When You Need to Bypass Activation Lock?

There are several situations in our daily life that can lead to an Activation Lock, such as buying a second-hand iPhone, forgetting an Apple ID password, etc. iMyFone iBypasser can help you bypass iCloud activation lock without password.
Forgot Activation Lock Password

Forgot Activation Lock Password

If you forget your Apple ID account or password, you will not be able to unlock the iCloud activation lock.

Cannot Activate Second-Hand iPhone

Did you buy a used iPhone with iCloud locked? iMyFone iBypasser can get rid of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch activation locks without the previous owner.

Cannot Activate Second-Hand iPhone
Reset without Logging Out Apple ID

Reset without Logging Out Apple ID

If you factory reset your device without signing out of iCloud, the Activation Lock may appear and require an Apple ID to activate.

Apple ID be Hacked

Your Apple ID could be hacked without you knowing, or the Find My [Device] feature could be turned on with an unknown Apple ID logged in. Say No to hackers!

Apple ID be Hacked
Cannot Turn Off FMI

Cannot Turn Off FMI

You can enter the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, but don't know the password of Apple ID account? iMyFone iBypasser can also help you turn off FMI.

How Do We Help You Bypass iCloud Activation Lock?

No matter what kind of activation error you're experiencing, iMyFone iBypasser can bypass activation lock on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without technical requirements. After Activation Lock removal, you'll be able to access your device and use it.

  • Bypass activation lock and enter your device.
  • Use a new Apple ID on your device.
  • iDevice won't be tracked by the previous Apple ID.
  • iDevice won't be remotely blocked or erased by the previous Apple ID user.
Activation Lock


Why You Must Choose iMyFone iBypasser?

  • Renew Your Devices at Home

    Renew Your Devices at Home

  • Renew Your Devices at Home

    Much Lower Cost than Apple Store

  • Renew Your Devices at Home

    No Technical Requirements

  • Renew Your Devices at Home

    Free Lifetime Updates

Bypass iPhone/iPad/iPod touch in Just 3 Steps!

Anyone can operate this tool to bypass iCloud activation lock and turn off Find My [device] without any hassle. It is easy to use with the highest success rate and efficiency.

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    Select Mode

  • 2

    Install Jailbreak

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Media Awards and User Comments

Media Awards

In case you're wondering how to bypass the activation lock, that's where iMyFone iBypasser comes in. It can help in case you got your hands on a second-hand iPhone that's locked to the old uers. Or, perhaps you reset the device and forgot the activation lock password for your own phone.

Media Awards

se recebermos de forma legitima o seu smartphone de um amigo ou membro da família e se esta estiver bloqueado? Para grandes males, grandes remédios e o iMyFone iBypasser iPhone Activation Lock Removal vai ser fundamental.

Users Say

When I was trying to factory reset my iPhone 7 with iTunes, the iCloud activation lock poped up. I was frustrated as I totally forgot Apple ID password. But with iMyFone iBypasser, I easily solved the issue in a few minutes. This is really wonderful software.



Users Say

I spent hours for a program like this before finding iBypasser here. It really solved my problem! Much thanks, and highly recommended!



Users Say

This really works, it makes bypassing activation lock easier and safer, wonderful app.



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iMyFone iBypasser

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock and Turn Off Find My [device]

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Compatibility Info Bypass iCloud Activation
Lock Screen
Remove Screen Lock and Bypass iCloud Activation Turn Off FMI
Supported Operating System
Supported Devices iPhone 6s - iPhone X iPhone 6 - iPhone X iPhone 6s - iPhone X iPhone XS - iPhone 11 Pro Max
Supported iOS iOS 12.0 and later iOS 12.x、iOS13.0 and later (iOS14.x for iPhone 6s-SE) iOS13.0 and later iOS 13.0 - 13.5

FAQs and Hot Topics

Things You Might Hope to Know

1. Watch Out! Fake iBypasser on Social Media and Other Websites!

Recently, some software took iBypasser's name to claim they can do the same as us - to unlock iPhone. However, they might even not being able to unlock iPhone. Not to mention, they infringe on our legitimate rights and interests. Therefore, be alert to these scams!

iBypasser is an unlocking program launched by iMyFone and we have registrated iBypasser as an intellectual property. There is only one OFFICIAL iBypasser website, https://www.imyfone.com/bypass-activation-lock/.

2. What's the difference of the 3 modes offered by iMyFone iBypasser?

iBypasser offer the following three modes for different scenarios. Learn the difference here >>

3. Does iBypasser really bypass iCloud activation lock?
Yes. This software can bypass the iCloud activation lock screen so that you can enter the device without the original Apple ID or passwords and use a new Apple ID. It does not truly remove the original Apple ID used on your device from Apple server. Apple itself unlocks iCloud activation lock if you can prove that the device is indeed yours.
4. How do I know whether my device is supported or not?
You can check the supported devices list, or free download the software and use the trial version.
5. What are the system requirements of iBypasser?
The software is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and macOS 10.13 to 10.15.
6. Can I use the device normally after bypassing activation lock?
You can log in a new Apple ID through App Store or iTunes Store. All the iOS features are accessible except for phone calls, cellular and iCloud of your new Apple ID.