In a digital world, each device has been assigned an identity that we call the Internet Protocol (IP) address; it allows us to uniquely identify a device and thus helps in communication.

what is ip

Just like the physical address of a person can be misused, the same goes with the IP address. Your IP address is matter, and it might be used for criminal activities if hackers get access to it. Well, there is nothing to get in a panic, as here in this article, you are going to get relevant information for hiding IP and how you prevent IP spoofing. Let's start with the very basics.

What is An IP address

Internet protocol, as defined earlier, is the unique address given to each device connected to the local network or the internet. An IP address is what makes the communication possible as it contains the unique identifier information of each device, whether it is a router, website, or computer connected to the internet. So, we can say that IP addresses serve two main purposes and that addressing and identification.

what is ip address

IP itself is a string of numbers denoted as a set of four numbers separated by a dot. Each number has a specific range which is from 0 to 255.

Though it seems that we get the IP address automatically, the brain behinds it is known as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It is an organization that develops rules and protocols to ensure internet security and usability.

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When it comes to the allocation of IP addresses, it is carried out by the sub-department of ICANN known as the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

What Are IPv4 and IPv6

As we already know that IP address has a specified limit range, and due to the increasing number of devices being connected to the internet, it was becoming difficult to assign each device a different address. Seeing the reduction in IPv4 addresses, IPv6 was introduced to cater to the needs. So, basically, these are the two versions of the IP address, but what difference it has? Let's find out below.

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IPv4 is a 32-bit number, and given the limits, it can generate as many as 4.3 billion addresses. Other than that, IPv4 is represented in a decimal system and has a header of 20-60 bytes. Although IPv4 is still in use, it does not provide encryption and authentication features which makes the security fully dependent on the application. Besides that, packet flow identification is also not supported by IPv4. 


Noticing the growing number of users, IPv6 was first introduced in the late 1900s, and after it got approved to be used by the Internet Engineering Task Force authority, it is now being used simultaneously with IPv4.

IPv6 is a 128-bit number represented in a hexadecimal number system, and given the range, can come up with as many as 3.4×1038 addresses. Unlike IPv4, IPv6 addresses are denoted as eight groups of four hexadecimal digits, where each group is separated by colons.

As it is an advanced version of IP, it has a built-in IP security feature and ensures integrity, authentication, and encryption.

Why We Need to Hide IP

As we do not share our home address with anyone, the same goes with the IP address. Internet security is a must for everyone as otherwise, your IP can be used for illegal activities and eventually against you.

why we need to hide ip

Besides that, we have several reasons due to which it becomes important to hide IP. Let's discuss some of it below.

1 Privacy and Misuse of Personal Information

What you do online is all accessible to the hacker if they are aware of your IP address jeopardizing not only the privacy but also the security. Your personal data hold a lot of importance for giants, and if it lends in the wrong hands, it can be misused in a number of ways. It is one of the most important points for which you need to hide your IP.

2 Geographical Barriers

We need to hide IP not only for the sake of security and privacy but also, sometimes, we need to access the blocked content. Some websites block access to their content for some geographical boundaries. In order to access that content, you either need to use fake IP or use an IP hider and access the blocked content.

3 Block Tracking

If hackers get access to your IP address, they can use it to download illegal content, and you will be held accountable for that as your IP is being used. Similarly, with your IP address in hand, they can track you down to your home, which can turn out to be an alarming and dangerous situation.

How to Hide IP address

Now, as we know the importance of IP addresses, we should be aware of the ways we can use to hide IP addresses to prevent them from being misused and so that they cannot get into the hands of hackers. Without wasting a movement, let's find out the best ways to hide IP addresses.

how to hide ip

1 Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN software is one of the most effective methods to be used for hiding IP addresses. It serves as an intermediary server and encrypts your connection and traffic to the internet. With VPN, you can make it look like that you are connected to the web from some other location of your choice.

hide ip vpn

You will find many VPN software available, some offering free services. Here, we will be going with Express VPN as it is the most trustable and reliable.

Firstly, you need to know what is your current IP address, and you can easily find it by entering "what is my IP address" in the search engine bar, and it will show you your IP address.

To use Express VPN, you can also download and install its application. Once you have signed up for the Express VPN, go to the server location and the country of your choice.

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After that, it will show you a list of servers you can choose from in that particular country. Select the desired option and connect to the VPN. Now, if you will check your IP, it will show you a different address. 

2 Proxy Server

Using a proxy server is another effective method for hiding IP addresses. A proxy acts as a safeguard and directs the traffic from servers, or we can also say that it serves as the gateway between the client and the internet.

In other terms, it is said that a proxy server operates on the forefront on behalf of the client. In this way, your IP address will not be used; instead, the traffic will be routed through the proxy.

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3 Tor

Tor is an open-source software that hides your IP by encrypting your connection and identity in three or more layers. The encryption process passes through the different volunteer-run server nodes.

Or you can say the computers to make it almost impossible to intercept and hack your identifier. The simple and most common way to use the Tor service is by using its own Tor Browser.


While the three ways mentioned above are being widely used, it is difficult to say which one is the best for you as the condition and the environment is different for everyone. However, with the table below, you will be able to analyze it in a better way. It shows the comparison of the three ways for hiding IP with respect to the different parameters.









Highly Reliable

Less Reliable






Time Period

Long Term

Short Term

Long Term


Free + Paid



Ease of Use




Mobile compatibility

Highly Compatible



Frequently Asked Questions

1 Does hiding your IP address really work?

If you are using an effective and reliable way to hide your IP, it is surely going to work, and it is important to keep your identifier safe and secure.

2 Is hiding your IP address illegal?

Hiding your IP is legal in almost every country; however, manipulating and advertising it is considered illegal.

3 Can police track VPN?

Although police can't track the VPN as it is encrypted, however, with a court order, they can approach your internet service provider and ask them to provide usage logos.

4 Can you hide your IP address on your phone?

Yes, you can hide your IP address on your phone by installing and connecting to the VPN app.


Internet connectivity has become a need for everyone, but one must keep it safe and secure as hackers can misuse your information, and they can track all of your activities. However, hiding your IP address is one of the most reliable ways to prevent it, and this article has mentioned the best technique you can use to hide your IP.