods to transfer photos without it and we will discuss them in the article. Works for iOS 12 and earlier versions, these methods will help.

1. Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone via AirDrop

Before transferring photos between iPhones with AirDrop, there are some important notes you should pay attention to:

  • To enable AirDrop, you need to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on, and personal Hotspot should be off.
  • Sender and receiver should be nearby and within Wi-Fi and Bluetooth range.
  • You can set your Airdrop receiving options at Settings > General > Airdrop.
  • AirDrop receiving setting should be set accordingly - either "Contacts Only" (if sender is a contact) or "Everyone" if not in order to receive the file.

The following are the steps telling how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone no iCloud via AirDrop:


1, Find the content you want to share and select the items you want to share. For devices running on iOS 10 or later you can share the links to apps with Airdrops by pressing and holding the app icon on the home screen.

2, Tap Share or the Upload icon.

3, Select the user you want to share your content with.

1, If sender successfully shares content, the receiver will be alerted and asked to Accept or Decline.

2, By selecting Accept, shared content will be downloaded to the receiver's device (e.g. photos to Photos App, app links to App Store).

2. Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone via iTunes

iTunes is another service from Apple you can ask help to if you need to send photos from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud. Follow the steps:

  • Open iTunes and connect your old iPhone.
  • In the iTunes window, click on the iPhone device icon.
  • Select This Computer > Back Up Now. This will prompt backing up of old iPhone to the computer including the photos.

back up photos with iTunes

  • Then disconnect the old iPhone and re-connect the new iPhone to the computer.
  • Click the iPhone device button.
  • Select Photos > tick Sync Photos > Sync.
  • This will prompt for the photos to be transferred to the new iPhone.

3. Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone by iMyFone iTransor

If what you need is not only to transfer photos, for example, you need to know how to transfer photos and contacts from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud, then iMyFone iTransor can help. As an expert tool to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, it has the capability to selectively back up and restore iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Some of its unique features are:

  • It has the ability to select data (contacts, messages, WhatsApp or WeChat) you want to transfer from old iOS device to another one.
  • You can view the data to before restoring to confirm they are what you need.
  • It can selectively export data from iPhone/iTunes backups/iCloud backups to computer so that you can utilize the data without limitation – and this is what iTunes or iCloud cannot do for you.
  • It can back up your data for security totally for FREE.
  • The transfer is available across all iOS versions even from older version of iOS to iOS 12.

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Steps to Transferring Photos from iPhone to iPhone using iTransor

If you want to transfer photos from one iPhone to another using iTransor, there are two major steps:

Back up the data from old iPhone
  • Download iTransor and launch the program.
  • From the left panel, select "Acquire Backup from Device & Cloud" and then on the main panel select "Back Up Device".
  • Connect the old iPhone until your device is recognized. Select Make a Full Backup. You will also be able to select the location of backup files.
  • Click "Back Up" to start the process. If the process is successful, you will be notified and this backup will serve be used for the second major step below.


Restore the backup to another iPhone in order to transfer photos
  • From the Restore Backup to Device tab, select the backup made just now and choose Restore Full Backup.
  • Connect the new device to the PC. Select Preview and Restore and you can see the photos before restoration.
  • After previewing the selected data, click Restore and choose Merge & Replace. Then iTransor will start to transfer data, including photos.
  • After the restoration, you can now view the photos on you're the new iPhone.


Tada! Now you know how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud. But how you should do if you users need to transfer certain types of data from old iPhone to new one? iTransor can easily transfer only WhatsApp, WeChat, contacts, messages from iPhone to iPhone and we will discuss it in the following part.

4. Selectively Transfer Data between iPhones without iCloud

One unique feature of iTransor is the easy transfer of data from certain applications. Some of these applications include WhatsApp, WeChat, contacts and messages. The process is the same as transferring the photos from iPhone to iPhone, but you need to choose Restore Partial Backup and as you can see in the screenshot below, you can choose the data type you need when you want to restore:


For now iTransor only supports to separately transfer these 4 types of data but it certainly will support more types in the future, such as photos, notes, voice memos and other 3rd-party SNS apps.

Transferring photos from one iPhone to another without iCloud can be tricky and hassle but with AirDrop and iTunes or  iTransor, it can be easy. Besides, if you want to selectively transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, iMyFone iTransor is the most suitable application for you. It not only supports to transfer certain apps, but the transfer process is also simple, and without data loss. Give it a try!

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