User Guide of iMyFone TopClipper for Andriod

iMyFone TopClipper for Android is a video downloading and editing tool for Andriod devices. The program can help you download all videos from social websites, like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, etc. Just one click, you can save watermark-free videos/audios conveniently. And TopClipper can help you make original videos automatically with high-tech technology according to your requirements. By using video downloading and automatic editing features, no matter what types of videos you want to download or create, iMyFone TopClipper can easily do it for you.


Part 1. Download Videos without Watermark

If you want to save your favorite watermark-free videos/audios for watching or to get video clips for content creation, you can use TopClipper's video downloading feature.

Step 1 Launch TopClipper App

Launch iMyFone TopClipper and click Download at the bottom to download videos.

launch topclipper android to download videos

Step 2 Search Videos

Method 1: Click Search after inputting the video link you are looking for in the input box at the top.

search videos

Method 2: Click each video platform onscreen to view your favorite videos.

view your favorite videos

  1. If you need to download TikTok videos, please paste the TikTok share link into the output box, and download videos through the second method is not supported now.
  2. Due to some restrictions of Google Play, you can’t download YouTube videos right now.

Step 3 Download Videos

When the download icon on the right side lights up while playing a video, click the icon and select the desired resolution to start downloading the video.

select and start downloading videos

  1. Only when the program recognizes that the video exists and the video supports parsing and downloading, the download icon can light up and support to download the video.
  2. You can choose to download videos in MP3 format or MP4 format with different resolutions depending on the content of videos you need to download.

Step 4 Check the video downloading progress

By clicking the download icon on the top right, you can go directly to the download list and view the download progress. You can preview, cancel or delete the video, view the saved location or automate the editing of the video directly after saving the video.

view the saved location after saving video

  1. You can also view your video list in your personal center.
  2. When the videos in iMyFone TopClipper are deleted, the local files on your phone will also be deleted. Meanwhile, when the local files on your phone are deleted, the files in the program will also be deleted.


Part 2. Editing Videos Automatically

TopClipper can also automate the processing of uploaded MP4 videos or downloaded videos according to fixed editing parameters. By changing the pixels of each frame of the original video, TopClipper can make it a brand new video. If you want to get a brand new video quickly, use the video editing feature.

Step 1 Upload a video

Go to the interface of TopClipper and click Create Video Auto, then select the video file you want to automatically edit from your phone album.

create video automatically

Step 2 Start processing the video

Choose whether to flip the video according to your requirements, and then click Start to start creating videos automatically.

start to create video

  1. TopClipper will automatically create your video by using the most suitable method.
  2. The automatically created video will have completely different file properties from the original video.

Step 3 Wait for processing the video

Please be patient and wait for processing the video. It will not take a long time.

processing video

Step 4 Preview the editing effect

You can directly preview the video after the successful automatic editing, and we will automatically save the video to your phone.

process video successfully

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