4 Ways to Transfer WhatsApp to New iPhone 8 / iPhone X With Ease

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Due to the advent of the latest technology communication has become ease beyond boundaries. WhatsApp has gradually been a creative innovation for the present generation. It is one of the best platform to make a chat with your friends, business colleagues, family members etc at anytime and anywhere without any constraints. You can share videos, picture, messages etc and send your emotions right at that moment. Is it possible to transfer WhatsApp to your new device along with the chat history? Yes of course it is feasible with the help of iCloud platform. Here in this article we are going to discuss four different ways to transfer WhatsApp to your new iPhone along with the chat history.

Way 1. Transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone via WhatsApp

Let me discuss the steps involved in transferring the WhatsApp to your new device with the help of the features in WhatsApp. 

Step 1:  First, go to the WhatsApp settings and ensure you have made a backup of your chat history. In the WhatsApp settings go to the chat option followed by chat backups. You will be able to witness the last backup process performed by this App.

Step 2:  Now you can delete the WhatsApp from your iPhone. Just hold the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds. You can view an X symbol indicating the delete option. Move the icon towards the X symbol and the WhatsApp gets deleted automatically. All the related files will be completely removed from this device. The application gets uninstalled after this process.

Step 3: Take your new iPhone and try to install the WhatsApp from the store. Accept the terms and conditions to enhance the installation process. Launch this application after allowing the notification process b y enabling the push notification option.

Step 4: You have to verify your phone number along with the location details to complete the installation process. After the validation process click the restore chat history options to initiate the restoration

Step 5: The messages get restored to its original location and now you can view all the messages in the WhatsApp in your new iPhone.

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Way 2. Transfer WhatsApp to New iPhone from iTunes Backup

Let us make use of iTunes Backup platform to transfer the WhatsApp application to your new iPhone. Surf through the below steps for a successful transfer.

Step 1:  Initially connect your old iPhone with your computer to carry out this transfer process.

Step 2:  Open the iTunes application in order to initiate the backup process. Go to files from the iTunes application then navigate to devices followed by the backup option. Select the backup option to begin the back up your iPhone with iTunes.

back up iPhone to iTunes

Step 3: Now turn on your new iPhone and connect it to your computer.

Step 4: Open the iTunes platform and you will be immediately prompted to select the restore from iTunes backup option.

Step 5: The WhatsApp chat history along with the applications get transferred from the old iPhone to the new one within few minutes.

Step 6: Now turn on the WhatsApp application in your new iPhone then Login using your phone number.

Step 7: During the set up process you will be prompted to restore the previous chats. You have to select OK option to get back the chat history to its original location.

restore using itunes

Way 3. Transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone from iCloud Backup

You can make use of iCloud backup platform to transfer WhatsApp from your old iPhone to new iPhone. Follow the below steps for a successful transfer.

Step 1:  Connect your old iPhone with a quality Wi-Fi source for uninterrupted network connection

Step 2:  Based on your iOS version you can choose the iCloud app from the settings and then select ‘backup’ or ‘storage and backup’ option from the displayed list. Else you can also login to the iCloud platform with the help of Apple Id credentials to access the data.

Step 3:  Select the back up now option to begin the transfer process. Wait for some time until all the related files get transferred. It might take long time. Have patient until the entire process get completed.

Step 4: A backup folder will be created at settings > iCloud > Storage > manage storage. The folder comprises of date and size.

Step 5: Switch on the new iPhone and select ‘restore’ from ‘iCloud backup’ option which you have created just now using your old iPhone. All the data get restored to its original location

Step 6: Now try to install WhatsApp and you will be able to witness all your conversations in your new iPhone.

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Cons of Restoring from iTunes/iCloud Backup

It is not highly recommendable to make use of the above discussed techniques to restore data in your iPhone because the data may not be safe and you might witness redundant data. You have to make use of updated iOS version to complete the transfer process successfully.

Way 4. Selectively Transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone

It is really an easy task to transfer WhatsApp with the help of iMyFone D-Port Pro. It is a reliable application to back up and restore your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Unlike iTunes and iCloud, you can selectively restore data to your device without affecting other data.

iMyFone D-Port Pro

Key Features:

  • You can restore a full backup or only selectively restore Messages, WhatsApp data and WeChat data to your iPhone without any data loss
  • You can create a full backup and only back up specific data selectively (such as just your whatsApp messages).
  • Export 18 types of data from your iPhone/iTunes/iCloud backup to computer.

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Download and launch iMyFone D-Port Pro,

choose "Restore Backup to Device" and select "Restore Partial Backup"

Step 1: Select the WhatsApp backup option from your new iPhone in the iMyFone D-Port Pro platform. Click next and proceed. .

Restore Partial Backup

Step 2:  Click the next option and trigger the scanning process of the WhatsApp data. You will be given a preview of the data to be restored. Just verify the data that you are in need.

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Step 3: Select the ‘restore’ button to begin the transfer process. Now the WhatsApp data get automatically transferred to your new device. Now you will be able to view the data in your new device

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It is a wise practice to make use of iMyFone D-Port Pro to transfer the data. It is a safe mode and it protects the data from unwanted leakages. Moreover you can transfer selective or complete data without any redundancy.

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