Is TunesCare Free & What If TunesCare Cannot Fix Your iTunes?

What is TunesCare?

TunesCare is a popular iTunes repairing tool that is equipped with several features to help iOS users fix their iTunes issues quickly and conveniently. iTunes is the primary iDevice file management and syncing tool that most iOS users use but sometimes it encounters issues such as iDevice not detected, data not syncing, backup/update issue, etc. So, having a reliable iTunes repair tool is highly beneficial and that’s where TunesCare comes in handy. You can use this software to repair many iTunes-related issues such as iTunes sync problems where iTunes is unable to read iDevice’s contents, iTunes not syncing with iDevice, iTunes sync session fails to initialize, cannot sync music properly from iTunes, etc.

Following are some pros and cons of TunesCare:


• You can repair 100+ iTunes issues easily with TunesCare.
• TunesCare can also repair corrupted iTunes library.
• User-friendly interface and high repair rate.


• TunesCare has no iTunes cleaning features. Hence, you cannot use this tool to optimize your iTunes.
• Sometimes the software fails to specify the status of iTunes and provide sufficient details about the issue.
• TunesCare cannot uninstall corrupted/damaged iTunes and its related components, particularly if they are from the previous installation.

Is TunesCare Free?

Yes. However, there are two different versions of TunesCare. TunesCare Free as the name suggests, is free to download and use. TunesCare Pro on the other hand, is not free as you will have to purchase it in order to take advantage of its additional features.

How to Use TunesCare?

Using TunesCare to fix any kind of iTunes issue is quite easy as the entire process of repairing iTunes via TunesCare involves three steps.

Following these instructions to use TunesCare to repair iTunes:

Step 1: Launch TunesCare on your computer.
Step 2: From its home interface, click on ‘Fix All iTunes Issues’ mode. TunesCare will now scan iTunes for issues.


Step 3: If an issue is found, use the ‘Repair iTunes’ button to proceed. TunesCare will automatically start the repairing process. The software may download some necessary components during the process so it is recommended that you keep your internet stable.

What If TunesCare Cannot Fix Your iTunes?

If TunesCare fails to repair a specific issue that you are encountering when using iTunes, then don’t worry; there is a best alternative iTunes repairing tool that you can try. iMyFone TunesFix is one of the best TunesCare alternatives that has gained popularity very quickly since its release. The software can scan and repair virtually all kinds of iTunes issues and it is easier to use as well thanks to its user-friendly interface. The tool has an automatic iTunes scanning feature which is highly useful and is capable of fixing most iTunes problems. And if for some reason the automatic scanning does not detect any issue, then you can use its manual repair modes.

iMyFone TunesFix

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Key Features:

  • Automatic iTunes scanning.
  • Fix 100+ iTunes issues quickly and conveniently.
  • Several manual iTunes repair modes. These prove to be useful when it comes to quickly repairing some common iTunes problems.
  • Boost the performance of iTunes and also free up plenty of disk space.
  • Uninstall iTunes completely along with its related components.

Windows version Mac version

Steps to Use TunesFix to Fix iTunes Connect Issues:

Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesFix on your computer. The software will start scanning iTunes automatically upon launch.

auto fix

Step 2: If an issue is detected via automatic scanning, then fix it via the ‘Repair’ button. You will see the home interface of TunesFix after that.

Repair iTunes Connect Issues

Step 3: If the problem is not solved via the automatic scanning, then click on ‘Repair iTunes Connect Issues’ from its home interface.

repair itunes

Step 4: Click on the ‘Repair’ button shown on the next page. iTunes repairing process will begin.

Which One is the Most Recommended iTunes Repair Tool?

Both TunesCare and TunesFix are advanced and powerful iTunes repairing tools that are equipped with lots of useful features. However, if you have to choose one, then iMyFone TunesFix is the most recommended iTunes repair tool. This is because while TunesCare can repair numerous iTunes problems, it lacks in certain areas such as not being able to clean up iTunes, optimize iTunes’ performance, unable to uninstall iTunes completely, etc. Using TunesFix will allow you to access all these features and more. That’s why TunesFix is a recommended iTunes repair tool.

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