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Effective Tips to Manage Your HEIC Photos with DropBox

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Tata Davis

November 14, 2017 (Updated: November 14, 2017锛

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Apple launched a new image file format with the release of new iOS 11. With its every new release, Apple launches new features that are most amazing and unusual. However, some of those features are not beneficial to everyone. The HEIC image file format was one of them. When Apple launched it, thousands of people asked how to open or convert聽it,聽saving this format on cloud storage is one of them. Today, we will expose you some simple methods of how you can use HEIC file format with your cloud storage like DropBox.

How to Manage HEIC Photos with DropBox

1 How to Upload HEIC Photos to DropBox?

Upload Files to DropBox

You can sync your HEIC files to your DropBox account. It allows you to聽easily view these files. To upload HEIC photos to DropBox:

Step 1: Launch DropBox app and tap on “+”聽icon.

Step 2: Tap Upload photos, then choose the HEIC files.

Step 3: Tap Next to choose which folder do you want to store your HEIC photos.

Step 4: Tap Upload.

2 How to Share HEIC Photos on DropBox?


In case if you or your friends are new to this file format, you can share HEIC photos with them, and they will聽view these photos from DropBox聽without any restrictions. So if you are wondering how to share HEIC photos on DropBox, here is the detailed process.

Step 1: First of all, upload your HEIC photos to your DropBox account.

Step 2: Now select all the photos you want to share.

Step 3: Click the share button, and it will ask for the contacts you want to share your photos with.

Step 4: Now just put the emails or name and click on Send button.

3 How to Download HEIC Photos from DropBox?


Just like syncing and sharing HEIC photos on DropBox, you can easily download this file format from DropBox. All you need is selecting and downloading the images you want. Here is how to download HEIC photos from DropBox.

Step 1: Go to your DropBox account and find聽the file you want to download.

Step 2: Click on 聽(ellipsis) icon, then click Download button, and it will download the HEIC photo for you.

4 How to Create HEIC Photos Album on DropBox?

DropBox provides an advantageous feature for adding photos to albums. This helps us in a lot of different ways. If you don’t know how to create HEIC photo album on DropBox, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Log in to your DropBox account and go to

Step 2: Here you can select the photos you want to add in the album.

Step 3: Now click the ellipsis icon (...)聽and select Add to album option.

Step 4: Now click Create new album and name it whatever you want.

Step 5: It will add all the selected HEIC photos to the album.

5 How to Convert HEIC Images to JPG?

The HEIC image file format is very useful as it saves a lot of your phone memory providing fantastic image quality. However, if you are not very well familiar with HEIC format, you can convert them to JPG. We are introducing iMyFone HEIC Converter that can easily convert your HEIC images into JPG. Simply choose your files and convert them to JPG. Here are some specialties you will get by using this amazing software tool.

HEIC Converter

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  • Two-way Converter: Convert Single Photo/Convert in Batch.
  • Much more safe than Online Converter, Won't cause any privacy leak.
  • No damage to the quality of converted JPGs.
  • Directly drop the HEIC photos to the converter or select files.
  • View the HEIC photos one by one for free when you go to "Convert Single Photo.
  • Let us show the complete process of converting your HEIC photos to JPG in batch.

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How to Convert HEIC Photos to JPG in Batch

Step 1: Launch iMyFone HEIC Converter on your computer and click on Convert Photos in Batch.

convert photos in batch

Step 2: Now click the + button and choose the files you want to convert.

seletc files

Step 3: Here you will see all the selected files. You can also choose your photo quality before converting.聽Click on Convert button to convert your HEIC photos to JPG.

quality and folder

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