Why Won’t My iPhone Backup to iCloud? Here Is the Fix

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“Since two days ago, whenever I try to backup my iPhone running iOS 11, an error is constantly coming which says that iCoud backup could not be completed. Is there any solution, please help? I want to know why my iPhone won’t backup to iCloud”

The data in our iPhone is very important to us and we usually keep them safe by making a backup of it. After all, we can’t afford its loss. Usually, people use iCloud for this purpose since this work conveniently without computer. However, many users reported unexpected issues while doing iCloud backup. There could be many possible reasons behind the problem. Through this article, we will show you what to do if iCloud backup failed, and yes we will give you an alternative as well to back up your iPhone without hassle.

1. Why Won’t My iPhone Backup to iCloud

1.1. Network Problem

It should be noted that iCloud demands a Wi-Fi connection in order to backup iPhone smoothly. If your iCloud backup failed, perhaps there’s a network issue and you need to check. Therefore, ensure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi. For this, you are required to:

  • Open “Settings” and select “Wi-Fi” showing on the top.
  • Choose the network you are going to connect your device with.
  • You will be prompt to enter the password. Type it and tap the “Join” button on the right hand corner upside.

connect to wifi

Another thing you can do to solve the issue is to reset your network setting. For this, follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, go to “Settings” and choose “General” from the options.
  • Go to “Reset” followed by “Reset Network Settings”.

Reset Network Settings

Now your network settings will be reset. When you are done with these troubleshooting steps, try to backup once again with iClouds. If the problem still persists, you can try another fix given in the next section.

1.2. iCloud Server Problem

iCloud server problem can be another reason why your iPhone won't backup to iCloud. You need to wait for a while if there is some server problem. Then sign out and then again sign in to iCloud to see if iCloud backup still fails. Follow the steps below:

  • Head to “Settings” and go to “iCloud” by scrolling down.
  • Tap on it and then scroll down and tap on “Sign Out”.
  • Verify that you allow erasing all settings and then you will automatically be signed out.
  • You will now reach the sign-in page of iCloud. Type in the username and password of iCloud and go behind the instructions. After signing in, attempt to backup once more using iCloud.

Sign Out iCloud

1.3. Not Enough iCloud Storage

Lack of iCloud storage can also be the reason why your iPhone won’t backup to iCloud. At this moment, try to examine the iCloud storage available in your device. The steps are:

  • Start with “Settings” and go to “iCloud” option.
  • There, select “Storage” noticeable on the top.
  • Now you will get to see the present storage in iCloud. If there’s no space, this is what causes that iCloud backup could not be completed . Also, you can go to “Manage Storage” in order to examine what’s eating up space.

check iCloud Storage

2. Use D-Port Pro to Flexibly Back Up Your iPhone

If you are still facing the situation where your iPhone won’t backup to iCloud, using iMyFone D-Port Pro (compatible with iOS 11) is considered as the most recommended way to backup iPhone. It is a backup and restore tool which is designed for the users to backup or restore partially or whole data in the device. Also, it can be said as a good alternative to iCloud in order to backup data.

iMyFone D-Port Pro iPhone Backup and Restore Tool

Key Features:

  • The program is able to make different backups without overwriting the previous backup.
  • The program allows users to do backup at anytime they want.
  • The best thing is that users can choose to backup their iPhone fully or only backup WhatsApp, Messages or WeChat data.
  • It can also restore iPhone flexibly from the backup made by iTunes, iCloud or D-Port Pro, for example, contacts, messages, WhatsApp data, and WeChat history. More data types will be added in the future.
  • It supports all iOS versions (iOS 11 included) and iOS devices.

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2.1. Make a Full Backup without Overwriting the Previous Backup

iMyFone D-Port Pro can make a full backup of iPhone which run various iOS versions including iOS 11. Unlike iTunes, it will keep all the backup files and will not overwrite the previous backup you did before. You can also restore the full backup or only partial backup of it to your iPhone if necessary. For example, you can restore only messages, contacts, Wechar data or WhatsApp messages to your iPhone. Here are the steps to make a complete backup of your iPhone.

Step 1 – Select “Backup & Export from Device”

Start with downloading the program and installing it. When this is done, launch it on your PC. After this, use a USB cable to connect your iPhone and computer. Subsequently, select “Backup & Export from Device” and then hit “Make a Full Backup”.

make a full backup of iOS device

Step 2 – Start to Back up

From the next interface, click on “Back Up” and wait for the process to initiate.

Start to Back up

Step 3 – Finish Backing up iPhone

The previous step will begin to backup your device fully. Wait for the notification to come to tell you are done. Also, make sure the device keeps connected for the whole process.

succesfully back up device

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2.2. Backup Messages/WeChat/WhatsApp Separately on iPhone 

You can also selective backup Messages, WeChat, or WhatsApp data instead of the whole data on your iPhone. Now, this section will provide you the steps for backup data separately. We will show you Messages backup process.

Step 1 – Choose Back Up Messages

Download iMyFone D-Port Pro and install it. Launch subsequently and connect your device to the computer using a USB cable. Then Choose "Back Up & Export from Device" from the left panel and click "Back Up Messages".

back up messages

Step 2 – Start to Backup Messages

After that, click on “Back Up” on the next screen.

backing up messages

Step 3 – Finish the Process

Now, make sure to keep the device connected with the computer throughout the process. When the process gets complete, you will get the notification.

succesfully back up messages

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It happened a lot to many iPhone users that iPhone won't backup to iCloud. But since backup is one of the essential things that we do daily, it becomes important to switch to an alternative iMyFone D-Port Pro (iOS 11 supported) when such kind of issue occurs. We listed some of the common reasons why iPhone won’t backup to iCloud and explain to you what to do if iCloud backup could not be completed. And hopefully, you will not be worried when your iCloud backup failed.

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