Converting a PDF files to JPG image files has never been a hard task. However, although there are tons of PDF converting services and programs on the market, not all of them can convert PDF files to JPG image files in high quality.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the greatest PDF to JPG converter programs or services that can guarantee a high-quality JPG image file as the converting result of your PDF files.

Solution 1: MintPDF 鈥 Best PDF to JPG Converting Solution for Windows

The first PDF to JPG image converting solution in today's recommendation involves a professional PDF converting program called iMyFone MintPDF. MintPDF is a dedicated PDF converter program that can convert your PDF files not only to JPG image files, but also other popular office formats like word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as HTML code, pure text file, and other image file formats like PNG, TIF, GIF and so on.

The best thing about MintPDF is that, when you're converting your PDF files to JPG image files, you can have the best quality in the final output result, which can be almost exactly the same as the original PDF file.

imyfone mintpdf

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Have a quick look at some of the amazing features:

  • Supports Word(docx, doc), Excel(xlsx, xls), images(jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif), PPT(pptx, ppt), txt and html
  • Convert unlimited files in batch to improve your work effiency.
  • Support encrypted files and verify passwords without decrypting them in advance.
  • Output high quality files with no data loss.
  • Sharing Bonus-Share on social media and get a free full license.

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Another thing that makes MintPDF one of the best PDF to JPG converter programs is that, it allows you to convert all PDF pages into one single JPG image, or convert each PDF page to different JPG images, which increases your flexibility in work by a huge scale.

Now I want to show you how to convert your PDF file to JPG image files in high quality in MintPDF.

Step 1: Download and launch man PDF on your computer.

Step 2: Drag and drop your source PDF file to import the file into the program. You can also click 鈥Add files鈥 and find the PDF file that you want to convert to import.

Step 3: Select 鈥To Image鈥, and then choose JPG as the output image format for the converting task. Now you can choose whether you want to convert all pages of the PDF file into one image, or convert each PDF page into a single image.

pdf to jpg mintpdf

Step 4: Finally, designate an output directory and click on convert to start converting your PDF file to JPG. Once the conversion is done, you can open the converted JPG file, and you will see that output JPG file it saved in high quality. You can click the path to open the folder directly.

pdf to jpg finished in mintpdf


  • User friendly software design makes this program intuitive.
  • The conversion can be done in a high speed.
  • Multiple formats are supported and the output file can be lossless.


  • Only available on windows.


Mint PDF provides a free trial version for anyone to convert 3 pages of a PDF file. However, a free license is available for anyone to claim on the official product page. With the free license, you can convert unlimited pages of PDF files and I have the highest quality for each converting task.

Solution 2: Preview 鈥 Easiest Way to Convert PDF to High-quality JPG on Mac

MintPDF is a great PDF converter program, but it is only available on Windows. Ff you are using a Mac computer, there is another way for you to convert your PDF file to a high-quality JPG image file. With this solution, you don't need to download any additional program. The preinstalled Preview app on Mac OS can help you do the PDF to JPG converting task just fine.

Step 1: Find your source PDF file and open it in preview.

Step 2: Click File, Export, then choose JPEG as the output format.

Step 3: Click 鈥淪ave鈥 and you can convert the PDF file to JPG image file with the original quality.

pdf to jpg in preview1


  • No additional program or software is required.
  • The process is simple and fast.


  • Only available on Mac OS.
  • Preview cannot handle batch conversion.

Solution 3: Online 鈥 PDF to High-quality JPG Without System Requirements

The next PDF to JPG converting solution can be done on both windows and Mac. You also don't need to download or install any additional program for this method because this solution involves an online PDF to JPG converting service.

If you decide to use an online PDF converting service, you can make your PDF file converted to JPG files within a very short amount of time. Simply upload, convert, and then download the converted image file back to your computer. That is all you need to do.

There are a lot of online PDF to JPG image converting services. But not all of them can keep the output JPG image file in high quality. Now I will take IlovePDF as an example, to show you how to convert your PDF to JPG image files in high quality online.

Step 1: Open the website of IlovePDF.

Step 2: Drag and drop your source PDF file to your web browser and upload the file to the converter.

Step 3: Choose a converting mode and click 鈥Convert to JPG鈥 to start the conversion.

pdf to jpg online ilovepdf


  • Easy and fast.
  • No system requirements.


  • Highly dependent on the Internet connection.
  • Various limitations may apply for free users.

Take note that this is definitely not the best online PDF to high quality JPG converting service out there. Although many online PDF converter services allows you to convert PDF to JPG in high quality, most of them only provides the full function for premium users which means if you're not willing to pay, you probably won't get the exact result that you're looking for.

To sum up鈥

There are many ways for you to convert your PDF file to JPG image files. But if you want to have and output JPG image in high quality, then some research definitely has to be done. For Windows, MintPDF is definitely the most recommended PDF to high quality JPG converting solution. For Mac, the Preview app could be just enough if you don't need to convert many PDF files at once. Online PDF converting services does not have any system requirements, but in order to have the exact result that you're looking for, you probably have to pay for it.

Hope this article helps you for your work. If you have any question about the solutions provided in this article, you're welcome to leave a comment below and we are always here to help.