Waiting for the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) on iPhone 12?

There seems to be good news as the Spokesperson and Director of China Satellite Navigation Office, Ran Chengqi has recently stated that 鈥Apple will use the BeiDou navigation system sooner or later..鈥. There is an update that suggests that Apple is in the process of testing its upcoming devices for the support to BeiDou.聽

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

Presently the BeiDou system has been into existence for more than 200 countries serving over 100 million users. The majority of the Android smartphones support the BeiDou system if the support for the same is given in the upcoming iPhone 12 series, the long-standing complaint of the users will come to an end.

What is BeiDou Navigation Satellite System?

China has recently announced the completion and launch of its BeiDou Navigation Satellite System that will offer the positioning services to various sectors like emergency medical rescue, transportation, city planning, and other areas. This latest BeiDou Navigation system makes use of a satellite network that is capable of providing position-related accuracies in the range of under 10 meters which is much more than GOS that offers the accuracy under 2.2 meters.聽

The BeiDou Navigation system can provide different services like navigation, positioning, timings, and communication in terms of short messages.聽

beidou iphone 12

Though there is no confirmed news of BeiDou navigation to be launched in upcoming iPhone devices, it is expected that it may be available from the upcoming iPhone 12 series. Presently, this navigation system is covered by over 100 million users with 200 million sessions daily in more than 200 countries. The system offers the best performance in the Asia Pacific region and thus several devices including smartphones are in the norm of the local market for a long time in these regions. The support to BeiDou on iPhone 12 will offer several benefits to the iPhone user base.聽

So the improvements that can be experienced by the iPhone 12 user when BeiDou is supported can only be listed when the device is out and comes with the BeiDou navigation. In general, it can be estimated that with the BeiDou navigation on their device the iPhone 12 users can get access to more options in terms of navigation services, and with a wider range of positioning accuracy, the experience will be enhanced.聽

iphone 12 support beidou

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