“So I must say, I am impressed you got here. Team Rocket captures Pokemon from around the world. They’re important tools for keeping our criminal enterprise going. I am the leader, Giovanni! For your insolence, you will feel a world of pain!” – Giovanni in FireRed and LeafGreen

As the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni from Pokemon represents a real threat and his evil motive is to conquer the world eventually. He appears in Pokémon Go, and today you will learn how to find him, the Pokémon s needed to defeat him, and how you can use location spoofing to find required Pokémon faster.

Giovanni from Pokemon

What You Should Know about Giovanni from Pokemon

1 Giovanni and Team Rocket 

Giovanni not only doubles as the boss of Team Rocket, but he also heads the Viridian City’s Gym. His team is set on stealing peoples’ Pokemon and turning them evil. 

They have headquarters in the Kanto and Johto Regions with an additional branch in Sevii Islands. You stand to gain amazing rewards by defeating him. But he puts up a very tough fight like his counterpart Team Go Rocket leaders. 

2 Giovanni's Biography

Giovanni started out as the team leader of Team Rocket, but in Generation II, he disappeared to an unknown hideout after losing to Red. The team was disbanded after being left without any definite leadership. But soon, he returned to form a new criminal organization in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Adopting the name Team Rainbow Rocket, this new team consists of leaders from other evil organizations, including Archie, Maxie, Cyrus, Ghetsis, and Lysandre. You will also encounter numerous grunts belonging to their team. 

3 Character Information and Appearance

Giovanni appears as a middle-aged man, medium build, and tall frame. He spots a slick-back hairstyle like a character in an American-Italian mob movie.  

In Pokémon Go, he wears a sports coat, gray pull neck, and gloves. The initial “R”  is engraved on his jacket in red. He has a square face and dark deep evil eyes.

Giovanni with R

4 Personality

He has a menacing demeanor and never spots a smile. He is also known to be manipulative and off-putting. He views Pokemon as a power source that he can abuse at his own whim. He is not to be trusted and can often make players doubtful of beating him.

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How to Find Pokémon Go Giovanni

It's vital to first complete the “A Troubling Situation” research story-line. After that, you get the Giovanni Special Research Quest that's available once every month. Currently, it’s the “Looming in the Shadows” special research, a continuation of the storyline that started in “A Challenging Development” back in December 2019. 

 You have to reach the fourth step of the current Giovanni research task you are undertaking. It entails defeating Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra at least once. Afterward, you'll be rewarded will the Super Rocket Radar. It shows you possible hiding locations of the Team Rocket Boss, but many of his hiding locations will be filled with decoy Grunts. 

find Pokémon Go Giovanni

The Giovanni special research task was not available from May to September 2020. Niantic expects to build up the hype that will further make Team Go Rocket a more exciting feature in Pokémon Go. In March 2020, the developers had added a new Shadow Bonus.

It allows you to use the powerful capabilities of shadow Pokemon with fast and charged attacks without necessarily purifying them. But this also leaves them more susceptible to damage during battles. 

How to Beat Giovanni in Pokemon 

1 Giovanni's Pokemon Lineup

Giovanni basically makes three choices. Since these choices are predictable, you can plan well in advance to defeat him. A Persian will be his first choice. Next, he might choose Garchomp, NidoKing, or Dugtrio. The last option is always a Shadow Suicune. 

2 How to Defeat Persian

It’s a normal-type Pokemon that's weak to fighting moves but particularly resistant to Ghost moves. Scratch and return are its most powerful moveset, but you counter it using Melmetal. The Fast Move for Melmetal is the Thunder Shock. Other effective Pokemon with their Fast Moves include Machamp (Counter), Rhyperior (Mud Slap), Conkeldurr (Counter), and Lucario (Counter). 

defeat Persian

3 How to Defeat Dugtrio, Nidoking, and Garchomp

It’s worth it to mention that all three are ground type Pokemon; that's why they are bundled together. Using an ice-type Pokemon will be effective; for instance, Dugtrio is weak to ice, grass, and water. You can counter it with Gyrados, Togekiss, Tropius, Torterra, and Articuno. 

Nidoking also happens to be weak to ice, ground, water, and psychic. You can defeat it with Empoleon, Jirachi, Dialga, Krogre, and Excadrill. Garchomp needs a strong Fairy and Ice types as it is particularly weak to Dragon, Ice (2x), and Fairly. The best lineup includes the Togekiss, Articuno, Gardevoir, Dragonite, and Granbull. 

4 How to Defeat Suicune

Suicune is a legendary Pokemon, and Givanno from Pokemon is sure to select it last. It's, however, weak to grass and electric.

The following moves will be pretty useless, fire, ice, steel, and water. That, however, leaves you plenty of choices, but most should include strong electric types, including Raikou (a legendary electric type) and Magnezone (Electric and Steel-type). You'll also have luck with Mew (Psychic type), Kyurem (Dragon and Ice-type), and Mewtwo (legendary Psychic-type).

defeat suicune

How Can I Get Pokemon to Defeat Giovanni?

Before you find Giovanni, you must prepare adequately to defeat him the first time, or you need to wait until the next month before receiving another special research task.

He tends to be very powerful, and it's unlikely you’ll face the same lineup the next time you encounter him. Finding the legendary Pokemon needed for this battle is already hard enough.  

But you can make it easier for yourself by using Pokemon coordinates shared by other users on the web. They will lead you straight to likey spawning locations. 

defeat Giovanni

1 Using the iMyFone AnyTo Catch Pokemon to Defeat Giovanni

As a Pokemon Go fan, you can attest to the difficulty of having to leave your home every time you need to capture Pokemon in the wild. It’s especially troublesome if there no PokeStops or PokeGyms near your area. 

The iMyFone AnyTo essentially allows you to change your phone's geolocation to any place around the world. Just one click, you can take advantage of Pokémon coordinates that are shared online. 

Its best feature is that you can plan a route along with a map, and even customize your moving/walking speed. It affords you the same experiences playing Pokémon go in real life. 

2 How to Simulate Movements with AnyTo to Catch Pokémon

Step 1.Download and install the iMyFone AnyTo desktop program on your Mac or Windows computer. Launch AnyTo to "Get Started".

launch anyto application

Note that it currently supports iOS and Android devices. Use a cable to link up your device.

trust device

Step 2.Create a customized route using the "Multi-spot Mode". You can select locations on the virtual map or enter GPS coordinates. It's even possible to set the number of round trips you need to make on a specific route.

choose multi-spot mode

Step 3.Set your walking or moving speed, and the program will also show you the time it will take.

Step 4. Click "Move", and iMyFone AnyTo will simulate the movements by changing your phone's GPS location. In Pokemon Go, you will see your avatar moving in the virtual world. 

start to simulate movement

more pokemon in the game after simulation

Now, watch the video to learn how to catch Pokemon with AnyTo.

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3 The Rewards for Defeating Giovanni in Pokemon Go

Defeating Giovanni comes with several rewards, including 5000 Stardust, Max Potions, and Revives.You may receive the Unova Stone, which is a special evolution item. Defeating Team Go leaders also earns you an Ultra Hero medal. You also get a chance to catch shadow Pokemon on each month’s quest. 


Defeating Giovanni from Pokemon is a challenge that many players anticipate. Fortunately, you know his lineup and the Pokémon you need. With iMyFone AnyTo, you can reduce the time taken to find the Pokemon required to defeat Giovanni. Find coordinates on Pokemon Go communities and use them to find rare & legendary Pokemon.