If you鈥檝e been using Apple hardware or software for a while now, you must have experienced several kinds of errors. iTunes errors are some of the most common and one of these common errors is iTunes error 2009 occurred when you tried to update or restore iPhone. In this article, we provide you with great tips on how you can solve the error for good.

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What鈥檚 iTunes Error 2009 and Why It Happens?

iTunes error 2009 often occurs when trying to update or restore an iPhone, iPad or iPod. According to Apple鈥檚 customer support, the error might be the result of a bad USB connection. This is not the only reason the error occurs though:

  1. A corrupt download or incomplete installation of iTunes
  2. Virus or malware infections
  3. Malicious or mistaken deletion of iTunes related files
  4. A variety of other issues

No matter why it happens though, you don鈥檛 have to live with the error. You can get rid of it for good.

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The easiest way of getting rid of iTunes error 2009 is through iMyFone TunesFix. With this revolutionary iTunes fix expert, you can get rid of all errors, including iTunes error 2009, easily and with absolutely no stress on your part.

TunesFix is a great iTunes repairer and cleaner that can get your iTunes in great working shape. With it, you can improve iTunes performance and also get rid annoying errors.

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Why iTunes Users Choose TunesFix

  • Only one click to fix all iTunes errors: restore/update/backup/connect and other issues.
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  • No password will be asked to put when repairing.
  • Completely uninstall iTunes and related software, leaving no traces.
  • Two options to deep or quick clean iTunes to boost iTunes and computer performance (like getting rid of slow and crashing issues).

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Follow These 3 Steps to Fix the iTunes Restore Error 2009

Step 1: Launch iMyFone TunesFix and it will automatically detect your iTunes.

Step 2: When you are in the home interface, choose 鈥Fix Other iTunes Problems鈥.

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Step 3: Click Repair to start fixing your iTunes. It won鈥檛 take long. Wait for the repairing process to finish and open iTunes to restore or update your iPhone again.

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Common Ways to Fix 鈥渋Phone Could Not be Restored Error 2009鈥

If you feel you can fix iTunes error 2009 on your own, you can check these tips for some common ways to fix iTunes error 2009.

Check your USB connection: Since Apple says error 2009 is often caused by a bad USB connection, one of the first things you can do is check your USB connection. Make sure that you use the original cable that came with your device or any other original cable that you can lay your hands on. You can also try switching to a different USB port on your computer or you could try another computer altogether.

Restart your computer: This may sound obvious, but a lot of the time, restarting your computer can be just the solution you need.

Completely uninstall iTunes and reinstall it: To thoroughly uninstall iTunes and its related software in the right order, you can run the Full Uninstall feature of iMyFone TunesFix without hassle. Then just click here to download and install the specific version of iTunes.

Windows version    

Update or stop your antivirus: If you are using an outdated antivirus, it may be interfering with the operation of iTunes. Check to see if you have the latest version and if you don鈥檛, download the latest. You can also disable the antivirus program temporarily then see if the problem is solved.

Disable iTunes helper: Then again, your problem may be with iTunes helper. To disable it, for windows users: Go to Start > Run, type in 鈥淢sConsfig鈥 and tap 鈥渆nter鈥 > find 鈥渋Tunes helper鈥 and disable it. For mac users: Go to System Preferences > Account > Select Login Items > Find iTunes helper in the items list and disable it.

The common ways cannot 100% fix this issue. You can have a try, but don鈥檛 expect too much for these ways. To save time, you can directly try the iTunes repair tool iMyFone TunesFix. It will definitely surprise you.