Apple has made some improvement in the Find My app in iOS 14. It has been a blend of Find My Friends and Find My iPhone into the same application since iOS 13. If you have used your iPhone with the iOS 13 operating system, then you are already familiar with the Find My feature. However, iOS 14 is going to give you a new and enjoyable experience with this. It has come up with the new notification alert feature, augmented reality mode, and ability to find third-party products. Rolling out of these 3 attributes will be quite helpful for iPhone lovers.

Part 1: What's New in iOS 14 Find My App

1 New Alert Features

Since its release for the iPhone/iPad users, it has become one of the most used applications. People use it to share their location. In iOS 14, you are going to get a new experience.

What' s new in Find My Alert?

  • Find My in iOS 14 enables users to get notifications if the contact doesn't arrive at the specific place by a specific time.
  • The users will receive notifications if the contact leaves the specific place before a specific time.

ios 14 find my alerts

So in what situations users will use these new features?

Suppose you contacted your friend and told him to visit your aunt with medicines for her lousy health as you are unable to go. You can schedule a time in your Find My app when he will visit. In case he does not reach your aunt鈥檚 home at the scheduled time, the Find My app will send you an alert.

It will also help in tracking daily movements of your children, such as a visit to their school. You can choose to get only those notifications when unusual things can happen. The notifications can be set for daily basis.

2 New Augmented Reality Mode

The new Find My in iOS 14 contains the support for augmented reality headsets. It will now feature an augmented reality mode. Nobody knows this, yet how it will function. However, it is being expected that the users will be able to locate someone or a device in an AR world. The augmented reality developer framework of Apple 鈥淎RKit鈥 is added with headset mode in the newest release. It will be useful in getting the exact direction for finding lost products. It seems that Apple has designed it mainly for AirTags. AirTags are Apple鈥檚 latest tile-like tracker.

ios 14 ar mode

3 Finding Third-party Products

Apart from the above two improvements, the Find My application in iOS 14 will have third-party support. This will empower the users to find third party devices using the application. Your privacy is always valued and encrypted with the built-in end-to-end encryption. But for this, you have to wait for some time. Tile is the primary competitor of Apple in terms of third party tracking developers. It will be great to see if Apple will step ahead or Tile will keep ruling.

ios 14 Finding Third-party Products

Part 2: How to Change Location on Find My to Trick Friends/Parents

If your parents are continuously keeping a look at your locations and the places you are visiting, then this is going to trouble you. Sometimes, even your friends can irritate to come to the party you never want, so you try to find an escape from them. Do not let your friends or family members locate you with Find My tool. You can deceive the Find My feature on your iPhone using the spoof location tool. Shift your GPS location to anywhere in the world quickly.

Trick the location-based application on your iPhone or iPad. You are allowed to share your virtual location on any social platform. Learn the art of tricking your friends or parents and keeping your real location hidden from everyone. iMyFone AnyTo is featured with customized speed, ability to set coordinate, and much more. Let us tell you how can you make the best out of this amazing tool. Learn the step by step guide below.

Step 1: Run iMyFone AnyTo

On your PC or Mac, download and install iMyFone AnyTo by clicking on the 鈥淭ry It Free鈥 button below. Click on 鈥淕et Started鈥 to begin after installation.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad

Use a USB lightning cable to connect your iOS device to the PC. The next thing you have to do is unlock your device and tap on 鈥淭rust鈥 when prompted to 鈥淭rust This Computer鈥. Enter the screen passcode once again for this process to complete. This will start loading the maps, and now you can find your location there.

load the map

Step 3: Choose a Destination

A map will be loaded on the screen. Here, you need to select 鈥Teleport Mode鈥 that can be found at the upper right corner. Click on the third one. Zoom in and out the map using the mouse to choose a destination on the map.

choose a destination on the map

Step 4: Change GPS location on Find My

After selecting the right location, a sidebar will appear which display the information of the chosen location such as place name, distance, coordinates. Next, click on 鈥淢ove鈥. The program will change your location to the selected one. The location-based application installed on your iPhone will also behave at the chosen location.

Now open Find My, you can see your location on Find My is changed! Your contacts will never know where exactly you are!

location on find my


To go back to your real location, just simply restart your iOS device.


Apple鈥檚 introduction of the latest Find My feature update will provide plenty of benefits to the users. The power of augmented reality has made this program more robust. The company did a great job bringing Find My App and Find my Friend application together. With this update, it is going to rock with the iOS 14 operating system. For any clarification or doubt, you can connect with us to our mail or comment here.