What is iTunesHelper? How to Fix the Issue It Caused?

iTunesHelper is one of the components of iTunes that is installed automatically when you install iTunes on your computer. It is an executable program that runs in the background and checks for any iDevice connectivity to the computer. It launches iTunes automatically whenever it detects an iDevice being connected to Mac or Windows PC.

What is iTunesHelper?

As mentioned above, iTunesHelper is one of the components of iTunes and is installed automatically when you install iTunes.

The main purpose of this executable program is to launch iTunes automatically whenever an iDevice is connected to the computer. In this way, iTunesHelper helps you quickly get access to your iDevice contents because iTunes launches automatically, saving you time and effort to launch it manually. However, this useful component may also cause issues.

What Kind of Problem Could Be Caused by iTunesHelper?

iTunesHelper can sometimes cause various issues:

  • Some common issues include CPU drain, system hanging or freezing, etc.
  • Some users have reported that iTunesHelper caused their computer to keep freezing all the time until they disabled it to solve the problem.
  • Others report that this component has a conflict with Winamp music player and causes it to consume 2-3 times more processing power.
  • Memory leak and crashing problems have also been reported.
  • Another common problem iTunesHelper can cause is slow down the startup speed of Windows. Because of all these issues, it is best to disable this component.

How to Fix the Issue of iTunesHelper

1. Using iMyFone TunesFix hot

There is no need to spend time and effort looking for a manual way to fix iTunes issues (such as the one mentioned in this article) when you can fix them quickly and conveniently via a third-party iTunes repair tool. iMyFone TunesFix is one of the best iTunes repairing softwares that has been specifically designed to help iOS users solve more than hundred iTunes issues easily. Apart from the ability of TunesFix to automatically scan for potential iTunes issues, this software is also equipped with several manual repair modes that allow you to target a specific iTunes problem and fix it in the most efficient way possible.

iMyFone TunesFix

Key Features:

  • Fix 100+ iTunes errors including backup/restore problems, iDevice detection issue, iTunes install/update errors, and many more.
  • Automatically scans and identifies iTunes problems so you can quickly fix them via its Repair option.
  • Boost the performance of iTunes by cleaning up its temporary/junk files.
  • Repairing iTunes issues is 100% safe with TunesFix as it does not delete your media files in the iTunes Library when attempting repairs.

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Steps to Fix the Issue with iMyFone TunesFix:

Step 1: Open TunesFix on your computer.
Step 2: From the home interface, choose Fix Other iTunes Problems mode. On the next screen, click on the Repair button.

Fix Other iTunes Problems

Step 3: iMyFone TunesFix will start the repairing process. It will connect to its servers, so make sure you have a stable internet connection.

repair itunes

Step 4: Once the repairing process is completed, you will be able to use iTunes without any issues.

2. Other Tips

Following are some other tips that will help you resolve issues related to iTunesHelper:

  1. Uninstall/Reinstall iTunes: Uninstalling and then reinstalling iTunes is one of the best things you can do in order to solve an iTunesHelper related issue.
  2. Run iTunes Diagnostic Tool: You can use iTunes’ built-in diagnostic tool in order to scan and fix various iTunes issues. Some users have reported that using it solves iTunesHelper related problems.
  3. Relaunch iTunesHelper: Sometimes relaunching iTunesHelper is enough to fix the issue. You can stop the iTunesHelper process via Task Manager of Windows. It will automatically start again after a while.

How to Disable iTunesHelper

As iTunesHelper may cause the issues mentioned above, you can disable this component and there will be no serious consequences, except that iTunes will no longer launch automatically when connecting an iDevice to the computer. Here is how you can disable iTunesHelper on PC as well as on Mac:


You will need to prevent iTunesHelper from starting up with Windows. This is the only way to disable it. However, keep in mind that it will automatically re-enable itself later. Follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open Task Manager and navigate to Startup tab.
Step 2: Now find and disable iTunesHelper via the Disable button.

disable iTunesHelper windows

On Mac

Just like Windows, you can prevent iTunesHelper from running at startup of Mac as well. Follow these instructions:

Step 1: On your Mac, navigate to System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items.
Step 3: Now find and disable iTunesHelper.

disable iTunesHelper mac

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