When a Pokemon evolves, it’s always considered a good thing. That’s because it gets better base stats, changes form and becomes stronger. It will also acquire new skills, and there will be further opportunities to learn new movesets.

But there are certain situations where you may need to find ways on how to stop Pokemon from evolving. Let’s cover these reasons. You’ll also discover how to walk Pokemon as your buddy in Pokemon Go by spoofing your phone’s GPS coordinates using a great location changer App.

how to stop pokemon from evolving

Different Evolutions of Special Items in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Released in 2019, Pokemon Sword and Shield has quickly become a favorite among many players. The most exciting aspect involves collecting evolution items that allow you to evolve different types of Pokemon. At some level, all players strive to catch all the Pokemon in the National Dex and complete the Pokedex.

1 Introduction to Evolutions in Pokemon Sword and Sheild

The basic way that all Pokemon evolve involves encountering Rare Candy in the wild or earning it as a reward for raid battles. Leveling up also takes place after battles as Pokemon gain experience points.

There will be certain conditions that have to be met at a specific level for your Pokemon to level up and evolve.

evolutions Pokémon Sword and Sheild

2 Different Evolution Types in Pokemon Sword and Shield

One common way an evolution is triggered involves reaching a high friendship level. For instance, it enables the Golbat (a Poison/Flying-type Pokémom) to evolve into a Crobat —which has more wings and higher flying speed.

Friendship-based evolutions occur after you increase happiness. A straightforward way of increasing happiness is selecting the Pokemon as a buddy and performing activities such as walking or running.

friendship-based evolutions

Winning league matches, gym battles, and preventing fainting are also crucial in boosting happiness levels. Evolutions mostly happen if the pokemon happiness value hits or surpasses 220.

Time-based evolutions are also essential to consider, as different pokemon will only evolve at specific times of the day. There are location-based evolutions where some Pokemon only evolve in special magnetic fields, Ice Rock, Moss Rock, and Mount Lanakila.

It has also been forecasted the Mega Evolution may become part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield. It will allow Pokemons at their evolutionary stages to gain incredible powers for brief times during battles.

time-based evolutions

Exposure to different items such as the Pokemon sword and shield will also evolve different types of Pokemon. For instance, when the ice-type Snorunt is exposed to a dawn stone starting at level 42, it evolves into a Froslass.

Why and How to Stop Pokemon from Evolving

Have you suddenly discovered that you need to stop your Pokemon from evolving? There are several reasons to go ahead with this decision.

1 Advantages of Stopping Pokemon from Evolving

#1. The Ability to Learn Moves at Lower Levels

Have you suddenly discovered that you need to stop your Pokemon from evolving? There are several reasons to go ahead with this decision.

#2. Access to Exclusive Moves

Baby Pokemons may have movesets that are unavailable for evolved forms.

#3. Better Performance in Unevolved Stage

While evolutions result in a general increase in the strength and abilities of the Pokemon, they may also lead to weakening in particular abilities.

For instance, the special attack points may increase while the speed drops. Or the Pokemon may become vulnerable to new forms of attacks. Some Pokemon are best left in their unevolved stage such as the Pikachu, Ampharos, etc.

Pikachu evolution

2 How to Stop Pokemon from Evolving

#1. Manually Canceling The Evolution

If you're using the joy-con controller, simply press the B button after the Pokemon starts glowing to signal the start of an evolution. Correct timing is necessary because once you miss the chance, it's gone for good.

Similarly, in Pokemon Go, you can stop evolutions by pressing the cancel button.

#2. Holding An Everstone

The Everstone is an item that a Pokemon can hold to stop it from evolving. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the everstone is located in the Turffield Stadium that's also home to the first gym and major challenge. But everstones are not featured in Pokemon Go.

stop pokemon from evolving

Pokemon Can't Be Stopped from Evolving Completely

1 Is It Possible to Evolve Later?

While you can halt evolutions by pressing the B button or holding on to an Everstone, there will be an opportunity to evolve once you reach the next level. You just need to fulfill the set of requirements for evolution to take place. In Sword and Shield, it's also possible to evolve after reaching level 100 using Rare Candy.

get rare candy

2 How to Discover More Pokemon As Your Partner?

The launch of the Pokemon Home application has allowed players to transfer Pokemon they have found in past games into Sword and Shield. Currently, the application is yet to support the transfer of Pokemon from Pokemon Go, but this feature is still in the works.

Selecting a Pokemon as your buddy or walking partner can help it evolve faster. You’ll need to cover certain distances and earn candy used to evolve your buddy.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you have played Pokemon Go, you might have encountered the challenge of leaving your house every time you need to cover long distances just to evolve your Pokemon.

Similarly, if you plan to catch Pokemon in Let’s Go and later transfer them to Sword and Shield, you can avoid the hassle that comes with visiting gym locations in real life.

3 How to Stimulate Movements to Catch More Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is pretty much an AR game that utilizes a virtual map with real geographic coordinates. You discover Pokemon in the wild by moving around and exploring. There is a way to change your GPS location of iOS and Android devices and simulate real walks with iMyFone AnyTo needed to cover distances needed to evolve Pokemon.

Look at the video to get more Pokemon without walking by iMyFone AnyTo first.

Pokemon GO Spoofer - Spoof Pokemon Go without Moving in 2021

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Get the iMyFone AnyTo App

The app allows you to change the location of your iOS and Android devices quickly. It's available as a download for Windows or macOS computers. You will need to set it up by tapping Get Start before connecting your device.

launch anyto application

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Step 2: Choose the Multi-spot or Two-spot Mode

You can specify locations on the global map and create virtual routes. The Two-spot Mode allows you to set up two points, the starting point and endpoint. Use the multi-spot mode to map more than two locations you wish to pass by virtually.

choose two-spot mode

choose the multi-spot

Step 3: Set Up The Speed and Start Moving!

Once you create the route after click Move, the program allows you to set the speed you wish to move. Movements are replicated in Pokemon Go enabling you to discover more Pokemon in the wild and cover the required distances for evolutions. You can even enter GPS coordinates shared by other players to find spawn locations of rare Pokemon.

simulate movement via two-spot mode

simulate movement via multi-spot mode

After that, you can see many Pokemons turning up.

pokemon turn up

To Conclude

Let’s conclude by having a recap on how to stop a Pokemon from evolving. In Let’s Go, you can only stop evolutions with the cancel button while in Sword and Shield, you have the added option of using an everstone.

If all things fall in line, Sword and Shield players will gain the power to transfer Pokemon in between games. They will have a chance to even find rare Pokemon in the wild. iMyFone AnyTo has emerged as a trusted tool used by Pokemon Go players to spoof their GPS locations and continues to enjoy a high success rate and good ratings.

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