The Pokémon Go battle league has the most extensive global matching system that lets you fight with other competitors around the world, earn rewards, and increase your global ranking. Once you have conquered Pokémon, what do you do next as a Pokémon GO Trainer? How will you let your Pokémons know that they are the best they can be? The answer lies within the Pokémon Go Battle League. This article will cover how the battle works, battle tips, and how to compose the best teams.

Part 1. What is Pokémon Go Battle League?

Before the battle tips, let's understand some knowledge about pokemon go battle league. So that we can more easily win in the battle.

1.1 Rules of Pokémon Go Battle League

  • In the Go Battle League, you will choose three Pokemon to pair with another trainer at random. Neither of you can know what pokemon the other is carrying before the battle begins. So this battle is going to require some luck. Whoever's pokemon is knocked down first, then he loses. The winner will move up in Rank, as well as get an increase to their Matchmaking Rating. The loser won't lose Rank, but in higher Ranks, you can lose points in your Rating.

  • For every five matches you play within a set, you can receive rewards displayed on the screen under "free" and "premium" tracks. You cannot change midway through once you have entered a run of battles.

  • The players can play up to 20 sets for 100 battles per day. If you leave a Battle League match intentionally, it will result in an automatic loss for that match in the set.

  • Similarly, suppose you lose your connectivity, or the application crashed unexpectedly. In that case, you may still be able to recover the existing game, but your opponent can continue attacking your Pokémon while you attempt to rejoin.

pokemon go battle league

1.2 Great, Ultra, or Master League in the Pokémon Go Battle League

The Go Battle League is divided into three different Leagues: Great, Ultra, and Master League. These are set up the same as Trainer battles and Team Leader Training before with CP caps.

Before engaging in battle, you'll choose to compete in one of three different leagues that determine the maximum CP each Pokémon in your party may have.

The CP Requirements for every League are different than the other. They are as follows:

League Name Requirements to unlock Restrictions On Pokemon That Can Compete
Great League None Pokemon must be at or below 1500 CP
Ultra League Have 3 Pokemon with 1500 (or more) CP Pokemon must be at or below 2500 CP
Master League Have 3 Pokemon with 2500 (or more) CP None

1.3 Rewards and Rankings in the Pokémon Go Battle League

The ranks in Pokémon have been increased to Rank 24 since Season 6. Each time you win, you will earn a reward for up to five rewards along the track. The rewards can be as simple as stardust at initial wins and sometimes a mystery Pokemon. The exact rewards differ every season: your Battle rating increases and decreases as you win or lose a game.

Rank 1: Guaranteed encounter with Pyroar.
Rank 1+: Possible encounters with Bayleef, Quilava, Croconaw, Spinarak*, Chinchou*, and Azumarill.
Rank 3: Pikachu Libre inspired avatar items.
Rank 6: Guaranteed encounter with Mienfoo.
Rank 6+: Possible encounter with Mienfoo.
Rank 10: Pikachu Libre avatar items.
Rank 11+: Possible encounters with Noctowl, Forretress, Shieldon*, Stuntank, and Frillish.
Rank 16+: Possible encounters with Larvitar*, Scraggy, and Rufflet*.
Rank 19: An Elite Charged TM plus an Elite Fast TM as an end-of-season reward.
Rank 20+: Encounter the Legendary Pokémon currently appearing in raids.
Ace Rank: Lysandre inspired gloves.
Veteren Rank: Encounter with Noibat; Lysandre inspired shoes.
Expert Rank: Encounter with Deino; Lysandre inspired pants.
Legend Rank: Encounter with Pikachu Libre; Lysandre inspired jacket and pose.

rewards of poemon go battle league

Part 2. How to enter the Pokémon Go Battle League

Enter Pokémon GO League Battles on your phone, open the app, and click on the battle icon to enter the battle league. Typically, players can enter and win the first five battles for free. However, players must unlock and earn additional battle sets and rewards after those five battles.

how to enter the pokemon go battle league

Part 3. Pokémon GO Battle Tips

You have roughly understood the rules of Pokemon Go Battle League, Now use these tips for winning trainer battles in Pokemon GO.

