3 Best iTunes Library Cleaners – Your Should Not Miss!

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Why do We Need to Clean iTunes Library?

Your iTunes library contains a huge collection of your favorite music. As the time passes and your music collection becomes even bigger, the number of songs without proper metadata also increase. Proper metadata is crucial when it comes to organizing songs according to different criteria. It is extremely helpful when you need to find a specific song. Without proper metadata, your iTunes library becomes a mess and it becomes really hard to find what you are looking for. Furthermore, duplicate tracks also take up unnecessary disk space which you certainly want to avoid. However, there are many iTunes library cleaners can help us solve the problem.

The Best 3 iTunes Library Cleaners

Following are the best 3 iTunes library cleaners:

1. iMyFone TunesFix

iMyFone TunesFix is a powerful iTunes library cleaner. While primarily TunesFix allows you to fix various iTunes problems with one-click, it is also equipped with many additional features to help you troubleshoot your iTunes as well as keep your iTunes library cleaned and organized. For iTunes cleaning, TunesFix has two advanced cleaning modes i.e. Quick Clean and Deep Clean. These modes provide a one-click solution to clean up iTunes, free up a lot of disk space, clean iTunes library, as well as boost iTunes performance. So, when it comes to keeping your iTunes library cleaned and iTunes performance optimized, the usefulness of TunesFix is unmatched.

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Key Features:

  • Clean your iTunes library with a single click.
  • Two advanced and powerful iTunes cleaning modes i.e. Quick Clean and Deep Clean.
  • You can boost iTunes performance, clean up junk/temporary files, update files, and backup files of iTunes with a single click.
  • Repair 100+ iTunes problems easily and quickly via automatic scanning of TunesFix.
  • Uninstall iTunes as well as all its related components completely with one-click.

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Steps to Clean iTunes Library via TunesFix:

Step 1: Launch TunesFix on your computer. Let the initial automatic scanning process of TunesFix complete. It is highly recommended that you repair the problems detected via automatic scanning.

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Step 2: Once you see the home interface of the software, click on Quick Clean.

quick clean

Step 3: On the next screen, click the Scan button. TunesFix will scan and list data types for cleaning on the next page.

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Step 4: Now select the types of data you wish to clean and then click the Clean button. TunesFix will now start cleaning up your selected data.

2. Wondershare TidyMyMusic

Wondershare TidyMyMusic is iTunes library cleaner you can use to fix identical songs and unlabeled music in your iTunes library. Cleaning up iTunes library via this software is quite an easy process.

Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Launch TidyMyMusic and import your iTunes music library by selecting the Tidy iTunes > Add iTunes Library option.
Step 2: Once the library is loaded, TidyMyMusic will analyze your music collection.
Step 3: Now click Auto Fix option to start the cleanup process. The software will show you the songs that are identified in the process. Click Apply All to all fix those tracks automatically.

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3. Tenorshare Music Cleanup

Tenorshare Music Cleanup offers an efficient and easy solution for iOS users to clean up duplicate songs in their iTunes library as well as fix missing metadata to make the iTunes library organized and clean.

Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Launch Tenorshare Music Cleanup on your computer.
Step 2: Load all your music in your iTunes library to Tenorshare Music Cleanup by clicking the Start Scan button.
Step 3: Now click Unidentified Songs option and then select a track by right-clicking on it.
Step 4: Click the Identify button and the software will automatically fix its metadata. Click Apply to finish.
Step 5: You can scan and delete duplicated songs from your iTunes library via Duplicated Songs option.

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Tip: How to Clean iTunes Library Manually?

While there are many iTunes library cleaners that can help you clean up your iTunes library automatically, there is a manual way to do this as well. You will be using iTunes for manual library cleanup.

Following these instructions:

Step 1: Launch iTunes and back up your library via File > Library > Consolidate Library option.
Step 2: Now in your Music section, choose and delete the songs that you don’t want.
Step 3: Next, navigate to File > Show Duplicates and then delete all the songs listed by iTunes.
Step 4: After cleaning up your iTunes library from duplicates and unwanted tracks, back up your newly organized iTunes library.
Step 5: Update album artworks of songs by selecting individual songs and choosing the Advanced > Get Album Artwork option.

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iTunes library can become a mess if it’s not properly looked after. Thankfully, there are many tools available that allow you to quickly clean up the library and make it organized again. Among all the listed iTunes library cleaners, using TunesFix is a recommended option as it not only cleans up iTunes library, it also allows you to fix various iTunes errors, which is an added bonus.