At the latest WWDC conference, Apple Inc has announced the release of its iOS 14 for their iPhone and iPad devices. iOS 14 will particularly bring in a lot for the Maps users. Earlier with limited features and support, Apple Maps were not used by many but now with the release of the latest OS version, it will stand at par with the Google Maps. So now the Apple users will have their maps to rely on that will completely change the way to move on using these maps.

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What's New in iOS 14 Maps - 7 New Features

1 Cycling Directions

For the first time, the latest iOS 14 will include the cycling directions for the bike riders. The map will show the route to the cyclists considering the bike paths, bike-friendly roads, and bike lanes. Before moving to a route, you can check the elevation of the route and can also check the traffic. In case if you need to carry your bike, you can check and avoid the routes that have stairs or the inclines. The support will be available for Apple Watch as well and there will also be voice guidance to make the navigation convenient.聽

Presently, the Cycling directions in the maps will be available only in the few cities that include Beijing, Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.聽

ios 14 Cycling Directions

How to Get Cycling Directions in Apple Maps?

The steps to get the Cycling Directions on your Apple鈥檚 Map app on iPhone/iPad are enlisted below:

Step 1: On your iPhone/iPad launch the Maps app.

Step 2: Tap on the search fields and then enter the address you wish to go to.

Step 3: Click on the Directions button and then the list of transport options will be shown from which tap on the bicycle icon.

Step 4: To avoid the busy roads or the hills you can make use of the toggles under the directions suggested.

Note: All the elevation changes at the cycling route which is suggested by the app will be charted along with the approximate time and total distance and time. If stairs can be taken to save the time will also be shown by the app.聽

Step 5: Finally, hit on the Go button to show the turn-based directions.

Get Cycling Directions in Apple Maps

For Apple Watch running on watch iOS 7 or later, the selected directions can be received on your wrist that offers easy at-a-glance navigation.聽

How to Get Cycling Directions From Siri in iOS 14?

In the latest iOS 14, Siri can be asked to get the cycling directions to your desired address and the steps for the same are as follows:

Step 1: Using the physical button or using your voice command 鈥 Hey Siri鈥 enables the Siri on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Next speak 鈥 鈥淕ive me cycling directions to (destination)鈥. Based on your current location, the Siri will look for the directions to your desired location.

Step 3: When the map is opened, you need to click on the Go button to start the cycling navigation.
In case if you want the directions from a location different from your current location, you can say 鈥 鈥淕ive me cycling directions from XXXX to XXXX鈥 and the directions will be given.聽

Cycling Directions From Siri in iOS 14

2 Electric Vehicle Routing

For the Electric Vehicle users, the latest iOS 14 maps will prove to be of great help as the Maps will automatically point all the EV charging stations on your route. While calculating the ETA, the charging time at the stop will also be accounted and the current level of the battery will also be taken into consideration. You need to add your EV to your iPhone and the Maps will keep a track of the current charger as well as the charger type and accordingly the best route for your destination will be calculated.聽

ios 14 maps Electric Vehicle Routing

Presently, this feature from Apple supports vehicles from Ford and BMW but more are expected to join the list. To make this feature work, you need to sync your electric vehicle to your iPhone by entering the make and the model of your car. So if your friend has an EV and you want to use this feature on your iPhone, while planning a trip with him, it will not work.聽

Thus the EV routing feature of the latest Maps will let you enjoy your ride without worrying about the gas stations on your route as they will be marked by the map.聽

3 Guides

Another wonderful feature of iOS 14 Maps is Guides that recommends the best places to visit in the city. The guides are created using the inputs from the best names in the travel and tourism industry and also from the popular companies like Lonely Planet, Zagat, AllTrails, Louis Vuitton, Team Infatuation, Washington Post, and more.

So no matter whether you are looking for a famous place to go for lunch with your partner or searching for the best trail to hike with your buddy, the Guides feature will provide you the best options in form of in-app brochures to browse from. You will not only get to know about the place and what makes them special but can also get quick access to their Maps.

The Guides are updated regularly and there is also an option where you can save them to view later. So using these specially curated guides get the best recommendation to shop, explore, and eat at the best places in San Francisco, London, LA, and New York. Most cities are expected to be added to the list soon.聽

How to Use Guides in Apple Maps?

Steps for using the City Guides in Apple Maps iOS 14 are listed below:

Step 1: On your iPhone/iPad launch the Maps app and then at the search field enter the name of the city that you want to explore (Presently the guide is available only for San Francisco, London, LA, and New York.)

Step 2: Next, drag up the information panel and you can see the available guides below the Flyover and the Directions button. Swipe through the available guides and tap on the one you want to open. To view more guides, click on the See More button.聽

ios 14 maps guides

Step 3: As the desired guide is opened, you can see the featured locations marked on the map. To get the directions to any one of the locations, tap on it. If you want to explore the location more, drag-up the Guide panel.聽

ios 14 maps guides panel

Step 4: If you want to save any particular guide for later reference, hit on the Save button. Whenever needed, these saved guides can be accessed from the My Guides section in the Maps overall panel. The Share button will further let you share any particular guide.

My Guides

Step 5: To create a new guide or to add the featured location to your existing created Guides, click on the + button. Give a name to your New Guide by clicking on the List button and a photo can also be added by hitting on the Camera button. Clicking on the Create button will set up the new Guide.聽

create a new guide

4 Congestion Zones

There are many cities like London and Paris where traffic is really bad and to avoid making it even worse congestion zones are created. When you enter these zones a fee is charged. So if you want to avoid heavy traffic and congestion fees, the latest feature in Apple iOS 14 Maps provides the Congestion Zone Alerts. So while moving towards your destination this feature will let you know the congestion zones that will come across and also the optional routes that can be taken to reach your destination.聽

Congestion Zones

5 Refine Locations

If you are traveling to a remote area or a dense city then many times your Maps and GPS won鈥檛 work very accurately to show exactly where you are or the way to your destination. In such situations, the Refine Location feature of iOS 14 Maps will be of great help. Using the feature you can scan the nearby buildings and take orientation readings to know your location.聽

Refine Locations

6 Speed Cameras

If you have unknowingly crossed the speed cameras multiple times and spent a lot on tickets and fees, then the latest iOS 14 Maps will come to your rescue. One of the Maps features will give you the alert of the red-light cameras and the speed cameras as you will approach them on your way so that you can slow down your speed. Additionally, you can also check the map to locate all the areas where the cameras are present on your way.聽

The Maps also support the feature of license plate information which is useful in the cities and the areas where access to the roads if provided based on the license plates.聽

7 New Map Available in More Countries

The new Maps of Apple will now be available to new countries including Canada, UK, and Ireland. With enhanced maps and detailed information about the roads, parks, airports, beaches, buildings, and more, the Apple users of the new countries will benefit.聽

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