With catastrophic social and economic effects, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is one of the worse epidemics that the world has seen in recent years. The places all over the world are shutting down, and people are suggested to stay at home. Well, people start to feel uncomfortable after self-isolation for days, and long for go outside. Some may wonder, how to play Pokémon Go indoor in this special period?

So how to play Pokémon Go indoor to prevent spread of coronavirus disease? Here we give 2 solutions!

Niantic Updates Pokémon Go in Effort to Limit Coronavirus Spread

The global epidemic is spreading and killing more people so the Niantic is also worried about the health and wellbeing of its players. The safety of the players must be ensured. It is done with the help of the major improvements that are implemented to make sure that the players don’t leave their houses. Niantic has announced updates to help prevent the spread of coronavirus spread.

  • The habitats have been increased and Pokestops have been configured to drop the gifts are higher frequency to make sure that the game playfulness is maintained.
  • The incense packs have been created to make sure that the spawns are offered at a 99% discount.
  • The incubators are also configured to make sure that the eggs are hatched at twice the speed as they normally are hatched.
  • The Pokémon will spawn in the wild. It means that one does not have to walk to find the monsters. Even if one does have to it can be done within the confines of the home.

pokemon go coronavirus updates

Novel Corona Virus has now been classified as a global epidemic and Niantic is making sure that the spread is reduced as much as possible. Enjoy the game at home so that a safe distance is maintained from others. It will also keep you and the others around you safe as this is the statement that was issued by Niantic in this regard.

How to Play Pokémon Go in the Updated Version for Coronavirus?

It is simple if you are a player organizing your tournament. The best part is that you can easily challenge the other players from Good Friend’s level. It is important as previously you had to get close to your friends to make sure that the QR codes are scanned. The other change that has been implemented is the fact that the 30 days incense pack can now be purchased for a price of single Pokecoin. Other changes include the fact that your Pokémon will spawn in the wilderness so that you don’t have to walk to find the monsters. All the changes have been implemented for the next 30 days for now. This can be increased depending upon the global circumstances.

However, for regular players, it might be an inconvenience as they are not used to these methods that are implemented by Niantic. The regular playing thing has been completely changed which lets the players believe that these changes have ruined the game. As per stats, there is a possibility that this causes a sharp decline in several players as long as the original mechanism is not implemented again.

pokemon go coronavirus updates

The main selling point of the game is a movement that has been taken away just because of the Covid-19 Corona Virus. The other inconvenience is that the events that were scheduled concerning the game have all been canceled for the foreseeable future. The new dates have also not been announced which is again an inconvenience for the players.

How to Play Pokémon Go Indoor with Virtual Location Changer

If you are not satisfied with the Pokémon Go updates, and want to play Pokémon Go in the normal way, you can ask iMyFone AnyTo for help!
This is the best and the most advanced program that has been developed to spoof your location on your iDevice. It is makes sure that the location simulation is done in real-time. It allows you to plan a route on the map and move along in for your game.

[Guide] How to Play Pokémon Go Indoor with iMyFone AnyTo

Step 1: Install iMyFone AnyTo on PC/Mac

Free download and install the program on a Windows PC/Mac. And once done kindly launch it. Meanwhile, open Pokémon Go.

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Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using an USB cable. Unlock the device and trust the computer to allow the connection. Then it will guide you to the map, where shows where you are.

load map on iMyFone AnyTo


If the location on the map is not where exactly you are, you can switch to the Teleport Mode at the upper right corner (the 3rd one), and find your location on the map. Click on the Move to reach your real location.

Step 2: Plan a route for movement

On the map within iMyFone AnyTo, select the location where you want to get to in the game. Once the new location has been clicked, the menu on the left pops up that lets you see the route, name of the location, coordinates and distance from your original location.

Tips: You can adjust the destination by dragging the location icon on the map.

plan route for pokemon go

Step 3: Start moving on Pokémon Go

After the destination selection, click Move on the left sidebar. It will immediately plan the route and start moving! Now you can see you are moving in the game without lag!

Tips: If you want to pause moving to catch a Pokémon, just simply click the Pause button on the left sidebar. And click Continue to resume the movement!

start moving in pokemon go

That is how you can play Pokémon Go indoor to prevent the coronavirus spread. iMyFone AnyTo is popular among AR gamers. It gains many reviews and recommendations from them. Here are some of the reviews:

anyto review

anyto review

Pretty cool, isn't? Now just download this location changer and try it out yourself! You can also play Pokémon Go at home in this Coronavirus period!

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