Have you just added an Arctozolt Pokémon to your squad? Consider yourself lucky, as being in the Fossil category; they are pretty rare to be seen. But, many players fail to recognize the worth of this Ice and Electric-type Pokémon. But, this 2.3 m long and 150.0kg heavy Pokémon have three different abilities. So, go through this article to find out the actual capacity of Arctozolt and the trick of enjoying the game without moving your feet a bit.

What is Arctozolt Pokemon?

With a chest wrapped up with ice, the yellow-headed and blue-legged Pokemon with fishlike tail is the Arctozolt Pokemon. Noticing the water drop coming out of its nose, it may seem it has got cold, but the actuality differs for this ice and electric type Pokémon.

Arctozolt Pokemon

1. Number

Pokedex data has placed this fossil category with a National no of #881. However, in terms of Sword/Shield, the local number it has got is 375.

2. Base Stats

Let’s start evaluating Arctozolt’s capabilities and overall worth with the base stats. But, before that, be familiar with the way these parameters have been set. First, the maximum values are given in terms of its 252 Evs, 31IVs, and beneficial nature. Simultaneously, while depicting the minimums hindering nature, 0 IVs and 0 EVs have been considered.

  • Attacks, 100
  • Defense, 90
  • HP, 90
  • sp. atk, 90
  • sp. def, 80
  • Speed, 55.

3. Weakness

The main weakness of Arctozolt is, as we have already mentioned, it is hard for this Pokémon to move agilely because of the burden of ice it has got on its chest. Alongside, it may become vulnerable against elements like fire, ground, and rock, while the Pokémon with fighting skills can also overpower it.

4. Evolution of Arctozolt Pokemon

Arctozolt’s gender, extremely rare to be found, is still unknown. Besides, you should not expect it to become a Pokémon with more incredible abilities and strength since this Fossil category’s Pokemon sword Arctozolt evolution isn’t possible.

5. Arctozolt Sprites

Different kinds of Arctozolt Sprites are available to be used in Pokemon games, and you can quickly get the sprite you like for using it in your gameplay. Generation 8 of this Pokemon is separated into two different categories – Home and Sword/Shield. Two types of Arctozolt, regular and shinny, exist in the first category, and the Arctozolt Pokemon sword and shield comprise only the normal one.

6. Arctozolt Entries

Pokemon sword Arctozolt creates static electricity, vibrating the upper half of its body frozen with ice. But, the same, ice helped it to preserve food during its living on prehistoric seashores.

What is a Good Moveset for Arctozolt?

Arctozolt Moveset

You can use different moves in a Poke battle with Arctozolt; Thunder Wave would be the first to mention first. This move makes Arctozolt faster than every other Pokemon. However, the speed it gains through Thunder Wave is slower than Electrode.

Bolt Break should come next since using the Thunder Wave, the Pokemon over speeds its competitors; combining Bolt Break can be dangerous to pokes. The next move would be ice punch or icicle crash, and you can use this move with 10% accuracy, 10% freeze, and 30% chance of flinch.

Some other movies are Stone edge, Hail, rock tomb, stomping, tantrum, low kick, and bulldoze. Utilize Hail to overpower everything with speed. And for coverage, rock tomb and Stone edge would be great. Bulldoze, and Rock Tomb moves are great for controlling the pace. Besides, the latter can also be used for coverage. Another coverage move is Stomping tantrum; it also assists in having little synergy if the icicle crash gets missed.

Pokemon sword Arctozolt can also put other Pokemon into paralysis, except electric types. When paralyzed, spam attacking would be yet another wise move.

Arctozolt Hottest FAQs:

Q1. Is Dracozolt Legendary?

Dracozolt is very famous for its vicious attacks in competitive battles. It is yet another pokemon to fall in the Fossil category. Although this dragon/electric type Pokémon is one of the most ancient creatures, it’s not a legendary Pokémon.


Q2. Is Arctozolt a Dragon?

The game Pokemon Sword and Shield comprises four different types of fossils, Dino, Bird, Fish, and Drake. Although looking at its face may seem like a dragon, Arctozolt Pokémon can only be created by combining fossilized bird and dino. Hence, Arctozolt is more dino than a dragon.

Q3. Does Arctozolt Evolve?

Because of being in the Fossil category and made with two different fossils, Pokemon Arctozolt , unfortunately, remains in the same size and shape throughout their new life and time and can’t be evolved.

Q4. What is the Weakness of Arctozolt?

First off, they are weak against fast competitors because of lack of speed. However, they can be fast with certain moves. Besides, they are weak against fire, ground, rock, and fighting-type pokes. 

Q5. What is Arctozolt’s Ability?

Arctozolt Pokemon have three different abilities. First off, they can create static electricity, vibrating the ice on its upper portion, and it can absorb electric volt. Alongside, Slush Rush is there, allowing it to be fast. However, it’s hidden. 

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