Tip 1: Speed is of the Essence

Battles in Pokémon are all about moving your finger on the screen as fast as possible. With speed comes more power to knock your opponent down first.

Speed is of the Essence

Tip 2: Spam then Hit

The key to bringing your opponent down is to force them to bring their shields down so that you have an open chance at hitting them with maximum damage. Usually, when battling, the problematic team rocket bosses automatically use their protective shields. Utilize this to your advantage by tricking them by acting like you will use the more substantial move but the weaker one, forcing them to waste a shield.
Similarly, if your active Pokémon is about to be knocked out or is healthy and can resist your Opponent's Charged Attacks, do not use your protective shield.

Spam then Hit

Tip 3: Keep your options open

Variety in Pokémon is the key to having the upper hand on the Battlefield. It is crucial to raise several different types of Pokémons so that you are somehow prepared for anything that comes before you during a battle. Ideally, you should have a backup of every kind of Pokémon in case the recommended team tells you that you will be facing a specific type of Pokémon.

keep your options open

Tip 4: Switch when Necessary

If you are looking to avoid a Protect Shield, switch in a Pokémon that can resist your Opponent's Charged Attacks just before they can use them. If your Venasaur is up against an Arcanine, it will most definitely force you to switch your Pokémon even before starting the fight. The chances are that your opponent will also change, which will continue for a more extended period. Switch when you think it is necessary. To do so, tap on their pictures in the bottom right corner.

Switch when Necessary

Tip 5: Avoid frequent switching

Winning teams have a habit of sticking with one another in Battle League more often. For best results, avoid switching teams too often. It is best to find one or sets of great trios that will work for you and focus on making them more robust as you rank up! Also, remember that Pokémons, who sometimes faint during a battle, take time to revive, and you may not have the materials to restore them. You should have more than one team for emergencies. Remember that Pokémons, who faints in Team Rocket Battle, remains fainted afterward.

Avoid frequent switching

Tip 6: Tanks are your Superpowers

If you search for Pokémons that can withstand Charged Attacks of your opponents, Tanks are your superpowers then. They have high defense and take lots of hits during the battle. However, do not always bring one unit type; keep mixing it up to restore the team resisting minor damage.

Tanks are your Superpowers

Tip 7: Don't use your Charged Attacks right away

Even if your Pokémon's Charge Attacks get Powered up, think twice before acting! You do not want to waste your Charged Attacks on the Trainer having no Protect Shields, instead use a couple of Fast Attacks and force the opponent's Pokémon to faint. The best strategy, in this case, is to wait out your opponent to release their next Pokémon for you to take out more HP.

Don't use your Charged Attacks right away

Tip 8: Winning is Important

If you are looking to get your ranks up, you need to make sure that you win every battle you fight. You earn rewards and levels when you first start with the Trainer Battles, even if you lose a game. However, as you move up the ranks, you will realize that you ONLY need to win to increase your levels. Using different strategies can make you achieve all your tiers.
As you grow in your rankings, you will earn more rewards, and the pool of Pokémon you will encounter will expand more and more.

Tip 9: Switch out. Store Energy.

Pokémons tend to retain their energy when switched with a new Pokémon or a fighter. It is better to keep changing your Pokémons to contain their powers. Remember, taking damage in Traner Battles will not convert it to energy. You can only gain it by using Quick Attacks.

Switch out. Store Energy.

Tip 10: Composing the best teams

Pokémon Go Battle league is nothing without excellent team building and Team Strategies. Combining different types of Pokémons can help increase your ranks and earn you more rare Pokémons. From making your move with Pokémons to combining two different moves, Pokémon Go Battle League helps connect players globally while still having fun.
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choose a location

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click move

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location have been changed

The Location displayed in your iPhone

location have been changed on your phone

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