There are many online pdf-editors available, but very few are as comprehensive as Hipdf. This free online tool offers users the full spectrum of pdf editing tools.

The most commonly used format for document sharing is PDF, and with remote working becoming the more preferred method of working nowadays, having access to a full-service free online pdf tool is a must-have for productivity. With a wide variety of tools available to users, it is easy to see why many users prefer Hipdf. With a free and paid version that offers full-service pdf functionality with the only difference being the file size limit, Hipdf is by far one of the better pdf editing tools to be found.

Introduction to Hipdf


Users will be pleased to see the full spectrum of editing functionality contain in the Hipdf online tool, and for Hipdf Pro users, the functionality extends to larger files of up to 100MB. Few online tools for the creation of pdf files offer the desktop functionality of professional pdf editing software like Hipdf does. With more than 50 different conversion and editing functions available to all users, this cloud-based pdf tool has more to offer than just a pdf creator; users can enjoy full service for free with Hipdf. In this review, we will explore the most commonly used and sought after functions to see how they match up to other pdf editing paid software on the market.

Features of Hipdf

1. Converting to PDF

When last did you check how many file types you work with daily? At any one time, you might have up to 10 different file types and extensions on your device. Well, Hipdf offers more than 10 file conversions to pdf options and they include just about every file type you can think of. The process that most users will use is most likely the PDF to word converter which indecently is the easiest converter that this user has ever used.

2. Converting PDF’s to Word

Once you are online, the Hipdf site is a breeze to browse, with icons for all the major functions on the home page you are quickly guided to where you want to be. To convert your pdf, all you need to do is click on the icon and you are taken to the upload screen. A simple first step if there ever was one.

Uploading your file is as easy as selecting where you have it and click ok. Step 2 is uploading your file from either your DropBox, One Drive or Box file storage, of course, you can also upload from your pc documents folder.

Once uploaded, you simply click on the Convert button and your file is seamlessly converted to word compatible format (*.docx).

The final step is to retrieve your file from Hipdf and as with the upload, you can download the file to your pc or transfer it straight to your DropBox or Box cloud drive.

PDF editing has never been easier.

3. Compressing PDF Files

To compress a pdf file, the process is just as simple, and the compression options are easy to understand. A simple High, Medium, Low compression ratio is easy to select, with the medium being the default setting.

4. Merge & Split PDF

Another commonly used pdf function is splitting and merging pdf files. Staying true to Hipdf form the simplicity of the website is one of the defining factors for the online tool.

5. Protect PDF

If you have confidential documents to convert and protect then Hipdf is the cloud tool that you need in your life. Password protecting your pdf files has never been easier.

6. Editing PDF

With a simple editing tool, Hipdf offers users a quick and comprehensive editing tool to edit text, add images and shapes as well as digitally sign the completed pdf document.

Pros & Cons of Hipdf

Pros of using Hipdf

  • Online PDF tool with a full range of functionality in the free version
  • Paid version - Hipdf Pro - offers users online and desktop applications with no limitations.
  • Top-class functionality and user-friendliness of online and offline versions

Cons of using Hipdf

  • File limitations on free versions - file size of 10MB and 2 files per day
  • 50 pages per day limit

Alternative PDF Converters


With a full spread of functionality, Smallpdf is small in name only. The functionality of the website is clear and easy to use with clear icons and buttons to guide you through the editing processes available. Smallpdf offers users 2 options for usage in the form of a 14-day free trial which then automatically converts into a paid service that you have the option to cancel before the trial period ends.

PDF editors like Smallpdf are great for users that will utilize the application in one of 2 ways. Firstly, if you need a pdf editor for a short period of time or if you need a well-stocked and easy to use pdf tool for your daily work. The occasional user is part of the offering from Smallpdf.


If you only need to convert files to pdf or vice versa, Topdf is a basic easy to use online pdf tool. A very simple layout greets users when they visit the site and Topdf can handle most of the file types that you use every day. However, there are a few drawbacks to Topdf from a full-service perspective.

Topdf has all its editing functions displayed for the user to choose from and convert up to 20 documents into frequently used file types however when it comes to user-friendliness Topdf leaves this reviewer a bit wanting.


The functionality of Sodapdf is vast, and most users that use it will be happy that it covers all the bases. However great functionality, when it comes at a cost, does deter infrequent users from returning to the site after the first use. With a complicated free usage option, Sodapdf is more likely to be seen as a paid service and has no answer for simple quick access free cloud-driven pdf editors.

Comparison of 4 PDF Tools

If you are reading this review you are looking for an online pdf tool for creating and editing pdf documents and quite possibly for the long term as you are now finding yourself working remotely more than before. When compared with other pdf editing tools Hipdf is clearly one of the better tools in the market as you can see from the comparative chart below:

Hipdf Smallpdf Topdf Sodapdf
Cloud-based Fully cloud-based on both versions and desktop API Cloud-based for both version Only Cloud-based Cloud-based and downloadable
Range of File types All file types you can think of and more Most commonly used file types Most commonly used file types Most commonly used files plus a few extra
Full Function Free Version Fully functional free version with file and size limitations Only offers a 134-day free trail with full function No paid upgrade - only free version Free version has good functionality but usage is somewhat complicated
Full Version Upgrade Yes, including desktop API - with no limitations or file restrictions Paid version has full functionality No paid version Paid version with full function and file usage
User Friendliness 5-Star Rating 4-Star Rating 4-Star Rating 3-Star Rating
Functionality & Layout 5-Star Rating PLUS 4-Star Rating 3-Star Rating 3-Star Rating
Security 256-bit SSL encryption confirmed SSL encryption Unknown - no noted on website SSL encryption

As you can see, the full-service claim that Hipdf states is clearly a well-informed statement and when compared with some of the competitive pdf editors available the range of usage and functionality outshines even some of the perceived greats in the market.

Is it Safe to Convert PDF Online?

Online safety is an obvious concern for any remote working professional, and when you are editing your documents online, making sure that your documentation and information stay safe is of paramount importance. These concerns are a thing of the past when you use Hipdf for your pdf editing. They offer a standard 256-bit SSL encryption security feature that is as good as it gets. So, in short, is it safe to convert PDFs online - Yes, it is and as long as your preferred cloud-based pdf tool has the proper security features.


There is little more to say that has not been illustrated in the above review. Hipdf has created a user-friendly cloud-based tool for users of all shapes and sizes and has addressed the Free vs Paid question with a comprehensive range of free functions and with the Pro version only lifting the restriction on file size and document pages. Hipdf is one of the best full-service online free or paid pdf editing tool to be found online. And that is that.